Comprehensive Guide to The Witcher 3 Following the Thread Quest

The Witcher 3 Following the Thread Quest Guide

Following the Thread in The Witcher 3 is one of the game’s most interesting and multi-faceted quests. It introduces us to the recurring character of Lambert, a fellow witcher from the School of the Wolf; fans of the first game and the Netflix series will definitely remember Lambert, who has a reputation for being a goof, but in this quest, he proves that he’s one of the best Witchers in the business.

Following the Thread will take you on a journey across two regions and present you with a moral dilemma. If you’re ready to ‘follow the thread’ and find out what this quest is all about, grab your silver sword, your favorite potions, and let’s go!

Overview of the Following the Thread Quest?

This quest starts as a simple monster hunt but quickly turns into a dangerous journey to find Jan Karadin, an ex-witcher who has gone rogue and is now involved in the slave trade. Along the way, Geralt will join forces with his old friend Lambert, and together they’ll journey to Skellige and Novigrad to uncover the truth about Karadin’s shady dealings.

How Do You Start Following the Thread Quest?

Following the Thread won’t be accessible to Geralt until he wraps up the Main Quest Destination: Skellige, as you can’t get to the islands without completing it first.

You’ll find the open contract for “Monster in the Bits” on the notice board in Hierarch Square, and the quest giver is located due east near the Southern Gate. You won’t be able to negotiate your payment, but you’ll quickly learn that Lambert is also on the case, and the two of you will join forces.

What is the Recommended Level and Gear For Following the Thread?

The recommended level for this quest is 11, and players should be advised to come prepared for anything. Not only will you have to face ekimmaras, Redanian guards, and possibly even hostile elves and pirates, but you should also make sure to stock up on vampire oil and Black Blood potions to ensure your success in battle.

Other items that could prove useful are healing and any other combat-related items you may need. You will have the best chance of making it through this difficult quest with the right supplies.

How Does Following the Thread Quest Play Out?

The objectives for this quest are:

  • Investigate the storehouse near the Southern Gate
  • Track down the ekimmara
  • Meet up with Lambert and complete the contract
  • Investigate the Seven Cats Inn
  • Split up with Lambert and find Hammond in Skellige
  • Find Karadin in Novigrad

Here’s how the quest plays out:

You start your adventure in the city of Novigrad, where you come across an intriguing notice on the notice board in Hierarch Square that reads “Contract: Monster in the Bits.”

You set out to talk to the quest giver, overseeing the situation and providing you with valuable information about the monster’s whereabouts.

As you follow the trail of evidence, you encounter a body of water. As you swim to the other side, you’ll stumble upon your old friend, Lambert, who is in the midst of battling an Ekimmara.

After you lend a hand to Lambert, you’ll be struck with a choice to either fast travel to the supervisor with Lambert, or if you want to explore on your own, you can ask him to meet you at the supervisor’s location.

Things quickly escalate when you arrive at the supervisor’s office as Lambert initiates a fight. You’ll need to take down three guards before heading to the Seven Cats tavern to catch up with Lambert. He shares his personal mission with you: to find Jad Karadin, the assassin who murdered his witcher friend, Aiden.

You proceed to talk to Vienne, who claims she has no information about Jad’s whereabouts but offers details about two other members of the gang, Selyse, and Hammond. Depending on the conversation, you may find yourself in a scuffle with Vienne and three elves.

Your next stop is Faroe, where you confront Hammond and obtain a letter from Jad Karadin. You then meet with Lambert at The Nowhere Inn to learn that Karadin is now a successful merchant and trader in Novigrad.

The two of you visit Karadin’s residence and are taken to see him. As it turns out, Karadin is a former witcher and explains that his band was forced to kill Aiden during a violent confrontation. You now face a crucial decision: spare Karadin or assist Lambert in taking him down.

Regardless of your choice, you and Lambert will go your separate ways, but not before wrapping up an exciting and challenging quest.

What are the Possible Endings of Following The Thread?

Alright, adventurer, it’s time to make a choice. You and Lambert are hot on the trail of Jad Karadin, the man who killed Aiden. He’s also an ex-assassin, but he claims to have turned over a new leaf and now lives a life of legality with a family. The question is, do you believe him or not?

1) Sparing Karadin:

If you choose to spare him, you’ll take the high road and give him the benefit of the doubt. You’ll earn 90 XP and can call it a day, but sparing Karadin won’t sit well with Lambert.

2) Killing Karadin:

If you’re feeling skeptical, you and Lambert can take care of Karadin the old-fashioned way. Geralt will show him who’s boss, and you’ll earn 70 XP, a Lesser Triglav runestone, a Diagram: Eirlithrad, a Dimitrium Bomb, and a Grapeshot Bomb. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Of course, the choice is yours. Do you want the rewards that come with killing him, or do you want to play it by the book and spare him? It’s a tricky decision, but either way, the choice is yours. Just remember, if you want the most rewards, killing Karadin is the way to go.

What are the Rewards for Completing Following The Thread?

Completing this quest will grant you XP (90 or 70, depending on your choice) and crowns, but the true reward is the opportunity to witness the inner workings of Lambert’s mind and to see how he operates as a witcher. This quest highlights the qualities of Lambert that make him a top-drawer witcher and helps us understand why he and Geralt are even friends.


The Witcher 3’s Following the Thread quest takes players on an exciting journey to find Jan Karadin, a rogue ex-witcher involved in the slave trade. Players will join forces with Lambert, encounter ekimmaras, Redanian guards, and hostiles elves and pirates, and make a crucial decision about Karadin’s fate. The quest provides insight into Lambert’s character and his relationship with Geralt.

Bullet point summary:

  • The quest starts as a monster hunt but quickly turns into a journey to find Jan Karadin, an ex-witcher involved in the slave trade.
  • Lambert, a fellow witcher, joins forces with Geralt to find Karadin.
  • The recommended level for the quest is 11, and players should come prepared with vampire oil, Black Blood potions, and other combat-related items.
  • The objectives of the quest are to investigate the storehouse near the Southern Gate, track down the ekimmara, meet up with Lambert, investigate the Seven Cats Inn, split up with Lambert and find Hammond in Skellige, and find Karadin in Novigrad.
  • Players can choose to spare or kill Karadin, and the choice will affect the rewards earned.
  • Completing the quest grants players XP, crowns, and insight into Lambert’s character.
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