My Recommended Streaming Accessories for Aspiring Streamers (Ultimate gear guide)

I’ve been a content maker for over 10 years. That includes writing, podcasting, youtube video making, and streaming. 

And throughout my creation travels, I’ve learned a lot about the hardware that lets me do the job I love doing. 

But there’s one lesson I’ve learned about hardware that stuck with me more than others: 

You don’t need top-end gear to create top-end content. 

In spite of what the “marketers” would have you believe, you don’t need a $1000 microphone to be taken seriously. The hardware does not make the streamer. 

The most important thing about your stream is you, if you’re entertaining, people will watch regardless of the quality of your hardware setup. 

But if you’re looking to level your stream up from a built-in camera/microphone, and if you want to add a professional layer of sheen to your streamings, then this list is for you. 

I’ll show you all the gear I use day in day out to create great content. None of it is really high end, but, more importantly, they are high quality, they do the job that’s required of them, and none of the accessories I recommend are massively expensive.

Plus, each is an investment. 

The list is ordered in the order in which you should buy each item. So for example, the most important item is a high end microphone. I then work through the accessories in order of decreasing importance. Unless your console streamer. In that case, you should buy the Elgato capture card first. 

The streaming accessories that I recommend for the growing streamer that wants to level up from a built-in microphone/video are:

Ok, now that you’ve got the list, I’ll take a look at each one of my recommendations in more detail, 

My recommended “Level Up” Accessories 

Microphone: HyperX QuadCast

The microphone I would recommend is the HyperX QuadCast.  

Why You Need One.

The sound quality of your voice when streaming is far, far more important than the quality of the little video of yourself down the bottom left or right hand corner of your screen. 

Your viewers don’t want to hear hissing, popping, or a generally low-quality voice. 

People want to hear you clearly as you play. 

That’s why you need a good microphone above all else. In fact, I’d say a high-quality mic such as the HyperX QuadCast should be the first thing on your list when upgrading your game streaming equipment. 

Why I recommend it. 

Simply put, for the money, you can’t get much better. The Blue Yeti, is a fantastic mic, and I actually own one of these, but I don’t think it’s quite as good as the HyperX. The Hyper X seems to pick up less low-frequency base when you speak, which to me makes the sound crisp and clear while avoiding any unwanting p-popping.   

It’s also got all the features you’d expect from a mid to high-end microphone, including gain control, microphone pattern selection, and astonishingly high-quality sound capture. 

It’s even got a built-in Shock mount so you don’t need to buy one separately. 

All in all, at the moment, it is the best microphone on the market for its price point, it’s the best mic I’ve ever owned, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. 

The HyperX QuadCast will transform the quality of the sound in your stream. Plus, it’s fantastic to look at! 

Features / Benefits

  • Anti-vibration shock mount – Stop unwanted vibrations traveling up through the desk into the microphone creating unwanted background noise. 
  • Tap to mute sensor with LED indicator – Always good to be able to mute your voice at a moment’s notice. 
  • Four selectable polar patterns – The polar pattern is the “direction” the microphone picks up sound from. As a steamer you’ll likely only use one of these patterns (Straight ahead) but having the option to select multi-directions of sound is great.
  • Mount adapter included – Needed for mounting the Microphone on a microphone stand/arm (More on that next).
  • Convenient gain control adjustment – Lets you change sensitivity of the microphone to stop it picking up unwanted external noise. 
  • USB connection – Plug and play use means you can whip it out of the box, plug it in and it’s ready to go! 

What other people are saying…

“We strongly recommend this product for streamers, podcasters, and anyone that wants a step up in mic quality.” – Christian Thomas – Sound Guys

“The HyperX QuadCast is one of the best sounding USB microphones I’ve used to date.” – Chris Coke – IGN

“For things like YouTube, Twitch, streaming and gaming in general, it is ideal.” – Peter – Microphone Geeks

Take a look at the HyperX Quadcast, and thousands of 5-star reviews, here

Microphone arm: InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand

The microphone arm stand I would recommend is the InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand.  

Why You Need a Microphone Arm Stand.

Microphones can be pretty big and bulky things. And the last thing you want is the towering red beast taking up the lower half of your stream. 

Plus, if the microphone is sat on your desk it’s not at the optimal height to pick up your voice. 

The solution is a microphone arm such as the one from InnoGear. They are easy to install by just clamping to your desk, they have a universal mount, which in their case, fits the HyperX microphone, and they offer a lot of choice for where to place your microphone. 

Then, when you’re done streaming for the day, you can just push the arm vertical to store the arm and the microphone out of the way. 

