Buy YouTube Subscribers (Ultimate Guide With Recommended Sellers)

It can be hard to get viewers to subscribe to your channel when you start YouTube. And without real Youtube subscribers, it’s hard to get the exposure you need to grow your channel and make a name for yourself. So what can you do?

To get a reliable and satisfying answer, I followed the evolution of a YouTuber gaming channel that made it from 0 to 4 million subscribers in 2 years! That’s nearly 5,500 new subs every day! And this exponential growth surprised me a bit. I wondered if it was real/organic growth or something else.

Can I achieve similar results with my channel in two years?

After some research, I found that it is possible to grow a channel quickly. But, there’s a catch…

I’d have to buy YouTube subscribers.

There are several reasons why do people buy YouTube subscribers:

  • Speed yp channel growth
  • To get that initial push need to get 1000 subs and monetization
  • To build authority over your competitors.

In this post, I’ll explain everything from how subscriber buying works to websites where you can find reputable sellers. But before you take the plunge, you should know a few things.

So keep reading to get all the information you need.

Why should you consider buying YouTube subscribers?

Many people don’t see YouTube as a good source of revenue because there are false rumors that YouTube doesn’t pay well. But the reality is the opposite. YouTube has paid about $29 billion to its content creators over the past three years.

Advertisers don’t hesitate to pay big bucks if your channel’s content is good enough. YouTube earns most of its revenue from ads placed on channels like yours. And that number is expected to continue to rise every year.

YouTube is the second most popular website on the internet, and that gives you a huge audience to create content for. You might say that everything has been done before, but that’s not true. We all have unique ideas, so there are endless possibilities for you to work with.

Buying YouTube subscribers is a quick and easy way to get your channel off on the right foot – here’s how.

Increase views and engagement

YouTube ranks videos based on their views, and if you can get some of your content viewed quickly, it could rank for some pretty good keywords. To help your video get views, you can buy real subscribers. These subscribers, though bought and paid for, will watch your videos.

Build credibility and trust

The second reason for buying non-organic Youtube subscribers is to appear more credible than your competitors. Advertisers prefer channels with more viewers because they have a much better chance of increasing their customer base than channels with only a few subscribers.

Content from a 4 million subscriber channel looks more serious and trustworthy than the same content from a channel with 400 subscribers. Most sponsorship deals are available only for the top YouTubers and the channels with more subscribers and viewers.

Cover up the lack of quality content,

The better your content is, the easier it’ll rank. But if your content lacks quality, it’ll be difficult to attract viewers and be successful on YouTube.

Growing an organic audience isn’t for everyone. If you realize this shortcoming right at the start, you can look for other ways to grow your viewership, such as buying fake YouTube subscribers.

Reach monetization faster

YouTube has stringent monetization criteria: 1000 subscribers plus 4000 watched hours over the past 365 days. If you want to reach the required numbers faster, one of the best options is to buy new Youtube subscribers. With more subscribers, you’re likely to reach the monetization levels faster.

There you’ve all the advantages at a glance. But is there a downside to buying subscribers? Let’s find out in the next section.

What’re the risks of buying YouTube subscribers?

A large influx of subscribers will grab unwanted attention from the Youtube algorithm. The sudden increase in subscriber count can cause YouTube to suspend your account. Using a Youtube subscribers service should be used in addition to growing your Youtube channel organically and attracting genuine Youtube subscribers.

Ensure that the providers you buy subscribers from know what they’re doing and have a successful history. Read through the testimonials of previous customers if they’re available.

YouTube doesn’t believe in second chances, and you won’t get a chance to explain your ideas or motivations. If they find you guilty of exploiting the system, you won’t have a chance to claim your innocence. Youtube will simply delete your channel. All your Youtube videos will be gone, forever. 

Here are a few risks associated with buying YouTube subscriptions for your game channel.

