7 Ideal Games For Live Streaming

Live streaming can be a good way to pursue your passion for games further. If you grow a decent following, it could be your stepping stone to a career path of a pro gamer.

Then, you might get paid for sharing your opinion on games that have been around for a long time or have just entered the market. When you are only at the beginning of your journey, you might want to start streaming newer games.

These will not have too many creators who are talking about them. In that case, it might be easier for you to stand out. Here are ideal games for live streaming.

Stay On Your Toes With Fortnite

A few years ago, Fortnite took the world by storm and had been popular ever since. It might be a bit challenging to find your place among other creators. However, the game will be able to keep your toes and might help you to improve your skills further.

The game is swift, and players can often die very early in the game. This way, you will be able to keep your viewers and followers excited to see more. Perhaps you will find a way of staying alive for longer. 

Build Excitement With Grand Theft Auto V

Suppose you enjoy playing games full of action and adventure. In that case, you cannot go wrong with Grand Theft Auto V. The game is fast-paced and will keep you, and your followers excited to see what comes next.

The narrative of the game is from the third perspective, and you will have missions to complete. The game will allow you to race through the city and complete the tasks ahead of you.

GTA games are renowned for the violence and humor they contain. If you decide to live stream your experience, it will be easy to keep your followers entertained.

Grow Your Audience 

When you decide that you want to start streaming, you should find your niche. If you would like to focus on RPG games, then starting with a multi-faceted game is a good idea.

However, it can also find its success with gamers who are more experienced and love epic fantasy. To explore other genres, look at different collections of games. There are places online that can help you to find a new game to play.

You will have a new world to explore, and you might find it easier to build a following for your live streams.

Join The Cult Following Of Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the games that have built a cult following throughout the years. In fact, it is one of the most popular games for live streaming.

In that case, it might be difficult for you to grow your following quickly. However, there are still ways how you can set yourself apart from others. For instance, you can make live streams of what it is like when you are exploring the game for the first time.

There are also creators who focus solely on the building aspects, while others work with mini-games and a survival mode.

Explore The Evolving World Of Dead By Daylight

While some game genres get more attention than others, there are also games for those who love horror. Dead By Daylight can be a great choice for those who enjoy suspense and getting scared.

It is a multiplayer game where your main goal is to escape a killer. The map of the game is constantly getting updated, and you can look forward to getting to know new characters on many occasions. Playing horror games does not need to be for everyone.

However, it can be your niche, and you might find your following easily. 

Win A Battle With Call Of Duty: Warzone

Games, where you can fight and improve your strategy skills, have always been some of the most popular. Call Of Duty: Warzone has become one of the most well-accepted games in the genre during the last few years.

It is free to play and offers a wide variety of options for the direction of your narrative. Therefore, you can always try something new and keep your viewers and followers hooked.

The game also has a large map that will allow you to thoroughly explore which parts you are enjoying the most.

Experience The Joy Of Playing Animal Crossing

Finally, there are also games for those who do not enjoy much action or fighting. Animal Crossing is a game for those who are looking for a relaxing game and to have fun at the same time.

In the game, your character will move to a village with animals that have human characteristics. You can explore the village and interact with others. You can also take part in activities such as fishing or planting trees.

The game is suitable for people of all ages, so you have a chance of building a large following.


Nick Sinclair

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