Why I recommend the InnoGear Microphone Arm stand.

I’d recommend the Innogear arm because it’s strong, it takes heavy microphones, it’s durable, and it’s cheap. 

Yes, you can get “better” microphone arms that look a little more space-age. But they’ll often be triple or quadruple the price of the InnoGear Stand, and offer no added value other than a slightly better aesthetic. 

Personally, I’d rather buy this stand and save my cash for other equipment. 

Features / Benefits

  • Made from Steal – Hardwearing and won’t bend under load. 
  • High load-bearing capability – The arm can bear maximum weight of 3.5lbs or about 1.5Kg.
  • Folds almost completely flat – When not in use, the InnoGear Microphone arm folds nearly completely flat, giving you back precious desk space. 
  • Has a long reach – The maximum horizontal reach is 28 inches. The maximum vertical reach is 27 inches. This gives you a lot of freedom to position your microphone out of shot, or wherever you want it to be. 
  • Universally compatible screw mount – works with all modern microphones including the HyperX QuadCast.
  • No Exposed tension springs – Most arms have exposed springs to apply tension to the arm. But this one has them built inside the metal casing. 

What other people are saying…

“The Innogear Heavy-Duty Microphone Stand is a great, affordable way to get a perfect position for your microphone. I was worried about the quality, but so far have been impressed with how sturdy it feels holding microphones.” – Jordan Druber – 9To5Toys

“Perfect quality!” – Matthewmorrise – eBay

“Easy to install and very good quality to record for my YouTube channel.” Kori A – InnoGear Review

Take a look at the InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand, and hundreds of 5-star reviews, here

Microphone Pop Filter: Aokeo Professional Microphone Pop Filter 

The microphone pop filter I would recommend is the Aokeo Professional microphone Pop Filter.  

Why You Need A Pop Filter.

When we record ourselves talking, and we make “Bu” or “Pu” sounds, we tend to get quite loud popping sounds picked up by the microphone. These “plosives” are caused by a sudden strong blast of air caused by the closing and opening of the lips, while forcing air through when we say these specific constants.  

Plosives in your recorded sound is a sure sign that you’re an amateur with an amateur streaming set-up. Yet moving from amateur to professional, in this case, couldn’t be easier…

All you need is a pop filter. 

The filter has 2 sheets of thin material stretched across a circle of plastic or metal. This filter is then placed in front of the microphone protecting it from the blast of air when you say “B’s” and “P’s”. This instantly and drastically improves the quality of your recording.  

Why I recommend this pop filter.

Aokeo are a well known brand in this space. I’ve tried a few pop filters, and though the difference is subtle between them all, this is the best of the bunch from both a performance and hardware point of view. 

Plus, it’s actually really cheap compared to other “pro level” filters on the market. 

Features / Benefits

  • Double layer pop screen – The first screen blocks air blasts as any pop filter normally would. The gap in between then helps to disperse any remaining pressure waves. The second screen enhances the pop reduction even further.
  • Adjustable neck – Fully supporting the pop filter’s weight, the neck can be bent in any direction so you can place the pop filter in the best position. 
  • Clearer and cleaner sound –  Removes hissing pronouncing “S” sounds. Blocks “Pu” and “Bu” sounds commonly known as “plosives”. 
  • Can be used with, nearly, any microphone – Adjustable screw rotating clamp with scratch-proof gripper can secure the pop filter to nearly any microphone or stand. 

What other people are saying…

“If you are looking for a professional product that will give you the best protection from plosives and hisses, Aokeo will supply you.” – Music Critic

“For cheap pop filter, it’s top of the line!” – Jusdel-37 – eBay 

Take a look at the Aokeo Professional Microphone Pop filter, and hundreds of 5-star reviews, here

Acoustic Foam panels: New Level Acoustic Panels.

The Acoustic foam panels I would recommend are the Acoustic Studio Foam Panels by New Level 

Why You Need One.

Want to take your sound recording to the next level, to a, near enough nobody would notice it’s not, professional level? 

Then you need Sound Dampening acoustic foam panels. 

Sound dampening foam, is usually a square sheet of black or dark grey foam, is designed to absorb sound waves instead of reflecting them. The foam is covered in lots of peaks and troughs which help to even further absorb sound in the room. 

Why is this a good thing?

It stops Sound reverberations within a room. You may not realize it, but even in a tiny room, sound reflects off floors, ceilings, and furniture, and reflects back towards you then back away to the surfaces, then again back toward you. This reverberation of sound waves can continue multiple times before the original sound wave has dissipated.

