Thank you for your support. Plus, the future of CareerGamers.

It’s been quite a year for everybody on planet earth. 

The PS5 has been released. But there’s no stock. 

The Xbox Series X and S have been released. And there’s still no stock. 

Nvidia’s and AMD’s next-gen graphics cards have been released. And again, you guessed it, there’s no stock. 

Oh, and there’s been that nagging issue called Covid 19. But we’ll skip past that. 

2020, has been a year of change for all of us. And that’s no different for CareerGamers.

This year, your attention and time spent reading on this site has been the catalyst that’s spun the engine of growth into overdrive. Growth that we have been, honestly, humbled by. 

This year, I, along with my two partners in gaming, intend to invest even more of our time and energy into the website so it can deliver even more of the value you deserve to receive. 

And I’d like you to help choose the direction of that growth. 

As always we want to create a website for you. A website that answers the questions that other websites either can’t answer or, sadly in most cases, can’t be bothered to answer. 

We want to continue answering your questions about gaming. But we also want to expand into different areas to try and add even more value to this site. 

Below is a list of things we think would help us deliver more value to you over the short, medium, and long term. And I’d like your opinion on them.

  • Increase Article output from 3 articles a week to 6 
  • Increase total articles to 350+
  • Continue to answer your questions 
  • Expand into fun and interesting opinion articles
  • Monetize more effectively so we can afford to hire writers/graphics designers/developers/ new themes to improve the site. These include:
    • Books (how to succeed at streaming, youtube, game development/design, Game website)
    • Courses (same as above)
    • Consultation  
    • Other digital products
    • Better sponsorships 
    • Better affiliates
    • Better targeted Ads
    • Patreon, Buy me a Coffee, and Paypal donations
    • Some sort of Subscription to all our products (This ain’t gonna happen for a long time yet)
    • Give access to website analytics so that people can follow our growth and learn from it. After all, we are CareerGamers ourselves, we want to earn a living writing about games. And if we can help you do the same, we will. 
  • We also want to grow the community around the website with:
    • Easier comments so you don’t have to sign in with an email 
    • A bi-weekly targeted email subscription for those who want to stay in touch
    • Eventually Youtube videos of each of our articles
    • Game streaming with a ticker at the top of the website to show when we are online
    • Exclusive access to the CareerGamers slack channel so you chat with us in real time

Ok, I think that’d a pretty good start for the year. 

But I can’t stress this point enough: What we do all comes down to you. 

I’ve enabled easier commenting so please, leave me a message here and help me decide what to add to this site so it adds the most value to you. 

Or maybe you can think of other ideas that we haven’t thought of.

Either way, your input, and the time you take to give us that input, is massively appreciated.

Thank you again for all your support. 

And here’s to a better Covid-free 2021.

And here’s to an even bigger 2021 for all your personal goals and targets. 

All the best and stay safe. 


Nick Sinclair

Having played games since the golden age of the Commodore 64, Nick finally took the plunge and studied Creative Game Design in university. After 3 years of "Study", Nick co-founded a games company where he soon discovered his true calling: writing about games. 11 years later Nick writes about a tower of topics, but gaming is always stacked neatly at the top.

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