A detailed overview of all the player options in Destiny 2

D2 is one of the brightest and most interesting projects in the MMO RPG genre, combining shooter mechanics and the ability to fully upgrade one of the three heroes, studying the storyline and helping humanity repel an attack from space.

You will complete quests and grind, that is, hunt in locations, take and complete contracts to gain experience and gil – the local currency of Destiny 2.

You will go through the storyline, hunt, destroy alien invaders and receive a D2 boost, which will allow you to get to the new Lightfall update and go to Neptune, to new tasks and quests from the commander of Saint 13.

Choose your main character

There are three slots on your account for creating a hero, and you can choose exactly three main characters.

You can choose a full-fledged tank, an AoE attack and support shooter, or a ranged attacking hero.

Each character has its own story and unique abilities, and for ideal gameplay it is necessary that a representative of each class be present in the group.

If you start playing with friends and can take each character, then any content will be available to you – raids, strikes, PVP mode and active grind.

You will be able to choose:

  • Titan
  • Warlock
  • Hunter


A defensive marksman, equipped with heavy armor and able to withstand large amounts of damage and protect allies from bullets and other damage.

A unique skill will be the ability to put up a protective shield and not allow damage to yourself and other allies.

You need to remember that this method only protects against direct damage that flies at you. If the enemy bypasses the titan, or overwhelms its defense with a grenade, then the damage will act in full force and this must be taken into account.

The Titan is famous for his steel fists, which he can unleash into battle for enhanced melee damage and ground strikes to knock down all enemies around you.


This is a hero who, in addition to the ability to fire from small arms, can also use magic to attack enemies and heal allies.

Warlocks always play an important role in leveling up because they can not only shoot at enemies, but also use magic to deliver enhanced mass attacks and attack monsters that are close to each other.

If you choose the healing format, you will be able to create special zones – wells that will replenish the health of your allies and increase their attack potential, and on the contrary, reduce the overall damage to enemies who enter the radius of action.


This is a character who focuses only on his offensive capabilities and is the most popular in Destiny 2 boosting.

You will be able not only to deal damage from a long distance, but also to use various means of camouflage and grenades, as well as melee weapons to switch to contact combat if necessary.

With proper cover from allies, it is the hunter who will deal the key damage to bosses in raids and other players. The character can even ignore part of the opponents’ armor and pierce it.

Grind and contracts

In addition to the quest system, Destiny 2 has a grind and contract format that allows you to get an alternative way to develop your hero and focus not on the speed of pumping, but on the full accumulation of resources for future updates.

Grinding consists of simply destroying monsters in locations that suit your level.

The main bonus in such D2 boosting will be the opportunity to accumulate gils and special cartridges that will help strengthen your character’s current abilities.

Contracts are additional tasks that must be completed within a strict time period, otherwise new contracts will be issued, and you will not be able to receive a reward.

These are assignments that are associated with gameplay moments – shooting at heads, using certain cartridges, killing specified monsters.

If you manage to close the contract before it is updated, you will receive experience; if not, then it will simply be updated.

If you want to complete more than one contract during its validity period – within a day or a week, then you can update it ahead of time simply by spending gil.

In this way, you can constantly spend money and get faster leveling, thus converting gil into experience.

Raids and strikes

Destiny 2 has special zones where you can get enhanced gear and weapons that often can’t be obtained any other way.

Strikes is a simplified and sometimes educational format that allows you to try out the raid format in general, face bosses and his retinue, understand what special attacks mean and how to counter them, and what efforts you need to make to defeat the dungeon leader and collect all the rewards that lucky to get it.

You can even complete a strike alone if you make a series of efforts and be very careful, but it is better to complete all raids with at least three of you – it will be fast, comfortable and still beneficial in terms of drops and experience.

All dungeons have three types of difficulty and to open each after the basic one you need to go through the raid itself.

Usually, as the difficulty level increases, the requirement for the number of players for successful completion also increases – or rather, not requirements, but recommendations.

There are only three difficulty levels – normal, which serves more as an introductory format without any special difficulties. Then comes the heroic one, which is more difficult in terms of health and attacks of the boss and equipment requirements for entry, but in general is not much different in terms of passing technique for the group played.

The difficulty begins in Mythic difficulty raids, but these are the raids that provide the greatest value.

Such raids have strict requirements for high-level equipment for admission, which can be obtained in raids of the previous difficulty, and at least 9 players are recommended, because most likely you will need to control not only the leader of the dungeon, but also his retinue.

If you can assemble a stable battle group and regularly clear Mythic raids, then you will quickly collect a full set of legendary equipment and weapons for further grinding, and you can even abandon the PVP mode for similar purposes.

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