How to record PS5 gameplay for YouTube

Don’t you just hate it when you’re looking up gameplay walkthroughs and the YouTuber is commentating unnecessarily?

When me and my friend got stuck in Resident Evil: Village on my PS5, we tried looking up so many walkthroughs on YouTube but every video had one of two problems.

Either the commentary was annoying or the instructions were unclear if there was no commentary.

An idea clicked in my mind; why not create walkthrough videos with no commentary and add subtitles for actions the player needs to do.

In this way, the audience wouldn’t need to listen to boring commentary and get clear instructions on how to solve difficult puzzles in games.

I knew that to record gameplay on the PC, all you needed was a screen recording software, but how would you do it on a PS5?

I researched online and this is what I found out:

How to record PS5 gameplay for YouTube? You can record gameplay on the PS5 by pressing the ‘Create’ button on your DualSense controller. If you want additional customization options, you can connect a capture card to your PS5 and record or livestream gameplay for YouTube.

Recording and live streaming gameplay from a PS5 is incredibly easy.

Mainly, because it is a next-gen console being released when gameplay streaming is very common, as compared to when the PS4 was launched.

You can record and livestream gameplay on YouTube through your PS5 with or without a capture card.

We will address both of these options in great detail. Let’s check out how you can record gameplay on a PS5 without a capture card.

How Can You Record PS5 Gameplay Without A Capture Card?

The Sony PS5 console is equipped with the feature of recording gameplay and directly streaming it to YouTube.

Located above the D-pad (on the left side of the tracking pad) of your DualSense controller is the ‘Create’ button with three vertical lines above it.

With this create button you can record your gameplay, take screenshots or start livestreaming instantly!

After you press the ‘Create’ button (previously known as the ‘Share’ button in the PS4), your gameplay will pause and a menu will appear.

In this menu you can choose to start recording, take a screenshot, launch your livestream, edit your images or save the past 1-hour of gameplay in your library.

The screen capturing feature in the PS5 allows for taking screenshots and videos in 4K resolution with HDR.

You need to customize the actions for the ‘Create’ button and set your desired resolution and FPS before starting your gameplay.

The screen recording resolution is set at 1080p @ 60 FPS by default.

So, if you own a 4K television and have the storage to store large media files, make sure to tick the 4K 60 FPS for higher quality videos. [Source]

Without any further ado, let’s check out how you can capture your screen on a PS5 through the ‘Create’ button.

How To Screenshot, Screen Record And Livestream On A PS5 Through The ‘Create’ Button?

The ‘Create’ button on the PS5 DualSense controller is the upgraded version of the ‘Share’ button from the PS4 DualShock controller.

You have the freedom to screen record, screenshot or launch your livestream with the press of a button!

Firstly, you have to set actions to the ‘Create’ button, here’s how.

How To Set Up The ‘Create’ Button?

Before you begin recording games, we recommend that you go into the system settings and change the shortcut for the DualSense’s Create button. This will make recording gameplay as simple as possible.

1. From the dashboard, go to ‘Settings’ on the upper right,

2. Navigate to ‘Captures and Broadcasts’ at the bottom of the page.

3. Change the ‘Shortcuts for Create Button’ to Easy Video Clips.

4. Simply double-tap the Create button on your DualSense to start recording games.

5. Set actions of your choice.

You may also change the duration of the most recent gameplay video clip you’ve taken in this section.

Where will the PS5 store your images and videos? Keep reading to find out.

Where Will Your Saved Screenshots and Videos Appear?

The Media Gallery is the place where you’re able to view your recorded gameplay on the PS5, here’s how you can access it:

·         Once you’ve recorded the gameplay you want to share, go to the Media Gallery from the PS5’s main screen.

·         This folder contains all of the screenshots and videos you’ve taken.

·         You have the option of sharing the captures on social media, editing them, or storing them to a USB disk.

·         The screenshots may be edited using the Edit button. It has basic cropping and text editing features.

·         When you’re done, save the screenshot as a new file or replace the original. While editing, you may also trim movies or take screenshots to use as your profile’s cover picture.

·         If you no longer desire the picture, you may erase it by selecting the Delete option.

