How to Make Ingots in Skyrim (Master Smelter’s Guide)

Ingots are an essential part of the crafting process in Skyrim, and are used to create powerful armor and weapons, or to purchase rare items from merchants. Crafting ingots requires specific smithing levels and perks, and knowing where to find and how to acquire the different ores is an important step in the crafting process.

In this guide, we’ll explore what an ingot is, what materials you need to make ingots, the different types of ingots found in Skyrim, how to make ingots, what you can make with ingots, and how to level up your smithing skill quickly. Let’s get started!

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What is an Ingot?

Ingots are refined metals and/or materials crafted from ore or other materials found in Skyrim.

Ore is a common sight throughout the lands of Skyrim, and can be easily mined and collected. Those curious enough to take the ore to a forge will discover that it can be smelted into ingots, a valuable commodity used to craft powerful armor and weapons, or to purchase rare items from merchants. The process of smelting ore is simple, though it requires specific smithing levels and perks. Additionally, legendary skills can offer even more perks for the would-be Smithy.

After the ore is collected, it must be heated to extremely high temperatures in order to separate the usable metal material from the other minerals found in the ore. Once the metal has been separated, it can then be shaped into ingots and used for crafting or trading.

These ingots, which have been carefully crafted and molded into the shape of a traditional gold ingot bar with its iconic oblong shape.

This is an example of an iron ingot in Skyrim.

There are multiple types of ingots that can be crafted from a variety of different materials in Skyrim. These ingots can be used to craft weapons and armor, or can be sold to merchants for profit. With the right materials and the right know-how, you can create some truly amazing things from the ingots found in Skyrim.

In the next section, I’ll focus on what materials you need to make ingots in Skyrim. Let’s take a look.

What Materials Do You Need To Make Ingots in Skyrim?

You need a variety of different ores to craft the various ingots found in the world of Skyrim. These ores can be found in a few different ways; mining them from ore veins found throughout the world, purchasing them from blacksmiths and general goods merchants, or even finding them as loot dropped from enemies. Crafting ingots is an essential part of the game, as they are required for creating and improving armor and weapons. Knowing where to find and how to acquire the different ores is an important step in the crafting process, so it is essential to understand the various sources of ore.

Shiny rocks scattered across the expanse of Skyrim are a common sight, and when adventurers get close enough to them, they have the opportunity to mine them with a pickaxe. The rocks, of all shapes and sizes, Glisten as if sprinkled with a fine dusting of glitter. When a pickaxe is put to work, these rocks can yield some of the most valuable resources in the game.

Thousands of ore veins and outcrops are scattered throughout the lands, mines, and tombs of Skyrim. For example, the base game of Skyrim contains 668 spots to mine iron ore.

This is an example of iron ore in Skyrim.

Instead of me writing down all the locations of every ore deposit, which would frankly make us both lose the will to live, you can take a look at this interactive Skyrim map and search for any ore you need.

It is worth noting that you can find ingots throughout the world of Skyrim, as well as buy them from blacksmiths, weapons merchants, and general merchants.

Dwemer ingots can be crafted from Dwemer metal instead of ore. Here is a list of what Dwemer scrap metal that can be used and how many ingots each piece of scrap yields:

What ingots are in Skyrim?

Below is a list of all 11 ingot types that can be created in Skyrim, what you’ll need to create them, and how much each ingot is worth.

