Kickstart Your Esports Racing Career: The Ultimate Guide

A few years back, I found myself stuck at a crossroads, idling in the pit lane of esports racing. There I was, controller in hand, revving my engine, but with no clue about how to shift gears and join the fast-paced world of competitive esports racing. Just like driving in foggy conditions without headlights, I was lost and needed direction.

I remember wishing there was a guide, a cheat code if you will, something to guide me through this labyrinth of questions: Which are the most sought-after esports racing games? What kind of equipment will transform my ordinary gaming setup into a cockpit ready to win the Grand Prix? How do I train effectively to outpace my rivals? And how on earth do I get myself onto an esports racing team?

And let’s not forget the big question: How to balance my passion for gaming with real-life commitments, avoiding the dreaded burnout? It’s like trying to complete a marathon on a treadmill – without the right balance, you’ll just end up exhausted and going nowhere.

If you, like me, have been scratching your head, asking these very questions, buckle up! This guide is your sat-nav on the esports racing circuit, covering:

  • Popular esports racing games
  • Essential racing equipment
  • Effective training methods
  • Steps to join an esports racing team
  • Top professionals to learn from
  • Balancing esports with life commitments

So, are you ready to shift gears and get ahead in esports racing? Let’s hit the gas and get started!

Popular Esports Racing Games

So, you’ve got your foot on the accelerator, ready to dive into the exhilarating world of esports racing, huh? Well, buddy, the first thing you’ll need is a map – and by that, I mean the lay of the land in terms of the most popular esports racing games. It’s like picking your car for the big race, you want the best to get you to the finish line.

The F1 Esports Series is your Formula 1 for the virtual world, with all the precision handling and high-speed thrills of the real deal. Sponsored by Formula 1 itself, this game pulls out all the stops. Think you’ve got the guts to take on those chicanes at over 200mph? FIA, the international motorsport governing body, also supports this series, adding a layer of authority to the game.

Another top-tier game you can’t miss out on is iRacing, the playground for many esports racing professionals. It’s like the Ferrari of racing games – sleek, precise, and full-throttle. iRacing provides a realistic racing experience that’s second to none, with professional-grade physics and graphics.

Equipment for Esports Racing

Now that you’ve chosen your vehicle, or rather, your game, let’s talk gear. Just like you wouldn’t hit the road without a steering wheel, you need the right equipment to start esports racing. And no, I’m not talking about a jerry-rigged controller setup, but a real wheel-and-pedal combo to truly feel the track beneath your virtual wheels.

A high-quality racing wheel is essential. Brands like Logitech, and Thrustmaster are the Michelin-starred restaurants of racing equipment. They offer force feedback wheels that mimic the feel of a real car. Add a pedal set to that, and you’re halfway to the Monaco Grand Prix.

However, the Logitech G29 hooked up to a Next Level Racing GT Lite Foldable Simulator Cockpit is my racing setup of choice. I know the cockpit may not look like much, but I’ve had one of these for quite a few years, and it offers a truly authentic racing feel and car setting position. It’s especially great if you don’t have a dedicated space for a fixed racing setup.

Don’t forget a good PC or console to run the games. You need a machine with the horsepower to handle high-quality graphics without lag. It’s like ensuring your pit crew is top-notch – you want performance, reliability, and speed.

Training for Esports Racing

Alright, racer, you’ve got your car and your crew. Now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. You can’t jump straight into the Indy 500 without any training. Esports racing, just like its real-world counterpart, requires practice, skill, and a keen understanding of racing strategy.

Start with learning the tracks. Just like Lewis Hamilton wouldn’t tear around a track sight unseen, you need to know every straight, every curve, and every tricky chicane in your chosen game. Most games have practice modes – use them.

Additionally, if you are seriously dedicated to becoming an esports racer, there are professional coaches that can help you reach your goals. offer a comprehensive selection of eRacing coaches who have been, there done it, and come back with the winner’s medal on the pro circuit. I’ve had a coaching session with Pro racer Joseph for F1 2021 and it skyrocketed my racing skills. Head on over to Gamerabble now and get your first caching session for just $5 with this code: JOVUEQUTZ3

Finally, you should train to improve your reaction times and learn to anticipate the other drivers’ moves. There are even dedicated software and apps to help you with this, turning training into a game of its own.

