Buy Youtube Comments (A Complete Buyer’s Guide)

The reach and engagement of your YouTube video rely on numerous characteristics, which include:

  •    Number of views
  •    Likes
  •    Comments
  •    Subscribers

If you want your YouTube channel to grow, you need to gather plenty of likes, comments, and views on your videos.

Buying comments for your YouTube channel is a thought that crosses the minds of almost every creator on YouTube.

YouTubers second guess whether buying YouTube comments is a good idea or not, because of a fear that they might get banned by the platform.

Is buying YouTube comments unethical? Does it accelerate channel growth? What’s the best place to buy YouTube comments?

I will answer all of these questions and more in the following post.

So, read on and find out if buying YouTube comments is something you should do!

Why Buy YouTube Comments?

Before we get into Buying YouTube comments, let’s discuss why we’re doing this in the first place.

Why do individuals purchase YouTube comments and subscribers?

It’s unsurprising that having a larger subscriber base and a lot of engagements is a prerequisite for success on the YouTube platform.

With such a large number of monthly visitors, it is critical for YouTube channels to maintain a consistent audience.

Due to the increased competition, it is becoming more difficult to get the required attention from the public in order to increase subscriber numbers.

After all, the majority of individuals use YouTube on an ad-hoc basis with a particular search in mind.

The YouTube algorithm is really particular, and the more comments you have, the more likely you are to show as a recommended channel for further viewers.

Believe it or not, 70% of the videos that people watch are determined by the YouTube algorithm [Source].

People believe that merely Buying YouTube comments from any provider would help them get the desired results, but this is not true.

Fake subscribers and bot comments contribute nothing to the success of your channel.

YouTube has been operating for nearly 17 years, and they’ve learned a thing or two about individuals attempting to strengthen their channels with phony subscribers and commentators, as well as how to stop them.

Which is why buying YouTube comments from the right website is extremely important.

Let’s take a read on where you can buy YouTube comments from?

Where can you buy YouTube comments?

Before we get into the “how” of Buying YouTube comments, let’s first address the “why” in more detail. 

There are numerous reasons why a customer might want to buy comments for their YouTube channel, but the most common ones are as follows.

  •    Some people buy YouTube comments in order to boost their growth, status, and engagement.
  •    Others use bought comments to impact public opinion of their company’s or brand’s profile, or to assist them maintain exposure and remain ahead of the competition.
  •    Some people purchase comments since they are far more difficult to get than other types of involvement, such as “likes.”
  • This is due to the fact that posting a comment requires more thinking and work than just clicking the like button.
  •    People mostly purchase comments since it’s a fast and simple approach to promote their YouTube account.

Whatever the cause, buying YouTube comments couldn’t be simpler, and the method is typically the same regardless of whatever business or service you picked.

Once you’ve identified a firm whose beliefs align with yours, you may go through the packages they have to offer.

These normally vary from cheap bundles of 10 or 20 comments to more expensive ones that supply hundreds of comments.

These might be completely random or tailored to the product or service that you are attempting to sell.

It’s usually a good idea to go with a provider that will drip-feed these comments into your channel in a more natural manner.

Then it’s only a question of providing your YouTube video URL so that the comments wind up in the appropriate spot, making the payment using a secure credit card system, and sitting back to wait for the comments to start filtering in.

This usually begins within 24 to 48 hours following the purchase.

Below I will list a few reputable YouTube comment sellers, but before that, let’s check out if you should consider buying YouTube comments or not.

Should You Consider Buying YouTube Comments?

Buying YouTube comments is a process that requires adequate research.

Genuine YouTube comments can help promote your video, but buying phony comments from bot accounts may be one of the quickest methods of turning viewers off your video and restricting your success on YouTube.

While cheap YouTube comments can be harmful to your channel.

Buying YouTube comments from a reliable seller can help your channel get a boost.

Here are a few reasons to purchase genuine YouTube comments.

1. Become viral fast

Every other YouTuber wishes to become viral, but we are all aware that this is not achievable for every YouTube channel.

While being viral is not the most hectic of tasks, the issue is that it may take an inordinate amount of time to develop that popularity and reach the viral level.

You should act strategically and consider marketing methods of increasing your popularity, one of which is to purchase YouTube comments.

YouTube comments provide more traffic to your channel.

More individuals have a probability of becoming viral after purchasing YouTube comments for their videos.

Comments are one of the most effective techniques to attract viewers because YouTube places great importance on video engagement. Commenting on a video is one of the strongest signals of viewer engagement on YouTube. 

If you purchase YouTube comments there’s a good chance you’ll quickly get popular on YouTube.

2. Make Negative Commenters Disappear

YouTube is notorious for having comment section trolls.