Once you’re done setting up the ‘Create’ button, you can begin recording, streaming and screenshotting. Let’s see how:

How to Make a Video Recording on the PlayStation 5

1.    Press the Create button on your PS5 DualSense controller.

2.    Toggle over to “Start New Recording” — it’s the option to the right of “Take Screenshot” — and pick it from the menu that opens. At the top of your screen, a black box with a timer will appear.

3.    The timer should show at the top of your screen.

4.    When you’re through recording, press the Create button again and choose “Stop Recording.”

5.    Wait until you see the recording confirmation in the top-right corner. That indicates that the video has been saved.

6.    The recording will be indicated by a little film strip symbol with a check mark.

You can not only record your current gameplay, but also access the gameplay that has gone by for the past hour.

Here’s how you can save and record gameplay of up to one hour before you press the ‘Create’ button.

How to Save & Record Recent Gameplay

When you launch a game and begin playing, the console automatically begins recording your gameplay, even if you haven’t opened the Create menu and pressed the record button. You may subsequently save this gameplay into a video and share it on Twitter or YouTube by selecting an option in the Create menu. Here’s how to go about it.

1. By pressing the ‘Create’ button, you may access the Create menu.

2. When it’s open, go to “Save Recent Gameplay” and click it. It’s to the left of the screenshot button.

3. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the “Save Recent Gameplay” button.

4. You now have two choices. You may store the previous 15 seconds to 30 minutes of gameplay by selecting “Save Short Clip.”

5. You may also choose “Save Full Video” to save the last hour.

6. You may either save a snippet or the whole video.

If you prefer taking pictures of beautiful sceneries you encounter throughout the game, then the ‘Create’ button will make that possible for you too. Read on to learn how.

How to Take Screenshots on a PlayStation 5

Modern games are pieces of art. You encounter sceneries that can easily pass as desktop wallpapers or cool images for YouTube video thumbnails, etc.

If you want to take screenshots through the ‘Create’ button then here’s how to do it:

1. Push the Create button on your PS5 DualSense controller once.

2. A menu will display with the options to begin recording, capture a screenshot, or begin broadcasting.

3. The screenshot menu cannot be screenshotted (Why would you even want to do that?). 

4. Choose “Take Screenshot.”

5. An icon will display to indicate that a photograph has been taken.

The ‘Create’ button provides you sufficient freedom to broadcast your gameplay to YouTube or Twitch directly.

Read on to learn how you can do that with the built-in screen recording feature of the PS5.

How to Begin a Livestream from a PS5

If you want to broadcast your games to sites like Twitch or YouTube.

You can do that by connecting your Twitch or YouTube account in the PlayStation’s settings area. Here’s how:

1. Click the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Home screen to access the Settings menu on your PS5 dashboard.

2. In your Settings, go to the “Users and Accounts” page.

3. Click the “Link with Other Services” option on the Users and Accounts page, then pick the service you wish to utilize.

4. Sign in to YouTube or Twitch with a computer browser or mobile device.

5. Now, go to the Twitch or YouTube activation sites and enter the code that appears on the PS5’s screen.

6. You may see a QR Code to assist you in linking your Twitch and YouTube accounts.

7. After successfully logging in, you must provide PlayStation access to your Twitch and YouTube accounts.

8. When you’re done integrating your accounts, click “Done.”

9. Launch a game and go to the Create menu once you’ve connected your accounts.

10.  Select the “Broadcast” option now.

11.  Locate the “Broadcast” button in the lower right corner of the screen.

12.  Choose a connected account and a title for your broadcast.

13.  To begin your broadcast, click the “Go Live” button.

Easy, right? You can easily record, stream and capture your games with the PS5 ‘Create’ button.

If you noticed, there might be a storage issue with this option and eventually you will need to edit the videos you plan to upload or stream on YouTube.

To do that, you need a capture card.

Before we proceed to the screen recording via capture card option, let’s take a look at what a capture card is.

What is a capture card?

Capture cards are often used by gamers to capture different game play footage that can then be shared to the internet.

These capture cards are ideal for live streaming as well as converting older sources of media, such as DVDs, to HD format.

A capture card is a device that converts gaming signals into digital data that may be posted to the internet.

It allows gaming enthusiasts to capture and store their favorite games.

Unlike the ‘Create’ button on the PS5; a capture card won’t limit you to only an hour of recording.

It is possible to broadcast, capture, and share the full game using a Capture Card.

