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White male (Nick Sinclair) with blond hair and glasses, kissing brown sproker spaniel.
PS. I’m the handsome devil on the left. 😉

“I believe that together we can harness gaming’s potential to overcome challenges, inspire personal growth, create meaningful connections, and elicit joy in all.”

Nick Sinclair

Welcome to CareerGamers! I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to share my personal story and connect with fellow gaming enthusiasts like you. My name is Nick Sinclair, and gaming has been an integral part of my life since a young age. However, it wasn’t until my late teens that gaming took on a whole new level of importance for me.

During that period, I began to experience intense anxiety and debilitating panic attacks that seemed to dominate every aspect of my life. It felt as though I was trapped in a never-ending maze, with no way out. It was an incredibly challenging and dark time, and I struggled to find a way to overcome these overwhelming feelings.

But then, like a beacon of light in the darkness, gaming emerged as an unexpected ally. I discovered that gaming had an incredible power to calm my anxious mind, keep me focused, and provide an escape from the relentless grip of panic that filled my life. In those virtual worlds, I found solace, peace, and a sense of control that eluded me in the real world.

Gaming became more than just a hobby; it became my lifeline. It taught me valuable lessons about perseverance, determination, and the importance of taking things one step at a time. Just as I conquered level after level in my favorite games, I learned to approach my anxiety with the same mindset. I realized that overcoming anxiety, like conquering any game, required patience, strategic thinking, and the belief that success was within reach.

Years later, armed with the knowledge and strength I gained through gaming, I gained a degree in game design, set up a game development company, and then eventually moved on to create CareerGamers, a platform that lets me share my passion and help other gamers. I want to ensure that every gamer out there can extract the utmost joy and fulfillment from this wonderful, varied, and infinitely fun hobby.

Through a range of engaging content, from question-and-answer articles to reviews and opinion pieces, I aim to provide you with valuable insights, tips, and advice that will fuel your love of gaming. Whether you’re seeking guidance on your career in the gaming industry or simply looking for help to clear that fiendish Zelda dungeon, CareerGamers is here to support you every step of the way.

I understand the transformative power of gaming firsthand, and I believe that together we can harness gaming’s potential to overcome challenges, inspire personal growth, create meaningful connections, and elicit joy in all. Join me on this exciting journey, and let’s explore the vast world of gaming together!

Thank you for being a part of CareerGamers. Your support and engagement mean the world to me. Game on!


Nick Sinclair

If my mission to spread the joy and healing power of gaming resonates with your own, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me at:

  • nps2310 at gmail.com (replace the “at” with @)

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