How to Keep Gaming Laptops Cool

We all know that high temperatures of your hardware slow downs the performance of your laptop. To avoid any unexpected crashes and slow processing of your laptop you must pay attention to its temperatures and you must know how to keep gaming laptop cool.

Excessive heating of your machine leads to thermal throttling and highly affects the processing speeds of your gaming laptop’s components. It also reduces the lifespan of your machine.

No matter what your use is, whether you are a competitive gamer or a content creator. An overheated machine can cause several obstacles in your way. To cope with such a situation, we have added effective strategies that will help you keep your laptop cool. So, without waiting any further. Let’s dive in!

The Best Way To Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool

According to MostValueNoob, If you could only use one way to fix the overheating of your laptop we’d recommend you to clean out the dust from the vents and fans of the laptop because, over time, dust covers up the vents and fans of your laptop who are supposed to cool down and provide airflow to the internal hardware of your laptop.

The best advice is to go to your nearest computer shop and ask them to clean out your laptop for you. However, if that is not convenient for you then you can follow the procedure below to clean out all that dust from your gaming laptop’s fan.

  • You’d require a small screwdriver to open up the back case of your laptop. A fan that is capable of throwing compressed air to remove the excessive dust along with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol.
  • It is advised to search for your laptop’s model on the internet or find the user manual to find out the steps to open its vents and cleaning procedure to make sure that you do not mess up with anything. However, if you are unable to find it then locate the vents openings at the back of your laptop on your own
  • Once you have located the vents/fan openings, take the cover off using your screwdriver and use compressed air to get rid of the dust particles blocking the airflow.
  • Lastly, if you have got access to the fan blades of your laptop then gently remove the dust from it using cotton swabs. The major goal is to clean up the fan blades with all the dust that has been sticking to the fans for years. Once you are done, screw the covers back as you took them off.

This procedure should have a huge impact on your laptop’s performance as it would cause your laptop to drop its temperatures drastically, we hope.

How to Keep Your Gaming Laptop Cool

If our best-recommended method does not seem to work out for you then you can try our following tricks, they will surely have a huge impact on your gaming laptop’s temps.

Purchase A Cooling Pad

A cooling pad or a cooling stand is an external device that just sits underneath your gaming laptop and gets connected to it via a USB port. It has built-in fans in it and they work as exhausts for your gaming laptop. They accelerate the airflow in your gaming laptop helping you lower your gaming laptop’s temperatures.

Avoid Obstructed Ventilation Areas

Make sure your laptop is not placed on any surface which blocks out the fans and air ventilation of the machine as it can cause severe heating of your gaming laptop. The best way is to place a book under your laptop in a way that its rear end where all the vents and fans are located is open so that there is no blockage of air. Also check out, can I upgrade my laptop graphics card?

Avoid Sitting in Heated Areas

In summer, avoid sitting under the sun or in rooms where the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius. The best way is to use your laptop in air-conditioned environments because the external temperature has a lot of impact on the heating factor of your gaming laptop.

Reapply Thermal Paste

If you have been using your laptop for over a year or you purchased it second hand then it could be the thermal paste that has been causing the high temperatures of your hardware. Thermal paste dries up over time and you must renew it after every 6 months to make sure your laptop temperatures stay stable. You can visit your nearest computer shop to get your thermal paste replaced.

Close Background Applications/Processes

Any unnecessary program running in the background of your laptop is just an extra process that your hardware is handling for no reason. Closing such extra applications from the background will lower the stress on your laptop’s internals causing better performance and temperature.


Proper temperature management is significant for the longevity and optimal performance of your gaming laptop. Overheating can lead to various issues, including decreased performance, system instability, and potential damage to internal components. By following our effective cooling strategies, you can mitigate these risks and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Regularly cleaning dust from vents/fans goes hand-in-hand with proper placement techniques. It helps prevent blockages that impede airflow, which is critical for maintaining optimal operating temperatures over time. Regular maintenance ensures that your laptop remains cool even under demanding conditions.

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