How Long Does A PS4 Controller Last?

While leisurely driving in GTA V on my PS4 last week, I realized my Grotti Carbonizzare wasn’t accelerating.

Naturally, I started pressing random buttons, checking if there was a problem with the controller or the R2 button in general, but nothing worked!

Is this it? Has my PS4 controller drawn its last breath? Will I have to bury it next to Mr. Pebbles in the backyard? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Turns out, the battery pack just died, and replacing it with a new one fixed it right up.

This scenario led me to a realization; What’s the life expectancy of an average PS4 controller? From the batteries to the overall controller parts. I went online and did my research; this is what I found out:

How Long Does A PS4 Controller Last? An original Sony PS4 controller can last for 5 – 10 years without problems, provided there is no rough use on the users’ end. While using a standard 1000mAh battery pack will power the PS4 controller for 4 – 8 hours of casual gaming before needing to recharge.

The life of a PS4 controller or any good quality electronic is highly dependent on the usage it goes through. Low quality and unauthentic PS4 controller might be cheaper but it won’t be as durable as an original Sony PS4 controller.

Since the battery pack charge and overall component durability of the PS4 controller are quite different things; I’ve divided the post into two different parts.

Part 1 – How long a charge will last?

Part 2 – How long a PS4 controller will last in general before it starts to break?

Continue reading to know more about the durability of the PS4 controller.

Part 1 – How long a charge will last

We’ve come a long way since the trip hazard wired controllers’ era. Modern controllers slung the snaking cables in the trash to fully embrace wireless technology. But with wireless convenience comes a reliance on battery packs and AA batteries.

The PS4 controller is no exception to that model and it is powered by a battery pack that comes built into the controller. It is a standard 1000mAh battery pack that lasts for 4 – 8 hours while its overall capacity slowly reduces with each recharge. Battery deterioration is an irreversible chemical process that is normal for Li-Ion batteries. But, you can slow the process down by maintaining the battery. Here’s how you can make the battery last longer:

How to make the battery last longer:

As mentioned above, Li-ion batteries’ charge capacity slowly decreases over time. But, with proper care, you can exponentially increase the battery’s expected life and reduce battery capacity decay. (Source). Here are some tips to make your battery last longer.

  • Don’t discharge the battery completely.
  • Store your PS4 controller at room temperature.
  • Keep your controller away from direct sunlight.
  • Don’t leave the battery discharged for long times.
  • Charge your battery at least once every 6 months.
  • Get yourself a battery pack to increase the play time.

Following are some ways by which you can extend your PS4 controller’s battery, but what if when the time comes your battery can’t hold a charge anymore? Read on and find out how you can replace a PS4 controller’s battery.

How to replace the battery?

The climate of your area and the conditions you keep your controller in highly impacts your battery life. You can prolong the battery life of your PS4 controller battery by maintaining it with the above-mentioned tips but sooner or later, the battery of your controller will not hold enough charge to power your controller. You can buy yourself a new PS4 controller battery and follow the video tutorial to replace it.

Now that battery replacement is out of the way, let’s check out how durable the PS4 controller is overall (There’s one thing that’ll really decrease the lifespan of your controller that you can stop doing right now!).

Part 2 – How long a PS4 controller will last in general before it starts to break

PS4 controllers are pretty durable as compared to the previous DualShock controllers, but it’s still a piece of plastic with tiny soldered joints that can short-circuit or get disconnected with jerks and bumps.

Not to mention, mishandling can lead to analog stick drifts and physical breakage. The question still remains:

How long a PS4 controller will last in general before it starts to break? A PS4 controller has a life of about 4 – 5 years before the analog and buttons start to break or drift. This can be due to mishandling or dust buildup. You can prolong your PS4 controllers’ life with proper care.

Like any other electronic device, proper maintenance and care can make your PS4 controller last longer. Read on to find out how.

What can you do to make your controllers last longer?

The life of a PS4 controller depends largely on how the user handles it. The circuitry and components in the PS4 controller are delicate, improper care and mishandling can lead to controller breakage or analog stick drifts; making the controller unusable. Here are a few tips to follow if you want your PS4 controller to last long.

  • Keep it in a safe place

Storage is one of the main reasons why controllers often break. Keeping your controller in a safe spot is crucial to prolong its life. Many people leave the controller unattended on top of the PlayStation to charge it. The outer casing of the PS4 console is kind of slippery and a slight push can launch the controller for a fall. This fall can not only damage your controller but also your console.

The best solution to this problem is to buy a PS4 charging dock that will keep your controller firm and secure in one place while it charges.

  • Stop Raging

I know you shot first, there’s still no reason to send your controller on a one-way high-velocity trip to the wall just because your internet is lagging. Instead of raging on your controller after a loss, get yourself anger management therapy… or a protective rubber covering for your controller.

This covering will not only protect it from your rage quits, but also small unintentional bumps that may befall your beloved controller.

And the great thing about ragging is, you can stop it right now. And it will exponentially increase your expected controller’s lifespan. 

  • Keep it clean

One of the most common reasons why buttons stick and analog sticks drift is dust! Make sure to regularly clean your controller and blow it with compressed air to get the dust out of those pesky spots deep inside the controller. Alternatively, you can purchase a PS4 controller case to keep all the dust and gunk out when it’s not in use.

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