Normally, we don’t notice the effect of this. 

However, a microphone will pick up on these reflected sounds. The result is an echo effect recorded by the microphone. Regardless of how good your microphone is, without sound dampening, you’ll still get this reverberation effect. And it makes voice recordings sound tinny and unprofessionally recorded. 

Why I recommend these panels. 

For starters they are over 2” thick. Amazon, and other websites, don’t even get me started on eBay, are littered with cheap foam panels that probably cause more sound issues that they solve. 

And out of all the panels, I’ve tested, these are the best. 

However, I will admit there is a far better solution to your sound problems, that is, if you’re a DIY kind of person.  

Why not try building your own super effective, and I mean super(!), acoustic panels yourself? 

Simply get a load of old Bathroom towels, try second hand shops, and hang them, after you’ve washed them, two layers deep on your most exposed walls. 

And that’s it. A bunch of towels hanging on the wall, hang ‘em on the ceiling too if you like, and you have a near professional level soundproofing solution. To further improve your sound dampening, layer the towels, 3 layers deep. 

Seriously, bath towels, for whatever reason – I’m not a scientist, are far more effective than foam at dampening unwanted sound and reverberations. The good thing about towels too is you can easily hang them on walls, you can temporarily hang them over the top of existing wall hangings, and they can easily be taken down when you are finished and stored in a corner. 

Watch this youtube vid for some DIY acoustic wall panel goodness. 

Features / Benefits

  • 2″ thick – Offers better sound absorption than thinner panels. Plus, the thicker panels have taller peaks and deeper troughs which help direct sound waves away from your microphone. 
  • 6 Pack covers 6 square feet – Each tile is 1 square foot.
  • Can be easily attached to walls with double-sided stick tape.

What other people are saying…

This stuff is straight out of China and trying to find a review has proved difficult. 

Just as a reminder, I bought this foam, because it was low cost and effective, but I’ve since replaced the foam with the towels I talked about above. 

Take a look at the New Level Acoustic Foam panels, and hundreds of 5-star reviews here

Web Camera: Razer Kiyo Streaming Web Camera

The Web Camera I recommend is the Razer Kiyo Streaming Web Camera.  

Why You Need a Web Camera for Streaming.

In my opinion, having yourself on screen as a grainy little picture-in-picture box in the corner when streaming or making youtube videos is nowhere near as important as being able to hear you clearly as you talk. 

That said, sometimes you will want to make your picture-in-picture avatar much bigger. Especially if you’re making a stream where your reaction to an event is just as important as showing the event itself. 

For these reasons, you want to get yourself a decent web camera. 

Having a decent web camera also gives you more freedom to make video streams that might be less about you playing a game and more about you talking to the camera with your fans. 

Why I recommend Razer Kiyo.

Why do I recommend this above other more expensive cameras? Well, to start with, Razer makes great hardware. Regardless of what you think of their designs, their stuff lasts. I have Razer mice that I bought 15 years ago that still work perfectly. 

But more importantly, the quality of the image captured by the camera is superb with wide values of contrast and rich colour reproduction. 

The autofocus works very quickly and tends to stay focused on your face, even when arms, controllers, and god knows what else are flailing around in front of the camera. 

You also get a built in ring light surrounding the camera that offers 3 different levels of lighting. Lighting plays a massive role in how professional a scene looks. 

Usually, you’ll have a key light, a fill light, and a backlight. 

If you don’t know a lot about lighting for video, take a look at this superb youtube video. It explains everything you need to know far better than I could…

The ring light on the camera acts as the key light in the 3 point lighting system.  

So, not only are you buying a top-quality camera, but you’re also getting 1 of the 3 components you need for a professional lighting setup. 

Pro Tip.

You do not need a 4k camera. Regardless of what people might tell you. 99% of the time, the video your camera captures will be streamed in a tiny box in the bottom right or bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The high resolution of 4k would be completely wasted. And you’ll pay extra money to get 4k. 

Stick to 1080p and you’ll be pretty much fine. That is until we invent holographic 3d projection like in Star Wars. Then, maybe, you’ll have to upgrade. 

Features / Benefits

  • Supports video both 720p 60 FPS/1080p 30 FPS – Great for if you want your onscreen avatar’s refresh rate to match the game stream refresh rate. 
  • Compatible with OBS and XSplit streaming software – Makes it easier to control how your stream will appear to viewers. 
  • Built-In ring light – 5600K daylight-white light around the camera keeps you evenly lit so you don’t need extra lighting equipment. 
  • Quick brightness adjustment – The outer round bezel rotates to change brightness level, so you iterate on your lighting setup on the fly. 
  • Low light processing chip – Increases contrast, reduces noise and detail loss in low light. 