  • Corundum Ingot
    • Price: 40 gold
    • Ore: 2x Corundum Ore
  • Dwarven Metal Ingot
    • Price: 30 gold
    • Ore/Materials: Each Dewmer metal produces a different number of ingots.
      • Large Dwemer Strut = 3 ingots
      • Large Decorative Dwemer Strut = 2 ingots
      • Solid Dwemer Metal = 5 ingots
      • Large Dwemer Plate Metal = 3 ingots
      • Small Dwemer Plate Metal = 3 ingots
      • Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal = 3 ingots
  • Ebony Ingot
    • Price: 150 gold
    • Ore: 2x Ebony Ore
  • Gold Ingot
    • Price: 100 gold
    • Ore: 2x Gold Ore
  • Iron Ingot
    • Price: 7 gold
    • Ore: 1x Iron Ore
  • Orichalcum Ingot
    • Price: 45 gold
    • Ore: 2x Orichalcum Ore
  • Quicksilver Ingot
    • Price: 60 gold
    • Ore: 2x Quicksilver Ore
  • Refined Malachite
    • price: 100 gold
    • Ore: 2x Malachite Ore
  • Refined Moonstone
    • Price: 75 gold
    • Ore: 2x Moonstone Ore
  • Silver Ingot
    • Price: 50 gold
    • Ore: 2x Silver Ore
  • Steel Ingot
    • Price: 20 gold
    • Ore: 1x Corundum Ore + 1x Iron Ore

Ebony ingots are undoubtedly some of the most profitable items to create, particularly if you’re looking to make a tidy profit. However, it’s worth noting that ebony ore is a rare resource to be found in the world of Skyrim; it can be difficult to come by, especially in large quantities. For this reason, it can be a good idea to invest in buying ebony ingots directly from merchants, rather than trying to create them yourself. This will save you a lot of time from scavenging around dungeons and crypts of Skyrim.

In the next section, I’ll take a look at how to make ingots.

How do you make ingots in Skyrim?

To make ingots in Skyrim, you need to use a smelter, which you can find in most major towns and cities.

The smelter is located in a rather inconspicuous spot behind the Warmaiden shop in Whiterun. To find it, you must enter the city gate, and then turn right. On the side of the shop, you’ll notice a number of handy tools and objects, such as a work bench, a grindstone, a leather rack, and a smithing forge. Beyond these, you’ll see a brown, igloo-shaped structure with an opening, which is the smelter. Here, you’ll be able to melt ore into ingots, a process that will enable you to create weapons and armor out of the raw materials.

This is what a smelter looks like in Skyrim.

To create ingots with the Smelter, follow these steps:

  1. Approach the smelter and activate it using the action button.
  2. A standard menu will appear, allowing you to select the ingot you’d like to make. Ingots that you have the required materials for are highlighted.
  3. Choose one of the highlighted ingot options.
  4. The ingot you selected will be crafted and added to your inventory. The ore or scrap metal required to make the ingot will be deducted from your inventory.
  5. The Ingot can now be used to craft new items, armor, weapons, or sold to a merchant.

Crafting ingots in Skyrim is a simple process that requires the use of a smelter. The smelter can be found behind the Warmaiden shop in Whiterun, and the process of creating an ingot involves selecting the desired ingot from a menu, crafting it, and then using it to craft new items or selling it to a merchant.

In the following section, I’ll provide a brief overview of the uses for ingots in Skyrim.

What can you make with ingots in Skyrim?

In this section, I’ll take a quick look at what items can be crafted using ingots in Skyrim.

Generally, ingots of different types are used to:

  • Craft weapons (Steel Swords, Ebony Warhammers.)
  • Craft armor (Ebony Armour, Dragonplate armor)
  • Craft shields (Steel Shields, Gold Shields)
  • Craft jewelry (Gold necklace, Silver ring)
  • Upgrade weapons (Upgrading weapons in rarity
  • Upgrade armour
  • Upgrade shields

What you can create or upgrade with your ingots is not only limited by your smithing level, but by the smithing perks you have invested in. This means that even with a high smithing level, if you don’t have the right perks, you may not be able to make or upgrade the items you want. Investing in the right perks can make a huge difference when it comes to unlocking the full potential of your smithing ability, so take the time to consider which ones will best suit your needs.

A Grindstone is an invaluable tool for the smithy, used to sharpen weapons and increase their damage potential. The higher your Smithing skill is, the more damage can be improved with each sharpening. Additionally, a Workbench can be used to improve armor rating, again based on your Smithing skill. If you need to create new weapons and armor from raw materials, a Forge is the tool for the job. The available options for crafting with a Forge are determined by your Smithing skill perks. An Anvil is also capable of achieving the same effects as a Forge, making it another essential tool for any aspiring blacksmith.