One important to note is that a capture card doesn’t work alone, it requires:

·         Your PS5 console.

·         A computer.

·         Two HDMI Cables to connect

PS5 > Capture Card through HDMI in.

Capture Card > Monitor Output through HDMI out.

·         Screen Recording software like elgato capture software.

·         Amazing video editing software like Wondershare Filmore, Adobe Premier Pro, etc.

Let’s check out how a capture card functions.

How Does a capture card work?

Capture cards are available as compact boxes, used to relay video information from a console to a PC to record and broadcast.

They function by having an input for an HDMI cable, which means that almost any device with HDMI output may be recorded.

Game video may then be broadcast live or edited and posted to a game-streaming network such as Twitch or YouTube.

If you want to start streaming your games on YouTube, a capture card is a must-have piece of equipment.

Lag-free and high-quality content on YouTube attracts viewers and subscribers.

You should definitely keep your budget in mind, but in general, you get what you pay for. If possible, attempt to get a capture card with a 4K resolution passthrough that supports HDRl.

Since the PS5 natively provides 4K 60FPS with HDR screen recording. Make sure to get yourself a capture card like the Elgato HD60 S+.

With the Elgato HD60 S+, you will get lag-free video recording and streaming.

This is an improved version of Elgato HD60 that captures upto 1080p 60fps, and has a 4k HDR pass through. 

The greatest thing about the Elgato HD60 S+ is that the video capture quality remains as clean and crisp as your actual game play.

You will also be able to professionally edit the amazing gameplay you record with your capture card. 

Moreover, the recorded video will be saved on your computer’s hard drive or any external storage of your choice.

Making sure that storage is not an issue, you can record hours and hours of gameplay footage.

Continue reading and you will find out how to set up a capture card with your PS5.

How to Set Up a Capture Card to capture gameplay on your PS5

You may use an HDMI connection to link your Gaming Capture Card to your game console. Videos may also be sent to a TV set through the HDMI connector, which is normally included with the box.

To get started quickly, follow these steps:

1. First, connect the HDMI In terminal of the Capture card to your console using an HDMI cable.

2. The HDMI Out port of the Game Capture card must be linked to the TV or monitor that you wish to view and play your games on..

3.       Connect your PC or Mac device to the Game Capture card using the USB cable included in the package. You must connect the USB cable to a USB 3 port if you wish to capture footage 1080p @ 60fps.

You will automatically get prompted by Windows’ driver install program on your PC after connecting an Elgato HD60 S+ game capture card.

After everything is set up, now you need a reliable video recording software to capture your gameplay footage.

You can download the Elgato capture software which is an incredibly reliable capturing software especially for Elgato capture cards for Windows and Mac OS. 

Once you’ve started the Elgato capture software, it will run you through it’s setup wizard which will set up the Capture card. 

 As soon as this setup process is complete you should see a mirror of your gameplay on your computer’s screen. 

All you need to do then to start recording footage is press the record button. 

Apple Silicon and Linux users can download OBS software which is also a great capturing software that comes with a few customization options and effects to make your gameplay video more attractive.

Like the Elgato capture software, OBS also comes with a fully fledged and very helpful setup wizard. Just follow the onscreen instructions to set up OBS with your capture card and you’ll be recording gameplay in under 90 seconds. 

Now that you’re fully acquainted with both of the methods of gameplay recording on the PS5, let’s compare both of these methods side by side to determine which one is the best.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Recording and Streaming With/Without Capture Card?

Capturing Gameplay Without Capture CardCapturing Gameplay With A Capture Card
You can only record one hour worth of gameplay without a capture card. Although both offer the same resolution, there is no recording time cap whilst recording with a capture card.
Recent gameplay of up to one hour can be saved.Gameplay recording begins once you start recording
Limited editing options available.You can edit your recorded videos at will with numerous amazing editing softwares.
You can start recording or broadcasting your gameplay instantly with a press of a button (literally)In order to start recording gameplay with a capture card – you will first need to set it up and connect it with a computer. 
Sony claims that ‘some content’ might not be included in the gameplay recording. [Source]Whatever you see on your screen will be recorded with no censorship or blocking.
You can only start recording during the game.You can record the PS5 dashboard and the menus etc, which is very helpful in creating tutorials.

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