How to remove freezes in CS:GO

What can spoil the passage of absolutely any game, regardless of the genre? That’s right: lags, freezes, and other lags. It does not matter if you play MOBA, shooter, racing, or a banal sandbox. There is nothing worse than a game lag.

In CS:GO any insignificant freezes will not only take your pleasure but also seriously damage the gameplay. Counter-Strike—is a team game. Not only your actions determine the lives of your allies, but also the outcome of the match.  Check out the teams and matches on the Profilerr website

In this extensive article, Volodymyr Huda will talk about all the working ways to remove freezes in CS GO. Sit back, we wish you a pleasant reading experience! 

Why CS:GO lags

Before we talk about improving fps – let’s understand why it lags CS:GO. All causes can be divided into three categories:

  • Problems with your network and ISP. A bad network cable, maintenance work, or just slow internet can easily cause a little sluggishness and freezes.
  • Technical problems. What if it’s not the Internet, but your graphics card? It is not the fact that the hardware is obsolete – it could simply fail. The problem could easily be the CPU or RAM. 
  • Other options. The latter category could include various driver conflicts, bugs and junk in the system, or an improperly installed game.

Problems with the Internet

As we mentioned above – lags can occur because of problems with your provider. In addition to this, the rates can be set incorrectly. Check rate, cmdrate, and updaterate and tune them to your PC.

The guides on this topic are better to be found on the internet, because they can give you enough information for a whole article. 

Changing Graphics Settings

Low graphics settings are a choice not only for players with bad PCs, but also for cyber athletes. If there is an opportunity to reduce lags to zero, then why not do so? And a pretty picture is a secondary thing.

Below we take a detailed look at each parameter in the game to make the graphics completely easier:

  • Detailed effects. Affects the display of some models, but it is not so important for the game. Feel free to set it to “Low”.
  • Quality of Shadows. It is responsible for the accuracy of the processing of shadows, making them more beautiful. We do not need it either.
  • The quality of textures. This is another one of the most stressful parameters. It is responsible for a beautiful image on the walls, the ground and the sky. During the shootings is not about beauty – put it at the bottom.
  • Shader detail. Removing lighting and shadows, setting it to “Low” again.
  • Multi-core Processing. This parameter will increase graphics by utilizing multiple CPU cores which may result in reduced FPS. Please check if this setting is bothering you. If it is, switch it off.
  • Anti-aliasing mode. You don’t mind uneven edges of objects, do you? Keep it to a minimum.
  • Texture Filtration. Defines texture smoothness or, on the contrary, sharpness. We recommend you set it to “Bilinear”, which is the minimum mode.
  • Vertical Synchronization. No further questions here, just set it to Off.
  • Motion Blur. Are you playing a game or enjoying the beautiful effects? No blurring will only interfere with your view and fps. 

Game startup parameters

Is KC SE lagging further? Let’s try to optimize with the help of launch parameters. To do this, follow a simple algorithm:

  • Start Steam and open the library with games.
  • To go to CS:GO settings, right-click on the game icon and click “Properties”.
  • Open “Set Startup Settings” and paste the following command into the line: 

-nosync -novid -nod3d9ex -nojoy -high +cl_cmdrate 128 +cl_updaterate 128 +rate 786432 -tickrate 128 

Now you can start the CS and open the console already in the game. Just need to write the last commands:

  • snd_rebuildaudiocache 1
  • snd_updateaudiocache 1

After these steps, the lag should definitely have disappeared. 

Video card settings (NVIDIA)

If the previous methods didn’t help you, let’s try playing with the video card settings. The algorithm below is only suitable for NVIDIA hardware. 

  • Right-click on any free space on your desktop.
  • In the window that appears, select “NVIDIA Control Panel”.
  • Open the “Adjust Image Settings with Viewer” tab.
  • Place a dot on the “Custom settings with emphasis on” item.
  • Grab the slider just below and move it toward “Performance.” 
  • Select the “Manage 3D Settings” tab. It is located on the left side of the program.
  • We are interested in the “Program Settings” section. Expand it.
  • In the application selection window, select the desired game. In our case – CS:GO.
  • Find the “Texture Filtering – Quality” setting.
  • Set it to “High Performance.” 

Finally, you can just click “Apply” and close the program. 

Other Ways

We have a few more options if the previous ones did not make any difference. All of them are suitable for owners of weak computers. Below we will tell you how to remove unnecessary garbage from your PC, unlock CPU cores or increase the swap file in Windows. 

Swap files

Keep in mind that this option is good for those who have very little RAM. 2GB or even less. 

  • Open Windows Explorer and right-click “My Computer”.
  • Select the “Properties” option.
  • In the window that opens, locate the “Advanced System Settings” setting.Next, open the “Performance” section, and in it the “Advanced” tab.
  • Click on “Change”.
  • Remove the dot from the “Automatically select swap file size” section.
  • Select the hard drive or SSD on which the system is installed.
  • Now specify the size in the window with the same name. 

If you have 2GB RAM, the “Initial Size” is 2048. In other cases, enter the value corresponding to the amount of RAM. 2GB = 2048MB, 4GB = 4096MB.

PC cleaning

Another way to get rid of freezes and lags is to clean your computer from old junk files and temporary system folders. For this purpose, the program CCleaner is excellent, which is better to download from the official site.

But note that this program is not available for download in the Russian Federation. You will have to use a VPN. But residents of the USA and other countries should not have any problems.

The process of downloading and installing is standard, so we’ll go straight to using the application:

  • Open the utility and click on “Standard Cleanup”.
  • There, select “Analyze” and run the cleanup.
  • After that, open “Registry” and search for problems.
  • When the program finds them – click on the fix button. 

Just in case, it is better to create a backup of your data so that you don’t lose something important. 

We hope you were able to sort out the problem and found out how to remove micro freezes in CS GO. Read our other articles on similar topics. Have a nice game.

Nick Sinclair

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