Also keep in mind you that you’ll also need additional workstations to create items from your ingots. Smelters are only used to make ingots. To make armour and weapons, or to upgrade your items you’ll need

Also, with the Hearthfire Skyrim expansion, you can craft a variety of housebuilding materials using ingots. With the Hearthfire expansion, you can now purchase a plot of land to build your own house on, allowing for greater flexibility in terms of where and how you choose to build. All of these items, when combined with the other tools and materials you can acquire in the game, make Hearthfire an invaluable and essential expansion. You can even build your own smelter as part of the Hearthfire expansion.

In this section, you learned that ingots are used to craft weapons, armor, shields, jewelry, and upgrade weapons, armor, and shields in Skyrim. The smithing perks you have invested in will determine what you can create or upgrade with your ingots. Additionally, with the Hearthfire expansion, you can craft housebuilding materials and build your own smelter.

In the last section, we’ll look at how to level up your smithing skill as quickly as possible.

How do I level up my Smithing skill quickly?

You’ve likely realized by now that your smithing skill, and the perks associated with it, is the main factor limiting what items you can create from the ingots you smelt.

In this section, I’ll guide you through a simple process to upgrade your smithing skill and get all the perks you need to create wth weapons and armor of your dreams.

Follow this process to upgrade you smithing skills quickly:

  1. First, you’ll need the Transmute Mineral Ore spell. You can learn it by finding the Spell tome book in Halted Stream Camp, just a couple of minutes north of Whiterun. Check the map below. You’ll find the Spell tome on a table next to a bed in the camp. While you’re there, grab a pickaxe and mine any ore you find.
  2. Once you have obtained the tomb, use it to learn the spell.
  3. Next comes the exciting part. Ensure you have two iron ore in your inventory, then cast the spell. The two iron ore will be transformed into silver ore.
  4. Now, with the silver ore in your inventory, cast the spell once more. This will cause the silver ore to transmute into gold ore! Each time you cast this spell, you will gain experience for your smithing skill.
  5. Take your gold ore to a smelter and turn it into gold ingots. This will help to increase your smithing skill.
  6. Take the gold ingot and craft two gold rings with it. This will increase your smithing skill. You can then sell the rings for 150 gold each.
  7. Repeat the process until you reach the desired level of smithing skill.

This section gives you a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your smithing skill in Skyrim quickly. The process involves obtaining the Transmute Mineral Ore spell, using it to transmute iron ore into silver ore and then gold ore, smelting the gold ore into gold ingots, and crafting two gold rings with the ingots. Doing this will help increase your smithing skill and you can also sell the rings for a profit.


This guide has provided an in-depth look at how to make ingots in Skyrim. It covers the materials needed, the different types of ingots, how to make them, and how to level up your smithing skill quickly. Furthermore, it’s explained where to find ore, how to craft Dwemer ingots, and how to use a smelter. I’ve also explained how you can become a master smith in Skyrim, what types of ore to look for and the best methods for smelting ingots, as well as how to use a smelter to quickly level up your smithing skill. Additionally, I’ve explained how to craft Dwemer ingots, which are rare and valuable, and discussed several methods for finding ore to make them.

  • Ingots are used to craft weapons, armor, shields, jewelry, and upgrade weapons, armor, and shields in Skyrim.
  • To make ingots, use a smelter located in most major cities and towns in Skyrim.
  • Ebony ingots are the most profitable to create, but may be hard to come by due to their rarity.
  • To quickly level up your smithing skill, obtain the Transmute Mineral Ore spell and use it to create gold ore, then smelt the gold ore into gold ingots and craft two gold rings with them.
  • The Hearthfire expansion also allows you to craft housebuilding materials with ingots, and you can build your own smelter.

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