Discovering Skyrim’s Fortify Restoration Loop: Hidden God-like Power Revealed!

Hey fellow Dragonborn!

I remember the first time I stumbled upon the Fortify Restoration Loop in Skyrim. I was knee-deep in Draugrs in some ancient Nordic ruin, and my gear just wasn’t cutting it. I’d heard whispers in the taverns of Whiterun about a mysterious alchemical exploit, a secret passed down by the most seasoned of adventurers. Curiosity piqued, I delved into the arcane arts of Alchemy and Enchanting, and what I discovered was nothing short of game-changing. It felt like I’d unlocked a Daedric artifact of knowledge!

I bet you’ve got a few burning questions, just like I did:

  • What exactly is the Skyrim Fortify Restoration Loop?
  • How do you perform this magical loop step-by-step?
  • Why would any Dovahkiin want to harness such power?

I get it. The vast world of Tamriel is filled with challenges, and sometimes, we all need that extra edge, that secret shout, to conquer the highest peaks. This guide is your enchanted map, revealing the hidden paths of power that many adventurers seek.

So, grab your favorite mead, take a seat by the fire, and let’s embark on this epic quest of knowledge together. Ready to level up your Skyrim expertise? Keep on reading, fellow traveler!

Introducing the The Skyrim “Fortify Restoration Loop

The Skyrim “Fortify Restoration Loop” is a well-known exploit in the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” It allows players to create incredibly powerful equipment and potions, often to the point of breaking the game’s balance. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how it works and why it’s so potent:


In Skyrim, players can use the Alchemy skill to create potions that have various effects, including fortifying skills and attributes. One such potion is the “Fortify Restoration” potion, which boosts the Restoration magic skill for a short duration. Additionally, players can use the Enchanting skill to enchant gear with various effects, including “Fortify Alchemy,” which boosts the potency of created potions.

The Loop:

  1. Starting Point: The player equips gear that has been enchanted with “Fortify Alchemy.” This gear boosts the strength of any potions the player creates.
  2. Potion Creation: With the “Fortify Alchemy” gear equipped, the player creates a “Fortify Restoration” potion. Due to the gear’s boost, this potion is stronger than it would be otherwise.
  3. Drinking the Potion: The player then drinks the “Fortify Restoration” potion. This temporarily boosts the Restoration skill, but here’s where the exploit comes in: the game mistakenly applies this boost to all active effects on the player, including the “Fortify Alchemy” enchantment on their gear.
  4. Re-Equipping Gear: After drinking the potion, the player unequips and then re-equips their “Fortify Alchemy” gear. The game now sees this gear as even more potent due to the boosted “Fortify Restoration” effect.
  5. Repeating the Process: With the newly boosted “Fortify Alchemy” gear equipped, the player can create an even stronger “Fortify Restoration” potion. Drinking this potion and re-equipping the gear again amplifies the effect further. This process can be repeated indefinitely, leading to exponentially increasing boosts.
  6. End Result: After several iterations of this loop, the player can create absurdly powerful “Fortify Smithing” or “Fortify Enchanting” potions. Using these, they can craft gear or weapons with stats that are off the charts, effectively turning their character into an unstoppable force.

Why It’s Controversial:

While some players see the Fortify Restoration Loop as a fun way to experiment and break the game’s boundaries, others view it as a cheat that ruins the game’s challenge. Since it’s an unintended exploit, it can make the game far too easy for those who use it, removing any sense of progression or challenge.

In Conclusion

The Skyrim Fortify Restoration Loop is a fascinating quirk in the game’s mechanics. It showcases how interconnected systems can lead to unexpected outcomes. Whether you choose to use it or not is up to personal preference, but it’s undoubtedly a testament to the depth and complexity of Skyrim’s gameplay systems.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Perform the Skyrim Fortify Restoration Loop

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to perform the Skyrim Fortify Restoration Loop:


  1. Skills & Perks: It’s beneficial to have a high Alchemy skill and the relevant Alchemy perks. The Benefactor perk, which allows potions you mix with beneficial effects to have an additional 25% greater magnitude, is particularly useful.
  2. Ingredients: You’ll need ingredients to make Fortify Restoration potions. Common ones include:
    • Abecean Longfin
    • Cyrodilic Spadetail
    • Salt Pile
    • Small Antlers
    • Small Pearl
  3. Gear: You’ll need at least one piece of gear (the more, the better) enchanted with “Fortify Alchemy.” These can be helmets, necklaces, rings, and gauntlets/bracers.

