How Do I Improve My Game In Valorant?

With my Valorant career resembling a red carpet and myself hard-stuck Silver. I thought to myself, “It’s finally time to git-good,” as my opponents would say after raining down “Ezpz Lemon Squeezy,” “Noob,” “Go play Minecraft,” etc. when they won every match against me.

It was getting really frustrating how scoring kills, and winning matches was so easy when I started playing Valorant, but as time passed, Valorant seemingly became very difficult.

Playing a couple of matches in Valorant daily has been a ritual of my friends and me since the game was released. While it is an amazing game, it becomes increasingly difficult to win competitive matches as your rank reaches Bronze/Silver.

I took to the internet to learn techniques for improving my game in Valorant, and here’s what I found out:

How Do I Improve My Game In Valorant? Improving your game in a competitive 5v5 game, especially Valorant, requires practice. Since there’s no respawning or a large map to camp and get kills like a battle royale, you need to utilize your abilities and gun skills to get the upper hand. Improving your aim, learning lineups of your main character, cooperating with your teammates, practicing in the training area, and experimenting in Unrated, are the main ways you can improve your game in Valorant.

After a bit of practice and taking the following tips under consideration, I finally reached the Platinum rank within a few weeks. Read on to find out how you can improve your game in Valorant.

How To Win Every Game In Valorant?

Every agent in Valorant has a special set of skills, and the game is played in a fast-paced, action-packed 5 vs.5 format. One side’s objective is to attack the sites and plant the bomb, while the other side must defend the site and defuse the spike if it’s planted.

Valorant’s brilliance lies in its strategic gunplay, varied maps, and vast arsenal. There is a lot to take in and master if you want to play at a high level, so you’ll need to pay attention to make it to the big leagues… or maybe go from Iron to Bronze.

Playing the game properly is one of the first steps you can take to improve your chances of achieving your desired outcomes.

The game encourages players to be resourceful and organized since many circumstances can’t be overcome with pure aim. Don’t be mistaken, though; aiming is also important.

Let’s look at some crucial things you need to master to win or at least get a decent K/D ratio in every Valorant competitive game!

  1. Aim More Precisely

Mindless gun spraying might work well in Zombie shooting games but not in Valorant. Seek cover while facing the enemy one-on-one and know that crouching or staying motionless while firing can greatly improve your accuracy.

While you can blame lag for bad aim, (check this out if you actually get lag during streaming), it’s not an excuse every time for not getting frags.

You can use aimlab to work on your aim while learning spray control of your weapon of choice is incredibly necessary if you want to take many enemies head-on. It is also crucial to ensure you have the best crosshair settings that provide maximum accuracy.

If you work on your Vandal spray control, you should know that you will not always have the buy to purchase a Vandal every round, so make sure you learn the spray control and recoil of cheaper weapons like Ares, Spectre, etc. 

If you love using the Operator and Marshal, make sure you go in practice and shoot the wall without aiming to understand where the no scope shot lands; do this multiple times, and you will know how to kill enemies in close quarters with a sniper.

  1. Developing Game Sense

Knowing when and where to move across the map while considering the strengths and weaknesses of competing Agents is what we call “game sense,” and it’s essential for victory in competitive games.

Positional awareness is crucial in games because it allows players to foresee their opponents’ actions. Understanding the location of your opponents and teammates is essential; therefore, using the mini-map and coordinating calls and other information is key.

Knowing when to fake and rotate from a site can help you win any match, regardless of your enemy’s skill group. Whenever I’m stuck in a disadvantageous spot, I ask myself, “What would I be thinking if I was on the other side?” Then I take the most unexpected path to catch my enemies with their guards down.

True game sense is not something that can be rapidly learned. It often takes a lot of practice and learning via mistakes to become good at the game. One’s ability to predict when and where an enemy agent would peek greatly improves with their familiarity with the map and its varied perspectives and places.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Training is the key to always coming out ahead of your rivals. Valorant’s Practice area is amazing if you want to train and improve your skills. You can choose the agent of your choice and practice your aim, lineups, and abilities.

We all know the temptation to get immediately into a game, but if you can spare 20 – 30 minutes in the training area daily before jumping in competitive, it’ll make a lot of difference. 

  1. Teamwork Plays A Pivotal Role

In Valorant, you and your team communicate and figure out the combat together. Even after dying, you can help your squad by giving them information about where their enemy is, ping locations, highlighting footsteps that your teammate may not hear, and much more through the in-game chat!

Even if you’re a pro at the game with your aim and abilities, it will not make much difference if you don’t coordinate with your team. Make sure to chat with them and discuss strategies and positions that particular enemies pick in the defending half.

Faking a site, rushing, and rotating all require complete cooperation from your time, so make sure you are not a salty top fragger but a team player.

How To Jump Ranks In Valorant?

Like any good first-person shooter, Valorant emphasizes a wide variety of abilities beyond just sharp shooting to ensure success. To advance in Valorant, you’ll need to demonstrate qualities like teamwork, game sense, communication, and map knowledge.

If you want to jump ranks in Valorant, you must ensure that you have all the skills required to deserve the rank you want to jump to while also ensuring you are a team player.

Playing with a party of 5 is a great way to ensure coordination amongst teammates, but if you feel that your friends are noobs, then there’s nothing wrong with solo queuing. In fact, I reached from Gold to Platinum, with only a party of 2 friends and 2 strangers in every game.


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