How to Choose A YouTube Gaming Channel Name

You finally decide to start a YouTube gaming channel. This is something you’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and you’re excited to get started. But one question is nagging at you: what should your gaming channel name be?

It’s not an easy decision. You want something catchy, memorable, and representative of your personality and gaming style. After brainstorming for days, you still can’t seem to come up with anything that feels quite right.

In the end, you decide to browse the internet or ask for help from your friends. They all have their own opinions on what would make a great name, but in the end, there’s only one thing that matters: how to choose a channel name that actually defines and represents what you do and resonates with your target audience?

This is precisely why I have written this blog post. I’ve mentioned everything you need to consider to create a great name that’d match your channel’s aura.

How to choose a YouTube gaming channel name? Your channel name should describe your topic and gaming niche, and it should be unique, catchy, and different. Do not use numbers and any similar-sounding or matching names from other channels. Choose an easy and attractive name that your audience may be able to remember and recall easily. 

Believe it or not, there are tons of unique and attractive names just waiting to be adopted—so there is no need to sweat if you have not been able to find a good one yet. Hopefully, using all the tips and tricks that I’ll mention here, you may come up with a unique name that’ll surprise even yourself. 

So stay tuned and keep reading for more.

Why Is A YouTube Gaming Channel’s Name So Important?

Remember this: your gaming channel’s name is its public face for the whole YouTube world. It is what grabs the attention of people. I agree that a name may not be the most important aspect of your YouTube channel, but it is still crucial in the longer run.


Because it represents your channel and will probably have a significant impact on its growth in the future. Here’s why a name is so crucial.

  1. Recognition

The name is what people associate with your channel the most. 

While it’s true that your channel’s name isn’t everything, it is still one of the most important and impactful factors in enhancing your channel’s recognition. 

People tend to remember the content they watch, but what they find more attractive and memorable is the channel name. And if yours is unique and cool enough, it will undoubtedly stick in people’s minds and make them recall and recognize your channel instantly as soon as its name comes up.

SSSniperWolf is instantly recognizable to all those who’ve heard about her or seen her videos, even for just a few times.

  1. Branding

A brand is something that defines you, differentiates you from others, and creates an image in the minds of the audience. It’s a transmitter of trust. For example, if you See the big golden arches while out driving, you know it’s Mcdonald’s and you trust that if you go there, you’ll get a good burger. 

You are going to have a channel that will ultimately lead you to earn from it. So it is going to be your brand. And one of the crucial and impactful ways to create a strong brand is to use a unique and attractive name. It helps market your channel better and spread awareness. Plus, wherever people read your name they’ll know who you are and what to expect from you. 

And eventually, you can cash in that reach and brand awareness when you start selling your own merchandise or collaborate for paid sponsorships. Your channel name will have worth and reputation in the future. 

Furthermore, your name adds personality to your gaming channel. It triggers emotions with powerful words and a back-end story associated with your channel name. A good name defines the personality, creativity, colors, and reputation of a brand. 

And your YouTube gaming channel should be set to reflect all that with a solid name. After all, it is going to define and style your brand later on. 

For example, MrBeast is not just a YouTube channel anymore. It’s a brand now that people follow and revere. The guy created a brand with his YouTube name and is making millions now by taking it up a notch with customized merchandise and subscriptions.

Hence, you can’t take naming your gaming channel casually and lightly. It has to be a very well thought process at the end of which you shall be able to come up with a name that defines and reflects your content and goals. 

And for that, I am going to mention some tips for you in the next section.

Tips For Choosing A Gaming Channel Name

Your channel name is going to be a big part of how the people are going to perceive your content and its quality, thereby directly linking the channel’s name to its future growth.

Here’s what you should keep in mind while choosing a name.

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  1. Relate The Name To Your Niche

Try choosing a name that portrays what your channel is about. People should be able to understand and know what to expect upon coming across your gaming channel’s name.

For example, if I choose any random name for a Minecraft gaming channel, like “The Minecrafter Geek,” the point of focus and niche become obvious: Minecraft. Hence, the name’s a good one.

But names like “Videos Of Minecraft Gameplay” would be too mainstream, flat, and bland. So avoid being generic and boring. Choose a name that shows creativity while reflecting your niche and gameplays.

The chances are high that your guesses about the content of the “5-Minute Crafts” YouTube channel will be on point. The channel name says it all.

  1. Be Unique and Different

Your YouTube name should be unique for viewers to remember and find you. Go for a name that stands out from the crowd and is different from others. A little bit of similarity is ok, but it shouldn’t be evident that you have been trying to copy somebody else in haste.

For example, don’t go for names like PewPieDe, DewPiDe, etc. They are pretty similar to the famous YouTube channel PewDiePie.

Here’s the trick: once you’ve decided on a name, search it on YouTube first and then on Google. And if there are no similar channels or brands, you are good to go and adopt it.

  1. Keep The Name Short & Easy To Spell

People tend to forget difficult names easily. So you have to choose one that stays in the memory. The more creative, uncomplicated, and unique the name is, the easier it is to remember it. 

Let’s take the example of Guava Juice. This YT gaming channel has a different and creative name, allowing the audience to keep it in mind conveniently. 

However, it’d be more difficult to recall or keep a complex name like “MrGuavaSourJuice931” in your memory. So try to keep it short, memorable, easy to pronounce and spell. A 2-3 word name should be enough.