The Loop:

  1. Equip Your Gear: Start by equipping all your gear that’s enchanted with “Fortify Alchemy.”
  2. Craft the Potion: Head to an alchemy lab and create a “Fortify Restoration” potion using the ingredients you have.
  3. Drink the Potion: Exit the alchemy interface, and drink the “Fortify Restoration” potion you just made.
  4. Unequip & Re-equip: After drinking the potion, quickly unequip all your “Fortify Alchemy” gear and then re-equip it. Due to the game’s mechanics, your gear’s enchantment will now be temporarily boosted by the Fortify Restoration effect.
  5. Craft a Stronger Potion: With your boosted gear equipped, return to the alchemy lab and create another “Fortify Restoration” potion. This potion will be significantly stronger than the last one.
  6. Repeat: Drink the new potion, unequip and re-equip your gear, and then make an even stronger potion. Continue this loop until you’re satisfied with the strength of your potions.
  7. Boost Other Skills: Once you’ve amplified your Fortify Restoration potion to a level you’re happy with, you can use the boosted “Fortify Alchemy” effect to create other potent potions, such as “Fortify Smithing” or “Fortify Enchanting.” These will allow you to craft incredibly powerful gear or enchant items with immense bonuses.
  8. End the Loop: When you’re done, simply wait for the effects of the Fortify Restoration potion to wear off, or save and reload your game. Your gear will return to its normal strength.


  • Safety First: Before starting the loop, it’s a good idea to save your game. This way, if anything goes wrong or you’re not happy with the results, you can easily revert to a previous save.
  • Limitations: There’s a point where the game’s numbers will become so high that they “wrap around” and become negative due to limitations in the game’s code. Be cautious not to push the loop too far, or you might end up with gear that has negative effects.
  • Use Sparingly: While this exploit can be fun, it can also make the game trivially easy. Consider how you want to experience the game before diving too deep into this loop.

Remember, the Fortify Restoration Loop is an exploit, and using it can significantly alter your experience with the game. Use it wisely and have fun experimenting!

8 Reasons Why You Should Use the Loop and 3 Why You Shouldn’t

The Skyrim Fortify Restoration Loop, as an exploit, offers several advantages that can significantly alter the gameplay experience. Here are some reasons why players might choose to use the loop:

  1. Power Fantasy: The loop allows players to create god-like characters with unparalleled strength, health, and abilities. For some, this offers a unique power fantasy experience where they can breeze through challenges and face off against the game’s toughest enemies with ease.
  2. Experimentation: Some players enjoy pushing game mechanics to their limits to see what’s possible. The loop provides an opportunity to experiment with the game’s systems and see just how powerful they can make their character.
  3. Overcoming Challenges: If a player is stuck at a particular point in the game or finds a specific enemy or quest too challenging, the loop can provide a way to overcome that obstacle.
  4. Speedrunning: Some speedrunners use exploits like the Fortify Restoration Loop to complete the game in record times. By leveraging the power of the loop, they can quickly defeat bosses and navigate challenges.
  5. Novelty & Fun: For many, using the loop is just plain fun. It’s entertaining to see the game’s mechanics break down and to wield the kind of power the loop provides, even if it’s just for a short while.
  6. Craft Unique Items: The loop allows players to craft unique items with enchantments and attributes that would be impossible to obtain through regular gameplay. This can lead to interesting and unique gear combinations.
  7. Save Resources: Instead of spending hours grinding for better gear, leveling up, or searching for rare items, players can use the loop to quickly achieve their desired outcomes, saving both time and in-game resources.
  8. Narrative Reasons: Some players might use the loop to fit a particular character narrative or role-playing scenario. For instance, a player role-playing as a god-like being might use the loop to align their character’s abilities with their backstory.

However, while there are reasons to use the loop, there are also reasons to avoid it:

  1. Game Balance: The loop can break the game’s balance, making challenges trivial and potentially reducing the overall enjoyment and sense of accomplishment.
  2. Potential Bugs: Overusing the loop or pushing it too far can lead to game instability, crashes, or other unexpected behaviors.
  3. Diminished Sense of Progression: Part of the joy of RPGs like Skyrim is the sense of progression – leveling up, finding better gear, and becoming stronger. The loop can shortcut this progression, potentially reducing long-term engagement with the game.

In summary, whether or not to use the Fortify Restoration Loop is a personal decision. It offers a unique way to experience the game, but it’s essential to consider how it might impact your overall enjoyment of Skyrim.


Ah, fellow Dragonborn, our journey through the mystical realms of the Fortify Restoration Loop has been nothing short of legendary. Just like the tales sung by bards in the mead halls of Skyrim, our adventure was filled with discovery, power, and a touch of alchemical magic. As we sit by the campfire, reflecting on our quest, let’s recall the ancient scrolls we’ve uncovered:

  • The mysterious origins and mechanics of the Skyrim Fortify Restoration Loop.
  • A detailed step-by-step guide to harnessing its power.
  • The reasons why a Dovahkiin might want to tap into this arcane knowledge.
  • The potential risks and rewards of meddling with such potent magic.
  • The balance between game enjoyment and overpowering exploits.
  • The personal choice each adventurer must make when faced with such power.

Now, as the embers fade and the night draws near, are you ready to discover what lies beyond the horizon? Turn the page and dive into the “What Next?” section.

What Next?

I always believe that knowledge without action is like an unsheathed sword – full of potential but unused. Here are some actionable steps to take your Skyrim journey to the next level:

  • Experiment with the loop in a new game save to see its effects firsthand.
  • Engage with the Skyrim community, sharing your experiences and learning from others.
  • Challenge yourself by setting limitations, even if you use the loop.
  • Explore other in-game exploits and secrets to enhance your gameplay.
  • Role-play a character who discovers and grapples with the moral implications of using the loop.


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