What other people are saying…

“The Razer Kiyo is a streaming-focused webcam that takes sharp, vivid video and provides its own lighting in a great design.” – Andrew E. Freedman – LaptopMag

“The Razer Kiyo’s greatest strength comes from it being a complete package for budget streamers, bundling in a quality video experience and convenient lighting setup.” – Cole Watson – CGMag Online

“The webcam is amazing! The picture is crystal clear and amazing quality, easy to set up and with the added extra of a light ring around the cam, so we can adjust increase/decrease the light we want depending on time of the day.” – LittleS – Argos UK

Take a look at the Razer Kiyo, and hundreds of 5-star reviews, here

Back and Fill Lighting: Emart LED Video Light

The Back and fill lighting I would recommend are the Emart LED Video Lights.  

Why You Need these lights.

Lighting is the single biggest determining factor in the quality of the non-gaming video you stream. In fact, you’d be better off using a lower quality web camera and a higher quality lighting setup. 

If you’ve been reading these recommendations sequentially, you’ll know I recommend using the 3-point lighting set up which uses the 3 lights (Key light, fill light, and backlight) to create stunning professionally lit video. 

I’m assuming therefore you’ve bought the Razer Kiyo first as it acts as the Key light. 

These two lights will act as the fill light and the backlight. 

Though, I do recommend buying the Razer Kiyo first. It has the ring light which acts as the key light in front of you. And there are other ways of creating back and fill light such as opening curtains behind you, turning a lamp on to the side or front, or turning the room’s main overhead ceiling light on. 

Why I recommend these lights.

They offer great quality at a great price. 

Are there better lights? 

Of course, there are. But do those “better” lights offer a comparable increase in value in line with the greater cost? From my experience: no they don’t. 

These lights will provide you with all the lighting you need, especially if you’ve got hold of a Razer kiyo.

Bottom line, if you need Fill and backlighting, look no further, you’ve found your solution.  

Features / Benefits

  • 11 brightness levels – You can set the lighting depending on the time of day or desired effects easily.
  • Multi-colored filters – change the light color to suit your mood, your brand, or the time of year. Red for Halloween anyone? 
  • Height adjustable tripod stand – Extendable from 21 inches/53cm to 55 inches/136cm in height.
  • The angle of the light can be changed – bounce light off the ceiling or walls for extra effects. 

What other people are saying…

Ok, there are not a lot of reviews on the internet for these lights. But don’t let that turn you off. 

Head over to Amazon and you’ll find loads of positive reviews for these lights. And the desktop version of these lights don’t extend in height, but still have hundreds of positive reviews

Take a look at the Emart LED Video Lights, and loads of 5-star reviews, here

Gaming Headset: HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

The headset I would recommend is the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset.  

Why You Need a Gaming Headset.

Though I recommend you stream without a headset on, sometimes that is not possible, so the next best thing is to buy a high-quality headset. 

There are a number of things you want from a headset. 

It needs to be comfortable to wear over long periods of time, yet durable so it doesn’t break when you get animated. 

It needs to have good sound quality because you won’t be able to hear anything. 

And it needs to have a good microphone so everybody can still understand what you are saying. 

Why I recommend the HyperX Cloud II headset.

It’s the perfect balance between price and quality. With it you get a durable aluminum body, which is rare for headphones. 

High quality, large sound drivers that can produce sudo 7.1 surround sound which actually sounds really good. 

You also get a microphone that pick-up your voice well. Mic also has superb noise-cancelling built into so nobody will hear your PC fans struggling to keep your rig cool as you rip through rounds of Fortnight. 

Features / Benefits

  • Designed for comfort – Exceptionally comfortable memory foam ear cushions and padded leatherette headband help keep you focused on gaming.
  • Large 53 millimeter drivers – Provides deep base and great treble for high quality sound. Mid-tones are also well represented.  
  • 7.1 virtual surround sound – Fake 7.1 surround sound does work quite well, it does make me feel like things are behind me or infront of me. Very useful for listening out for footsteps when I’m stealthing around. 
  • The solid, durable aluminum frame – I like stuff made from metal. They don’t break as easily. And any time I can save on buying plastic products, I will. 
  • Detachable, noise-cancelling microphone – A good microphone that is clear. 