Also, try to choose less complicated words. A name like “Chaos Everywhere” would be more suitable than “UtterPandemonium.”

  1. Do Not Use Numbers, Acronyms, And Symbols

Numbers and signs are never easy to remember. The same goes for the YouTube gaming channel names. Avoid choosing numbers and acronyms as they can puzzle your audience and make them forget your channel name in confusion. 

This confusion in using symbols or numbers and recalling their exact sequences can make it complicated for your audience to search your channel on YouTube or Google.

Nobody’s going to remember a name like this “El Gummy ProGamer 2233” easily, right?

However, you can opt for famous numbers that are easy to memorize, like 007, 911, 24/7. A name such as “Top Spy 007 stealth gamer” is cool and unique.

  1.  Check Domain and Social Media Availability

You should also check the name’s availability on social media platforms and YouTube/website URL domains. 

That’s because once you’ve scaled up gotten a considerable number of subscribers, you would want to leverage the power of social media as well as set up your own custom domain for paid sponsorships and content. And it would be much easier for your audience to find your social media pages and domains if they have the same usernames/page names as your YouTube channel.

MrBeast has a YouTube channel, a Twitter account, an Instagram account, and a separate domain. And guess what, all of them have the same username, thus enabling his viewers to follow him on every platform much more conveniently.

  1. Avoid Profanity, Slurs, And Jokes

Always choose mature names for your YouTube channel and avoid including vulgarities. There should be no puns, jokes, or profanity. 

You don’t know how many people would like it or not. Excessive and profane flamboyance is not appreciated by everybody. Besides, not all followers would love to share the content of the YouTube gaming channel named “$€XY Daddy.” Would you? I didn’t think so. 

So the trick is to keep the name respectful, confident, and mature, which doesn’t become a reason for embarrassment in the future.

  1. Include Keywords If Possible

YouTube, just like search engines, works on some kinds of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. So while you are choosing a name, think of including the same search terminologies, something similar used by the audience to search on YouTube.

This will help bring your channel up in the relevant searches and improve your reach.

For example, if your gaming channel is about racing games, a relevant name like “The Racing Dude” or “Nitro Speed Racing,” etc., could be suitable names that include the keyword “racing.”

Hopefully, by now, you will have understood the dos and dont’s of choosing a good name for your YouTube gaming channel. The next thing is actually to create a perfect name for your channel.

Let’s get on with it in the next section.

How To Choose A Gaming Channel Name

Believe it or not, sometimes, the best names are already hiding somewhere in your head. You just have to brainstorm a bit and give them a tangible form. 

Here’s how you can choose a YouTube gaming channel name.

  1. Make A List of Associated Words
  2. Write Down Your Future Goals
  3. Enlist The Perception of Your Channel As A Brand
  4. Create A Perfect Name From The Written Ones

One of the best ways to come up with a wide variety of words is to use a thesaurus. It will help you select suitable synonyms if the actual words or names are not available on YouTube or social media.

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  1. Make A List of Associated Words

Your channel is related to gaming. So make a list of all the words that will be associated with your video content in the future and any existing YouTube gaming channels that are similar. 

For example, if you make videos on FPS games, the focus words could be bot fire, red dot sight, scopes, sniper, ghillie, auto-aim, guns, shooting, etc. 

Search the thesaurus for the best synonyms of the words being used by your competitor channels in their names if you want to.

A word of advice: use a spreadsheet to keep the lists tidy.

  1. Write Down Your Future Goals

Now just come up with another list of words that will describe your gaming channel’s goal and what you want to achieve with your videos. 

If we take the same example of FPS games and you are going to tell people about the basics of the game, words like game management, shooting guide, aim to assist, advisory, etc., would be some words you can enlist.

  1. Enlist The Perception of Your Channel As A Brand

People love things that are directly attached to their emotions. So adding personality and triggering the sentiments of your audience by using powerful words is undoubtedly a great decision.

Words like perfect, awesome, exquisite, ultimate, model, ideal may work great with some names. They also happen to form and build trust between you and your audience.

  1. Create A Perfect Name From The Written Ones

Now that you have the word bank at your disposal go ahead and create the perfect name for your YouTube gaming channel. 

Remember to take your time, no rush. You can always think of more options and words if you can’t find a good name at first. At least you will have a good idea about how it should be by then.

If you are still failing at it, then take the help of the tools that I’ll mention in the next section to generate the best one for you.

Tools To Help You Pick A Gaming Channel Name

To help you take off your worries, here are some fantastic tools and YouTube name generators that will give you a wide variety of gaming names for your channel. 

Simply generate the names, choose the best one and start shining.

  1. Name Generator 2

Just add a suffix and a prefix, and this generator will churn out some funny names for your channel. 

  1. Username Generator

The best feature of this generator is the character length customization of your channel name. So if you are specifically looking for a shorter or longer than usual gaming channel name, go ahead and try it out.

  1. SpinXO

SpinXO is probably the most comprehensive name generator for YouTube channels. It allows you to input the primary and secondary keywords, the niche or topics of your videos, any related words, and even the numbers you may want to include in your channel name.

  1. Kparser

Kparser is the best name generator for you if you intend to focus more on the SEO aspects of your channel name instead of uniqueness. It suggests names based on search keywords.


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