Certain individuals will spew hatred and post bad comments on your video, just for their own fun.

These bad comments might have a detrimental effect on your videos.

While some of these trolls can be reported, another strategy is to drown them out by buying good comments.

3. Make your bought views look organic

A low view-to-comment ratio is a dead giveaway for bought views and likes.

When actual people see your videos, some of them are going to post comments.

However, when you purchase views or likes, you will get just views and likes and will not receive any comments.

If you’ve previously Bought views and likes, buying genuine comments might help make it seem as if you earned those views and likes naturally.

4. Recognition of your video

To get the most out of your YouTube videos, they must be recognized by the general audience.

As a result, buying comments enhances the likelihood of your video getting identified.

We are all familiar with how social media sites operate.

People make decisions based on the number of likes, comments, and subscribers or followers, thus it is critical that you have a large number of likes, comments, and subscribers if you really want to become a YouTube celebrity.

Buying YouTube comments simplifies your task tremendously.

While you may have comments on your videos, they plainly pale in comparison to those of celebs and other YouTube stars that have far more likes, comments, and followers than you.

And, since it is a well-known truth that only those with a large following and viewership get noticed by the general public, buying comments is the easiest approach to gain public recognition.

5. Increased levels of engagement From Organic Traffic

When you purchase comments, new visitors to your video will believe that it has a large number of comments.

This helps new viewers feel more at ease and encourages them to contribute their own comments.

Others will want to comment in response to the previous comments, either agreeing or disagreeing.

As more people comment on your video, it will climb in search ranks, resulting in more people discovering and watching your video.

6. Your videos quickly climb the ranks

One of the most important ranking factors on Youtube is engagement, whether thtat’s clicking on a link or commenting.

Comments are the holy grail of engagement as far as YouTube is concerned. It shows that not only was the video good enough for a viewer to watch, but it inspired the viewer to leave their own thoughts in the comments section. 

As far a YouTube is concerned, this is a sure-fire signal that the video is high-quality and that it should be ranked higher in search and promoted more by YouTube in the suggested videos section. 

As a result, comments are a critical component of YouTube. 

7. Easily increase your hits

Everything eventually returns to fame, popularity, and virality.

To get renown, popularity, and virality on YouTube, you must make your videos popular, and in order for your channel’s videos to become famous, they must receive more views, likes, and comments.

Obtaining a large number of authentic comments is impossible unless you are a celebrity or an established YouTube star.

Consequently, it is crucial to purchase comments to reassure viewers that your channel is popular and that they will begin suggesting it to others as well.

When you purchase YouTube comments, you create the appearance of popularity, luring viewers and ultimately turning your video into a hit.

8. Attract potential viewers

The most critical aspect of YouTube is the viewers, since without them, the videos you publish are nothing.

After recognizing the critical role that viewers play in helping you go viral on YouTube, you should look for strategies to attract people.

Similarly, to the well-known adage “Money attracts money,” “viewers attract viewers.”

The number of comments on your video directly correlates to the number of future viewers;

So, it is critical to maximize the number of comments on your videos.

Rather than pleading with a buddy to leave a comment on your video, you can just purchase comments.

It is more likely to simplify your job while also assisting you in gaining popularity by increasing the quantity of visitors.

Now that you are aware of the pros of buying YouTube comments for your channel.

It would be beneficial for you to know what are some precautions and things you should be on the lookout for, when buying YouTube comments.

Read on and find out!

What are the risks of buying YouTube comments?

The purchase of YouTube comments can be considered a shortcut, which is why you should keep it a secret.

If you purchase phony comments using bot accounts, you will get offensive, spam comments that your fans and YouTube’s algorithms will quickly identify.

These comments might tarnish your reputation with your followers and put you in violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Here are a few risks of buying YouTube comments:

1.       You Could Receive A punishment for Violations of YouTube’s Terms of Service

2.       YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy prohibits artificially inflating engagement or subscriber counts.

3.       You breach the Fake Engagement Policy if you acquire subscribers or comments from a scam firm that employs fake bots and dummy accounts.

4.       You will earn a strike the first time you break the Fake Engagement Policy.

5.       If you obtain three strikes from YouTube, your account may be deleted.

Comments Who Have Been Bought Are Less Likely To Become Subscribers

As previously said, many companies establish YouTube channels in order to generate leads for a certain product or service.

In this situation, the total number of subscribers may be used to determine the funnel of potential clients.

When you buy YouTube comments, however, these folks will act differently than your organic subscribers.

Organic subscribers found your YouTube videos and subscribed/commented based on their enjoyment of your material.

As such, they are regarded as prospective business leads who may visit your website and make a purchase.

Comments you purchase did not choose your channel simply for its content.

