Can You Marry Serana Skyrim?

Getting married in Skyrim is not a quest, but it’s a fun addition to the game. Finding the perfect spouse can be a daunting task, especially when you have so many interesting NPCs in the game.

Lots of people marry the first NPC they find and later explore the Dawnguard expansion, all to fall in love with Serana, the vampire lady.

There are over 70 NPCs you can marry in Skyrim, but you have to go and fall in love with a vampire lady that you can’t even marry! Well, I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

It wouldn’t be wrong to term Serana as one of the most desirable partners in Skyrim! Undoubtedly Serana stands toe to toe with Aela The Huntress, and while both of them belong to opposite factions, a person who wants to become a vampire would surely want to marry Serana.

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth analysis of marrying Serana, why you would want to marry her, and what are the benefits of marrying Serana in Skyrim. Read on to find out!

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Who Is Serana?

The Dawnguard DLC introduces the Dragonborn to Serana, a Nord vampire lady. She is found in Dimhollow Crypt, carrying an Elder Scroll. Her father is Lord Harkon, who aims to remove sunlight from the world by using two Elder Scrolls and sacrificing his daughter.

Due to the rarity and purity of her vampire blood, she is known as the Daughter of Coldharbour. She will remain your loyal companion even after you have finished the Dawnguard storyline.

You eventually befriend her, and if you side with Serana, she can help you turn into a Vampire lord; alternatively, you can cure her Vampirism.

She is an extremely powerful ally, and her conjuration spells can help you finish off hoards of enemies. Sunlight is her weakness, which is why she wears a hood when you’re out in the day (at least until she’s a vampire).

After completing the Dawnguard questline, you can cure Serana of Vampirism. Note that curing Serana will restrict you from becoming a Vampire lord; moreover, she will stop crafting Bloodcursed Elven arrows.

Serana is considered one of the most desirable spouses in Skyrim because of her good looks and incredible utility as a follower. Unfortunately, you are unable to get a proposal from her; read on to find out why!

Why Can’t You Marry Serana in Skyrim?

The Dragonborn has a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders, but would you blame them if they wished to settle down with a hot vampire babe? Unfortunately, you can’t marry a vampire in Skyrim.

While you can turn your spouse into a vampire, the game doesn’t allow marriage with a vampire, especially Serana.

If you wear an Amulet Of Mara and chat with Serana, she’ll pay no interest in marrying you (rejection is nothing new for us Skyrim geeks, am I right?)

I mean, she was almost sacrificed, and you killed her father; I don’t think marriage is a priority right now. You can get her as a follower, but marriage is out of the equation, or is it?

Thankfully, fan-made mods may fill in the gaps and provide the features that gamers need to marry Serana in Skyrim.

How To Marry Serana In Skyrim?

Serana is one of the most desirable NPCs in Skyrim. She is good-looking, powerful, and quirky. Unfortunately, you can’t marry a vampire in Skyrim. Moreover, she is so traumatized after the events of Dawnguard that you won’t be able to marry her even after curing her.

Love always finds a way (Even when it’s with a blood sucking vampire)! Here’s how you can marry Serana in Skyrim:

  • Download and install the Marriable Serana mod.
  • Make sure you’re not already married; if you are, then check out the divorce guide.
  • Wear the Amulet of Mara and approach Serana after completing the Dawnguard quest.
  • She will propose marriage, and you have to accept.
  • Reach the temple of Mara in Riften, and your vampire bride-to-be will be there waiting for you.
  • Afterward, you can let Serana stay in your home or have her follow you as a follower.

This is how you can get Serana to marry you! Besides being a beauty, having Serana as a wife/follower has many benefits. Read on to find out.

What Are The Benefits Of Marrying Serana?

Serana is a powerful character, and she wields dangerous magic. Having her as a follower helps the Dragonborn fight hordes of enemies with ease. Marrying Serana and not making her your follower would be a mistake because many of the benefits you can get from her are when she follows you around in your adventures.

Marrying Serana through a mod provides the following benefits:

  • Marrying Serana and then making her your follower makes her indestructible.
  • Serana will offer you a home-cooked meal, a few gold, and gifts regularly.
  • You can get your arrows treated with blood for additional damage.
  • Serana wears the enchanted Vampire Royal Armor, which allows her to quickly replenish her Magicka, which means she’ll rarely pause when attacking enemies with powerful spells.
  • Even if she runs out of Magicka, her Eleven Dagger has a high damage rating.
  • Vampiric Drain and Drain Life are two of Serana’s most often used strong magical abilities, and she also makes good use of Ice Spike.
  • After leveling up, she uses Ice Storm and Chain Lightning, which cause huge damage to your enemies.
  • Serana’s greatest strength is her unparalleled necromancy; she has mastered the dark art of Conjuration, allowing her to utilize its power to summon forth the dead and reanimate their corpses, granting her an army of loyal soldiers to fight by her side. With this powerful force at her disposal, she can easily overpower any foe who dares stand in her path.
  • Serana’s resurrection ability gives you an entire army by your side.
  • Serana is one of the few followers who will help you efficiently fight against werewolves and other vampires if the need arises. You can make her stay a vampire, but then she’ll wear a hood when she’s out in the sunlight.

Serana is a beauty with a whole lot of brawn, not to mention her quirky comments make her an amazing follower. Thankfully, mods make marrying Serana possible.

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