Canceled monetization

The real crime isn’t sinning but getting caught. If it turns out that many of a channel’s subscribers aren’t legal and were acquired unfairly, YouTube can terminate your YouTube account.

This could lead to a loss of revenue if the YouTube channel has spent money hoping to get it back from YouTube.

Withdrawal of monetization is the biggest risk associated with fake subscribers. So be careful with it or risk losing the fruits of your efforts.

Loss of credibility if you buy subscribers on Youtube

The number of active YouTube subscribers a channel has is significant because many organic subscribers positively affect viewers. Plus, it helps when convincing the Youtube algorithm that your videos should be ranked higher. 

So bolstering your Youtube Channel subscribers numbers with more subscribers can positively affect your Youtube Channel. 

However, you should use caution when you use a Youtube Subscribers service. If your real viewers ever find out that your channel has fake numbers and the quality of content isn’t enough to support growth, you may lose your organic subscribers and viewers. 

If you choose to augment your youtube channel growth, you should buy real Youtube subscribers from a reputable Youtube subscribers service. A company that respects the Youtube algorithm, and only delivers active Youtube subscribers to your channel.

The consequences if you purchase YouYube subscribers and get caught

YouTube doesn’t support the purchase of YouTube subscribers and views. At the very least, the Youtube algorithm will come down on your channel like ton-of-bricks and delist every video you’ve uploaded from organic search. If you’re ever caught doing this, your channel will be banned. 

After all, Social media platforms such as Youtube have a duty to protect their users from inauthentic activity. 

If you must buy subscribers, you should buy active YouTube subscribers. These are real Youtube users with an active history of watching videos on the site.

But buying YouTube subscribers carries several risks, including loss of revenue and credibility. Ultimately, each channel owner must decide whether they want to go this route or take a longer path to growth.

Do you need to buy subscribers to grow a YouTube channel?

Buying YouTube subscribers for your channel is a practical way to grow your channel if used sparingly. 

Buying a few Youtube subscribers when starting your channel can be an effective way to get the ball rolling. YouTubers with a significant number of subscribers have a certain authority on the topics they create their content on. With a few initial subscribers to your channel, you can get faster results.

Buying YouTube subscribers is simply a form of marketing. After all, you’re spending money to increase reach and viewership. But with its significant drawbacks, this marketing gimmick may prove to be too big a risk. 

Remember that there are always other options besides buying subscribers. You could spend money on a high-quality video marketing campaign or guerrilla marketing.

Depending on your budget, you can also buy ad space on some popular YouTube channels. It’s more expensive, but it’s the legitimate way to reach a larger audience. 

Weigh all the options and then decide accordingly. If you decide to go for it, check out the sources I mention in the next section to buy YouTube subscribers.

Where can you buy Real YouTube subscribers? 

Purchasing subscribers for your channel couldn’t be easier. You’ve got several options if you want to buy YouTube subscribers. You can buy them from websites that specialize in this service, or you can buy them from individual users who’ve got a large subscriber base.

Whatever you decide, do your homework to make sure you acquire quality subscribers that will help you build your channel. Also, look for companies that give you a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the results.

Websites and marketplaces

Fiverr, SEOClerks, and UpWork are among the most popular platforms to buy real youtube subscribers.

Do your research before choosing a provider to ensure you get the best service possible. Make sure they offer genuine subscribers and that they can provide evidence of these subscribers. Otherwise, they might simply be offering cheap subscribers that’ll do more harm than good. 

Here are a few things to look for in a provider:

  • Positive reviews from previous customers
  • He offers quality services at a fair price.
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Delivery turnaround time.

Make sure you’re aware of the risks involved in buying subscribers. Providers may fail to reach the desired number of Youtube subscribers or sell fake subscribers who later unsubscribe from the channel. So you must do your research and only work with reputable providers.

Social media marketing agencies

Another option is to buy YouTube subscribers from social media marketing agencies. These agencies offer various services, including helping you increase your YouTube subscriber base. They should have experience and knowledge in this field and can help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

If you’re unsure what to do, just contact different agencies and request a quote. That way, you can decide what the best option is for you.