As a result, they may be less interested and less likely to convert into buyers and subscribers.

Acquiring Comments Does Not Ensure Engagement

Websites that sell subscribers and comments, even real ones, also offer engagement packages.

Purchase of comments does not guarantee an increase in view counts, watch time, or likes.

Rather than that, you’ll almost certainly need to return and buy engagement individually.

Regrettably, YouTube takes engagement numbers into account when determining where to display your content.

Thus, even if you purchase a large number of comments, your organic reach will not necessarily increase.

You Will Not Acquire The Ability To Create High-Quality Content

Increasing your YouTube subscriber count takes time and effort. Learning how to make videos that people want to watch takes time.

Organically growing creators might discover what makes a good video via trial and error.

Creators take note of their analytics, experiment, and refine their approach till it attracts subscribers.

If you do not get subscribers in the proper manner, you will not be able to develop your material.

And without improvement, it’s difficult to kick-start organic development.

Now that you are aware of the risks of purchasing YouTube comments, let’s see if buying comments is necessary for a channel’s growth.

Do you need to buy comments to grow a YouTube channel

Buying YouTube comments is not a new practice.

Numerous businesses have chosen to purchase YouTube comments and are now reaping the benefits.

It is simply integrated into any comprehensive marketing strategy.

Due to the fact that your channel’s marketing budget almost certainly includes funds for advertising space on both digital and print media, the purchase of YouTube comments falls squarely into this category.

Buying YouTube comments is comparable to promoting a post on Facebook, establishing an Instagram ad for your page, or buying a banner advertisement on a website.

Buying comments will help all sorts of businesses, and many already do.

In fact, buying YouTube comments is so beneficial that you will be left asking, why you didn’t do it sooner!

Another shocking figure concerning YouTube is that over 400,000 hours of video are added daily.

With so much material being published on a daily basis, it is critical that your videos stand out.

Numerous elements contribute to a video’s popularity, including viewer preferences, views, approvals, and the quantity of comments.

Numerous businesses and organizations purchase bespoke YouTube comments for their videos, greatly boosting their social media reach.

Buying YouTube comments is one of the best marketing tactics you can make for your channel growth.

Keep reading to find out what happens when you purchase these comments.

What Happens When You Buy YouTube Comments?

Hundreds of websites offer YouTube comments. They must be selling the exact same stuff, correct?

Absolutely not! The majority of firms may claim to offer genuine YouTube comments, portraying them as “high quality.”

However, they are not authentic.

These are bogus profiles that seem to be commentators but provide no value to your channel’s performance.

Because the majority of organizations really offer bogus YouTube comments, it takes a long time to sort them out and identify the ones that do not.

Such fake comments from YouTube bots can damage your YouTube channel with spam.

Yes, some firms do offer genuine YouTube comments that may truly aid in the growth of your channel.

Some may offer you a YouTube bot or automated service that interacts with other platform users, but avoid them.

YouTube has severe restrictions against them, and violating them can result in you being reported and perhaps banned.

Concentrate your efforts on buying genuine YouTube comments.

You’ll witness increased popularity and social cred, which will assist you in monetizing the channel.

Additionally, YouTube may recognize these accounts as fake and they will ultimately disappear.

YouTube conducts ongoing cleanings to maintain the platform’s integrity, and phony comments are not accepted.

As a result, phony accounts are prohibited.

How can you get genuine YouTube comments then?

Read on to find out!

1. Red Social: Best Medium-Budget YouTube Comment Selling Platform

Red Social is considered one of the best sellers of YouTube comments on the internet. By buying from them, you are getting a high-quality professional service that’ll bring real-user comments to your youtube video. 

And, they aid in the development of personal and company brands across several media.

True, these contacts in Red Social are highly costly.

However, there is a reason behind this.

  •    The conversations are of a good level, and the accounts are active.
  •    Each of them has a profile photo and a timeline of recent activities.
  •    Additionally, the profiles are from the United States, which helps to increase the channel’s traffic.
  •    Through the client portal, further reductions are available at a reduced cost.
  •    This gateway is great for individuals looking for consistent boosts.
  •    It promotes channel dominance and brand loyalty.
  •    The policy on privacy is stringent.
    That is, they would not share the information that consumers provide.


  • Excellent ratings
  • Reduced price
  • Numerous services
  • Money-back guarantee on split videos


  • Extremely costly as compared to the budget platform.
  • Assistance may improve.


I would choose Red Social for buying YouTube comments because it is a reasonable price for a product of outstanding quality.

Delivery times are great, particularly for larger shipments of comments.

The delay is worthwhile in terms of value.

Customer service and a rock-solid money-back guarantee provide reassurance.

Especially for new users who may be unsure whether to hire them or not.