Joining an Esports Racing Team

So, you’ve made it to the starting line. You’re ready to race, but wait – who’s got your back? Getting onto an esports racing team can be like finding a co-driver for the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans – it’s a crucial part of your esports journey.

It all starts with building your skills and reputation. Play in online leagues, join races, and start making a name for yourself. It’s like starting in go-karts and working your way up to F1. The more visibility you gain, the more likely you are to catch the eye of a team.

Most teams hold tryouts, so keep an eye on Esports Insider and The Esports Observer for those announcements. Make sure you’re ready to show off your best driving when it’s time.

Top Esports Racing Professionals

Now, let’s talk about the giants whose shoulders we stand on. Just as every aspiring F1 racer looks up to Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen, you too should have your esports racing idols. These are the guys who’ve navigated the track before you, leaving a slipstream for you to follow.

Racers like Brandon Leigh, a two-time F1 Esports Series Champion, or Martin Krönke, a multiple iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series winner, are names you should know. These are the players who’ve shifted gears into overdrive, and their gameplay can provide invaluable lessons.

Studying their strategies, techniques, and game management can turbocharge your progression. Much like analyzing onboard laps from F1 champions, you can glean a lot from watching their games on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.

Balancing Esports Racing with Life

Alright, now we’re approaching the final straight, but before we cross the finish line, we need to talk about something crucial – life beyond the track. Just as any top-class racer knows, you can’t spend all your time behind the wheel; you need to find balance.

Time management is key here. Remember, you don’t have to burn the midnight oil every day. It’s like driving with worn-out tires – it won’t do you any good. Schedule your gaming hours, and stick to that schedule. Make sure to include time for family, friends, school, or work.

Physical health is crucial too. Racing, even esports racing, can be mentally exhausting. Incorporate exercise into your routine to keep your mind sharp and reflexes quicker. Good nutrition is also essential. You can’t expect to run a race car on fumes, can you?

And there you have it, the roadmap to your esports racing career. From picking the right game, getting the perfect gear, training, joining a team, learning from the best, and striking a balance, you’ve got the basics covered. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’re ready to start your engine and join the exciting world of esports racing. Keep it steady, don’t forget to enjoy the ride, and I’ll see you on the track.


There you have it, the end of our lap around the esports racing circuit. I hope this guide has helped you navigate the course much more easily than when I first found myself on the starting grid. We’ve throttled through the exhilarating straights and navigated tricky chicanes, all to set you up for that victorious champagne spray. Just to recap, we’ve explored:

  • The thrilling world of popular esports racing games like F1 Esports Series and iRacing.
  • The need for top-of-the-line racing equipment to ensure you’re not left in the dust.
  • Effective training methods to give you that pole position start.
  • Steps to become part of an esports racing team, your crew for the long haul.
  • Insights from top esports racing professionals, the Schumachers and Hamiltons of the virtual track.
  • And most importantly, balancing esports with other life commitments, ensuring you don’t spin out.

So, keep these tips in your rear-view mirror as you race ahead. Now, are you ready for your next lap? Let’s move on to the “What Next?” section.

What Next?

You know how much I love a good takeaway, and not the pizza kind. I believe every article should leave you with something actionable, something to kickstart your engines. So, here are some concrete steps for you to take right now:

  1. Download or purchase one of the popular esports racing games mentioned and start practicing.
  2. Research and invest in a high-quality racing wheel and pedal set, ensuring your hardware matches your ambitions.
  3. Start a training routine, focusing on specific skills each day, just like a real racer would train for different tracks.
  4. Join online communities and forums, start networking and look out for team tryouts.
  5. Finally, create a balanced daily schedule, allocating time for gaming, work or studies, and relaxation. After all, a well-rested racer is a successful racer.

Now, it’s time to get on the track. Remember, every champion was once a beginner. Happy racing!


Nick Sinclair

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