Now that you know where to buy subscribers, it’s time to know whether they’re actually fake or not and where they come from.

Where do these websites get their subscribers? 

Different websites have different methods of attracting subscribers. Some rely on contact forms, others on opt-in boxes or pop-ups. Once a website has gathered enough subscribers, it can send them content in emails, newsletters, or updates.

How do websites and providers get their subscribers? 

Many websites offer free trials or discounts to visitors who subscribe to their mailing lists. This is a great way to attract new subscribers and get them interested in your channel’s content. 

Youtube channels can keep their users coming back by providing valuable, entertaining, and up-to-date material.

Here’s what they offer to attract more people:

  • Offer free trials or discounts to people who sign up for your mailing list.
  • Offer valuable, interesting, and timely content that keeps subscribers engaged.
  • Use opt-in forms or contact forms to collect subscriber data.
  • Reach out to other websites and ask them to promote your content.
  • Use social media to promote your website and content.
  • Host contests and giveaways to attract new subscribers.

These marketing strategies attract a large audience, a portion of which is then used to increase your subscribers.

Does your channel have to be a certain size? 

No, there’s no specific size required to attract new subscribers. Whether you’ve got 0 or 1000 Youtube subscribers before launching, your channel size has no impact on buying new organic subscribers. All you need is money and patience to make the results work.

Is it better to have many small subscribers or just a few big ones?

Quality is always better than quantity: if you want good organic growth in the future, invest in good, active subscribers who interact with your posts rather than dead subscribers.

So there you have it: a quick overview of how websites get subscribers and provide them with content. Remember that the method varies from website to website, so do your homework before signing up for their services.

Now that your gaming channel has gained many subscribers, will they interact with your content and videos? We’ll find out in the next section.

Will the new subscribers actually watch videos/interact with my channel? 

It’s impossible to know if someone will interact with your content or not! But if you continue to provide quality content on your channel, the chances of interactions and feedback from viewers increase.

The newly purchased audience may or may not be real people. It all depends on the seller and what kind of service they offer. 

If your source of Youtube subscribers is credible, you can assume they’re real and sourced from a good source via email lists and aren’t just fake bots.

Recommended websites to buy YouTube subscribers.

When you buy YouTube subscribers online, it’s important to know that the provider has a good reputation. 

To check and confirm a provider’s reputation, you can read reviews from other customers or ask friends for recommendations who’ve also bought YouTube subscribers.

Also, the agency should offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their service.
I’ve listed three of the best Youtube subscriber agencies known for their services and credibility to save you the stress.

YouTube Market

YouTube Market has been selling Youtube subscribers since 2014, and many people have shared their positive experiences. This agency has been in the market for a long time and knows the risks better than anyone else.

The agency consists of hardworking YouTube specialists who offer nothing but the best. 

They’ve managed to survive in the industry because they offer high-quality services at an affordable price.

It’s a known fact that the more YouTube subscribers you have, the more views you’ll get, and that’s exactly what the agency offers. 100% real human subscribers with a money-back guarantee in case of a drop. 

The agency is constantly evolving its methods to provide the best possible service to its clients. With a team of dedicated employees, this marketing channel is always looking for new methods to support your cause. 

They’re transparent in their work and tell you exactly what they’re doing and how you’ll benefit from it. You don’t have to worry about them overcharging you or not delivering on their promises.


If you’re looking for an agency that can get you quality YouTube subscribers, ManagerGram is a perfect choice. With over 1 million satisfied customers, ManagerGram is one of the most trusted names in the industry.

You can buy subscribers for various social media platforms at ManagerGram, including Facebook and Twitter. The services offered are secure, as you don’t have to share your password. 

ManagerGram prides itself on offering a top-notch service without bots or fake accounts. Due to the high quality of the service, it’s a bit more expensive than other platforms.


