How to Download High-Quality Games For Free

Steam is one of the largest PC game providers in the world, but one of their oddities is that they never share information about 100% discounted or free games.

Other platforms such as EpicGames and GoG will provide notifications that certain games are free and can be claimed immediately to be stored forever.

This makes some Steam users (though not all) quite frustrated because they could miss the opportunity to get their free games.

Luckily, third-party applications can track server status, game prices, and how many players are on Steam every day.

To get free games, we can use it to find free game info today or even tomorrow to get ready before claiming.

Getting Free Games on SteamDB

SteamDB, as the name implies, houses various “databases” of the contents of the Steam platform, such as the price history of some games from several years, the highest-rated games, the most played games, and so on.

In the price or sales section, we can see a list of discounted games that day, the day it starts, and when it ends.

All discounts from all countries can also be checked and equipped with the highest prices, discount prices to the lowest prices so far.

You can also see who owns the most Steam games, has the highest level on Steam, and so on.

Anyway, it’s complete regarding Steam there. By using the filters on SteamDB, we can see which games are being discounted at a specific price.

For example 50%, 60%, and 90%. The logic here is that usually, free games are 100% discounted, but this filter tool can only go up to >= 95%, which means everything above 95%.

Because usually, the highest discount for a game is only up to 90%. On top of that, the game is free.

The primary purpose of using SteamDB is to take advantage of price filters to find games currently free on Steam.

To make things easier, we have summarized in the following short guide you don’t need to bother setting it yourself anymore:

Step 1: Visit SteamDB Sales

Step 2: You will see some Free to Keep games or free (if there is a discount)

If no games are currently free, then wait a few days to check back because it’s not every day that Steam distributes free games.

Step 3: Click on the Steam icon to the left of the desired game.

Step 4: It will take you to the Steam page; click Add to account to add the game to your library.

Done! The game has been successfully claimed and can be played at any time because it is permanent. Repeat the steps above until all the games that say Free to Keep are successfully saved on your Steam account. For a smoother playing experience, we highly recommend using a gamingVPN. You may use a dedicated IP VPN, which is beneficial for keeping you safe and the network performance good.

Usually, on one day or a certain day, there will be 5 or more free games shared by the developer.

Getting Free Games Epic Game Store

Want to play a new game? But a tight budget? Relax, there is a solution.

You certainly want the name to add to your game collection but are confused about how to get free games legally. The solution is easy; you can take advantage of a promo from one of the game providers that is currently developing, Epic Games.

Epic Games has been providing free legal games for the past few months, and until now, it still continues to provide free games to its users. Free games distributed by Epic Games are up to 2 (two) games, and each week will provide new titles that can be obtained for free.

1. Visit the official Epic Games website.

2. Download the Epic Game Store application by clicking “Get Epic Games” in the upper right corner of the page.

3. Install the Epic Games application, then open it.

4. Please do Sign Up or log in if you already have an account. Epic Games can sign up using Email, Facebook, Google, Xbox Live, PSN, Nintendo, or even Steam.

5. After signing in, you will be navigated to the front page of Epic Games.

6. Scroll down, and you will find the “Free Game” offer.

7. After that, select the game you want

8. Click “Get,” then tick “I have read and agree with the End User License Agreement” and click “Accept” (please read the user agreement first if needed)

9. Click “Place Order.”

10. Wait for the order process; once it is finished, you will get an email notification that you have ordered a game from the Epic Store.

11. Download the game that has been obtained.

12. Congratulations, you now have a legal game for free!


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