2. TryViews: Best Budget YouTube Comment Selling Website

Custom YouTube comments with varied degrees of rating are available for purchase at TryViews.

  •    They are cost-efficient and effective.
  •    Merchandising advice is offered.
  •    By using SEO and relevant keywords, you may increase the exposure of your comments.
  •    Buying them is straightforward.

Buying comments from TryViews is easy. All you need to do is provide the video’s URL and the number of entries you want.

Following that, you will be led to the payment area.

You enter your name and email address and have the option of creating an account.

Within 24-48 hours, the comments are added to your chosen video.

Large orders may take longer. This is because TryViews spreads the order out over a longer period of time so as not to alert the YouTube algorithm to questionable comment activity. 

The site’s clear explanations ensure that you understand what you’re buying.

Additionally, they provide SEO, article writing, and logo creation services as well.


  • Low-priced
  • Low-priced Choice of low- or high-standards
  • Numerous services
  • Shopping at one location
  • Descriptions that are precise


  • Too many services, which is perplexing
  • There is no mention of refilling.


I would choose TryViews because you can get to boost your comments strategy in a reliable cost effective manner that provides very quick results within 12-24 hours. Also, Paypal ensures the security of all transactions.

3. Sonuker- Best YouTube Comment Selling Platform For High Budget

Sonuker is one of the most often used websites for purchasing YouTube comments for your videos. They are seen by many as the best place on the internet to buy YouTube comments, subscribers, views and likes. And I have to agree with everybody. From my own experience with Sonuker, they offer the best comments for the money spent. 

  • Exposure is increased when entries are made over many videos.
  • Clients may purchase between ten and two hundred comments.
  • The 200-comment pack is $280.
  • This bundle is more expensive than the average of fifty dollars given by other websites.
  • There is a free alternative available for businesses on a shoestring budget.
  • Free subscription needs daily activation and includes ten subscribers and twenty video likes.
  • Automatic payments ensure that services are provided on a consistent basis.
  • Privacy measures mitigate the negative consequences of YT regulations or bans.
  • Distributing units among many videos enhances anonymity.
  •  Monday through Friday, support is accessible.
  • Delivery of comments is not instant.
  • Response time varies between 24 and 72 hours, depending on demand.


  • Options are scattered across several movies.
  • Optional gratuity.
  • Numerous amounts are available.
  • Distributes replies over many videos.
  • Free trial available.


  • Support is not immediate.
  • Very Expensive.
  • Daily labor in pursuit of a free plan.


Both free and paid services increase visibility.

With possibilities ranging from 10-200 comments, there is something for everyone.

By distributing comments throughout many videos, you may strengthen your anonymity.

PayPal and credit card payments are both secure.

Refills need further communication with the customer care staff.

Now that you are aware of the three best YouTube selling websites, let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions regarding buying YouTube comments.


Is it a good idea to purchase YouTube comments?

Yes, if you do it correctly.

YouTube comments have the ability to significantly boost the effectiveness and influence of your overall social media marketing campaign.

Buying YouTube comments, in particular, may make all the difference when it comes to establishing an impression of legitimacy and authority.


Is it possible to earn money by Buying YouTube comments?

Yes, technically.

The comments you purchase will have no direct effect on your income or profitability, but will significantly simplify the process of promoting your content and channel.

Additionally, comments may inspire others to take an interest in what you have to say, which can result in an increase in sales and overall conversions.

Is Buying YouTube Comments Safe?

Again, sure, providing you choose a reputable firm.

Determine that the comments seller you are dealing with is a legitimate business with a website and a secure payment method.

Additionally, choose a firm that provides excellent customer care and receives positive reviews from committed and delighted consumers.

How Long Do Comments Remain Visible?

Professional services will provide you with comments that will stay permanently on the video.

If this is not possible, avoid this firm and shop elsewhere.

Can People Tell That I Bought Comments?

If you purchase from a trustworthy source, the comments you purchase will be generated by actual people, not automated bots, and hence will be indistinguishable from more naturally acquired comments.

While less ethical sites may offer cheaper packages, the comments will almost always be automated, which the site’s algorithms will detect and perhaps terminate your account.

What method is used to distribute these YouTube comments?

It is entirely dependent on the individuals with whom you work and the nature of the things you acquire.

In most cases, you just place an order for generic comments – or specify the specific comments you desire – and they’ll be progressively added to the relevant articles over the course of a few days.

Will Buying YouTube comments increase my subscriber count?

It is, in fact, the fundamental objective of buying social evidence in any form.

The notion is that by carefully using Sonuker, your channel will gain more visibility, increased trust, and a much stronger feeling of authority.

In this scenario, you’re far more likely to naturally gain actual members and consumers.


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