If you’re looking for a place to buy YouTube subscribers, you want to ensure you’re getting them from a reputable source. Famoid is an ideal provider for this task. It offers a high-quality service at an affordable price. 

Famoid is one of the most trusted and popular social media growth service providers. So, you can be sure that you’ll get high-quality subscribers who’ll help you grow your channel. Plus, you can buy Youtube subscribers cheap from them.

The fast and smooth delivery ensures that you get your subscribers quickly and without hassle. Buy YouTube subscribers from Famoid today and take your channel to the next level.

Agency NamePrivacy PolicyFree Support24 Hour DeliveryMoney-Back Guarantee
Youtube MarketNot SecureYesNoYes
ManagerGramSafe and SecureYesYesYes
FamoidSafe and SecureYesNoYes

These are just a few of the many reputable websites where you can buy YouTube subscribers. 

When choosing a site to buy subscribers from, thoroughly research the providers to ensure they’re reliable and trustworthy. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully before finalizing your purchase.

Buying from YouTube subscribers isn’t always beneficial, as it carries a significant risk that you may overlook at first. Remember that the subscribers you buy aren’t always a good investment. 

They can turn out to be very expensive. YouTube may flag your channel for malicious growth patterns if the content isn’t uploaded regularly.

How can you buy YouTube subscribers to grow your channel?

If you create content on YouTube, you’ve probably thought about growing your channel. Maybe you’ve even tried a few methods to get more subscribers, but they didn’t work out the way you hoped. 

This section will explain how you can buy YouTube subscribers to grow your channel quickly and effectively.

Choose the right provider

If you buy subscribers from an unreliable source, you risk losing your time and efforts and getting your account suspended.

The real reason for buying new Youtube subscribers isn’t to acquire dead numbers but to increase the growth of your channel. An ideal seller to look for offers quality, legal subscribers safely added to your account without raising any red flags.

If website A offers you 100 subscribers for $5 with no guarantee and website, B offers you 20 subscribers for $5 with a money-back guarantee, which choice is best?

In such a situation, you should choose website B who’s confident about its service. And if you aren’t satisfied with their service or the results don’t meet expectations, you can always ask for a refund.

Work safely 

Once you’ve found a reputable YouTube subscriber seller, you need to work wisely and safely. Don’t add too many subscribers right away because that could make YouTube suspicious, and your account could suffer the consequences. 

Add a small number of real Youtube subscribers to your Youtube channel every day and upload a new Youtube video at least once a week, which looks like organic growth.

Invest time and effort into organic growth

This last step is the most important one, without which all your previous efforts might be in vain. So, you’ve bought the subscribers and successfully added them to your channel.

What next?

Now you need to engage with the viewers and add value to your content so that they’re motivated enough to share your content with their friends and family. Remember that you can’t always rely on buying subscribers after the initial investment. You now have to look for organic growth yourself.

Let’s learn some valuable tips and tricks to help you grow fast, naturally, and organically without spending more money buying subscribers.

Tips and tricks

Once you’ve welcomed your new subscribers, the next step is how to get the most out of your recent purchase. 

Here are some tips for growing your YouTube channel.

Good keyword research

Your content may be great, but you’re not allowing it to reach its true potential with high competition keywords.

Use a good SEO strategy, i.e., incorporate low competition and high volume keywords to get organic viewers to your channel.

An attractive thumbnail

If you’re not familiar with Photoshop, you can use Canva to create high-quality thumbnails. A nice, catchy thumbnail is a good option to get views. But don’t use clickbait thumbnails. They might get you a few quick views, but they’re not a good solution in the long run. Check out my article here on creating great thumbnails for your Youtube videos.

Healthy environment

Make sure you’ve got a nice and healthy environment on your channel, interact with your viewers, and let them give their opinion on whether they like your content and improve your weaknesses. 

Also, collaborate with other YouTubers so that you can grow quickly.


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