How do you clean your VR lenses? (Scratch free method)

I’d just finished playing with my VR headset and I was about to put it away when I saw how smeared the lenses were, and I realised how totally disgusting it would be to store them up in this condition! 

I grabbed the end of my t-shirt and scrubbed at the screen. 

I realised that I wasn’t really cleaning my lenses, I was making it worse. That’s when I thought: how do I clean my VR lenses correctly? 

I’ve done my research and I wanted to share it with you. Here’s what I found:

  • What do you need to clean your VR lenses?
  • Be aware! What you should never use to clean your VR lenses! (It could void your warranty)
  • Why do you need to clean your VR lenses?
  • How often should you clean the VR headset’s lenses?
  • Where can you buy the right cleaning equipment?
  • How to clean your lenses correctly!
  • What do you need to do in a lens cleaning emergency?
  • Quick Reminder
  • Questions

Alright, now that you know what I’m going to be talking about for the next 10 minutes, give or take, let’s dive right into the meat of the article…

What do you need to clean your VR lenses?

VR lenses are prone to picking up dust and other kinds of dirt, which can muck up your gameplay, so keeping the lenses clean will ensure you have the best VR experience. 

The essential thing that you’re going to need to clean your VR lenses is a microfibre cloth. 

A microfibre cloth is a cloth that’s made of synthetic fiber which makes it perfect for lense cleaning.  

VR lenses are similar to any other camera lenses, so generally any good quality microfibre cloth will do the job.

 Microfibre cloths are also cheap and reusable.

Different VR manufacturers sometimes supply you with cleaning kits. These VR lens cleaning kits usually contain a cleaning spray, wet wipes, and a cloth.  

Be aware! What you should never use to clean your VR lenses! (It could void your warranty)

Never use water when you’re cleaning your VR lenses. 

Water can cause damage to your VR headset, and it can also cause your device to malfunction.

Dry cleaning is the best you can do to keep your VR lenses clean! 

Soaps usually contain some kind of bleach. Bleaches leave uncleanable traces which you don’t want on your lenses. 

Excess amounts of soap can also mess up your VR headset’s electronics. 

And harsh cleaning products are prone to leaving marks and scratches on VR lenses. 

Avoid these at all costs. Use a microfiber cloth. 

Why do you need to clean your VR lenses? 

The surface of VR lenses are breeding grounds for bacteria.

But why? It’s just glass, right?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll rapidly start to profusely sweat when dancing and prancing around with a VR headset wrapped around your face.

All that sweat has to go somewhere. And yes, you guessed it, a lot of it runs down onto your VR lens.

This creates the perfect environment for Mr Bacteria and Mrs Bacteria to start multiplying in their billions.

So how do you avoid such a nasty infestation?

Have a wash. Yes, I’m being serious! Keep a towel at hand and wipe yourself down.

If you let the bacteria, funguses, viruses, raccoons (Ok, maybe not that last one), build up on your VR lens, you’re not only going to hinder the viewing experience but you’ll risk catching a rather nasty eye infection too.

So be safe people: Always clean your VR lenses and yourselves!

How often should you clean the VR headset’s lenses?

As VR lenses are a sensitive piece of technology, they demand regular maintenance. 

It doesn’t take too much time to clean them, and it’s so easy. 

Ideally, you should wipe them down after every use, to minimise bacteria spreading. 

A thorough clean once a week should suffice if you can’t clean the headset after every single user. 

As long as you perform maintenance on a regular basis your VR headset lenses will last years.

Where can you buy the right cleaning equipment? 

There are a lot of microfiber cloths and cleaning kits for VR lenses on the market. 

Although it’s tempting to go for a cheap microfibre cloth it might be worth throwing an extra dollar or two into the pot to get a good microfibre cloth! 

Buying a good quality microfiber cloth will ensure that your lenses won’t be left with nasty scratches on the surface. 

If you permanently damage your VR lenses, by scratching them, there is no way back. Unless you want to buy a replacement headset. And nobody wants that!

The microfibre cloths you buy don’t have to be manufacturer official, just make sure they are suitable for cleaning lenses. 

When it comes to microfiber cloths I suggest buying these on Amazon. They’re made out of soft materials (which is something you need to pay attention to), and are made for cleaning VR lenses. 

Wipes are something to look out for too when you’re cleaning your VR lenses. They should be alcohol-free, shouldn’t leave any residue traces behind, and should kill 99.9% of the bacteria that could be setting up camp on your headset.

You can also try this fancy cleaning product if you think that you haven’t cleaned your lenses enough. Seriously, just check out the LensPen for Virtual Reality Goggles. Whatever I say will not do it justice. Just go, go now and check it out!

How to clean your lenses correctly!

  • Hold them by the headband – Try to be gentle! Your VR is a fragile piece of technology and it’s easily broken!
  • Don’t go pressing your fingers on the lense! – Lenses are delicate and you should always be careful not to press down on them. Applying too much pressure will break the lenses, and that’s something you don’t want to happen!
  • Don’t go rubbing your lenses vigorously with a microfibre cloth – Gently wipe the lenses in a circular motion, starting from the middle and moving outwards.  
  • Keep them ventilated! – Try to keep your VR lenses in a place where they won’t collect any dust.
  • Don’t clean/store your VR headset near fluids – Fluids cause permanent damage, so be aware!  
  • Don’t get caught up in your cables – you don’t want to go ripping anything out, it’ll be expensive to repair! 

What do you need to do in a lens cleaning emergency?

In case of a lens cleaning emergency, the first thing you need to do is place your VR headset on a solid surface, instead of holding onto it. Switch off the power to the headset.

In the event of spillage – don’t panic! Unless there’s smoke coming out of your VR headset. That’s usually a bad sign.

Anyway, pick up plenty of dry tissues and gently soak up the fluid. 

Not every leakage will cause damage to your VR headset, but it’s always best to keep it dry. 

On the other hand, if there is a danger of your VR lenses being around fluid, it might be a good idea to buy VR headset waterproof cover.

When it comes to your warranty, it probably isn’t valid anymore. 

Most VR manufacturers specify that their products aren’t waterproof, and should be kept away from water.

I always advise that your best move in this scenario is to read through your warranty.

In the event of a dust-related emergency – Use an air blower to blow out excess dust and unwanted objects that could be in/on the lenses.

Lastly, you should give the VR headset’s manufacturer a call to clear up any outstanding worries/concerns as every manufacturer has their own policies/procedures.

Quick Reminder

Now you have a better idea of how to clean your VR lenses. Let’s have a recap on the best parts.

  • A microfibre cloth is really what you need – Keep it simple and efficient!
  • Don’t go washing your lenses with water and strong chemicals. – It may cause permanent damage! 
  • Keep them clean because it’s basic hygiene! – A healthy gamer is a happy gamer!
  • Clean them regularly – Increase the lifespan of your VR lenses!
  • Shop on Amazon to get some microfibre cloths to clean your lenses!
  • Don’t be rough when cleaning – The last thing you want is to break something! Like a finger!
  • Don’t get all hands-on with your lenses! – They’re delicate and require special attention!
  • Finally, don’t panic if you have a cleaning emergency! 

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