What other people are saying…

“The Kingston HyperX Cloud II sounds great, is packed with features and has loads of great extras.” – Guy Cocker – TrustedReviews 

“The HyperX Cloud II is attractive for many reasons, including its modular and comfortable design, premium build quality, great 7.1 surround and stereo sound, and affordable price. It’s also great for laptop gamers since it obviates the need for a dedicated sound card, and overall is one of the best headsets I’ve ever used.” – Josh Norem – IGN 

“An excellent all-around gaming headset that doesn’t break the bank” – GearLab

Take a look at the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset, and thousands of 5-star reviews, here

Second Monitor: Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 Inches Full HD

The second monitor I would recommend is the Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 inch full HD monitor.  

Why You Need One.

To be clear this is not to be confused with your gaming monitor. This is a low end monitor with low end features, if you play games on it, expect it to look and feel low end. 

So why am I recommending it? 

Well, a second monitor is really useful for keeping track of your stream’s status, for having conversations with players viewers, and for looking quickly at things on the internet in general. 

Believe me, the last thing you want to happen midstream is somebody messaging you, you alt-tabing to the message, and returning to the game to find yourself slaughtered. 

If that doesn’t make you rage quit, nothing will!

Why I recommend this monitor.

It’s cheap and has far more features than it should for a monitor at this low price point. Seriously, if you’re looking for a second monitor to monitor your stream, this is the best you can get, for a low, low price. 


This monitor is not compatible with the VESA wall mount. However, if you are desperate to mount it, you can buy a cheap but very effective wall mount adapter here

Features / Benefits

  • 21.5 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen – A great resolution that keeps this monitor low priced but high quality. Plus the size is great for squeezing into small areas. 
  • IPS display – Can be viewed from pretty much any angle. Which is good if it’s offset to the left or right of you while you play on your main monitor. 
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz – I high refresh rate, even for a monitor to manage messages, and monitor your stream, is always good. 
  • Zero-frame design | ultra-thin | 4ms response time | IPS panel – Come on, we all like our stuff to look good, Zero bezel equals snazzy looks. Not bad for the price either. 
  • Monitor screen can be tilted between -5 degree to 15 degree. – Again, this is great if your monitor is in an offset position such as above your main monitor. 

What other people are saying…

“Bottom line, the Acer SB220Q offers an amazing image quality and performance for its price.” – Display Ninja 

“Budget monitor with great color quality for gaming and general productivity. If your professional work doesn’t demand for high color accuracy, this monitor is right for you.” – Luis Valderrama – TechBurns

Take a look at the Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 inch full HD monitor, and thousands of 5-star reviews, here

Capture card (If you’re Streaming on PS4/Xbox/Switch): Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

The Capture Card I would recommend is the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S

Why You Need One.

If you stream on console, and you’re looking to step-up the quality of your stream, a capture card such as the Elgato game capture HD60 S is vital. 

Without one, you are consigned to the extremely basic streaming tools built into your console. 

However, if you buy a streaming card you open up a world of possibilities. With a capture card plugged in you can pass your console stream through modern PC based streaming software such as OBS. OBS gives you a box full of streaming tools and a plethora of fun features to help your stream stand apart from the overcrowded streaming arena and to differentiate your brand. 

Plus you’ll be able to play full screen. Instead of having that sill streaming border like on the PS4. 


The Elgato Game capture Card HD60 S needs a PC or laptop to work such as this desktop PC from skytech or this laptop from HP.

Why I recommend HD60 S.

Without one, your console stream will be consigned to a basic amateur setup for eternity. 

Without a capture card, there is no way of adding unique overlays and features to your stream. So, if you’ve been streaming for a month and you’re thinking, “Yeah, this is for me”, this capture card should be the first streaming accessory on your list. 

However it’s worth noting that the Elgato HD60 S will not pass through a 4k video signal. So, if you are playing on the Xbox One X, Series X, PS4 Pro, or PS5, you’ll have to play the game at 1080p 60fps. 

If you want to game on console at 4k, and stream using an elgato capture card, I’d recommend the Elgato Game Capture 4K60  Pro MK.2. 

Though I must stress, a video resolution of 1080p is more than enough to run a professional level stream, regardless of what marketing departments tell you. 

Features / Benefits

  • Stream and record from console – Steam your favorite Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch Games, with all the added extra PC game streamers get to enjoy.
  • Stunning 1080p quality with 60fps.
  • USB 3.0 type C connection – Durable modern connection standard as used with most new android phones means you can swap cables if need be. 
  • Built-in live streaming – No need for extra software. Just plug it all together, sign into Twitch or Youtube through the Elgato software, and you’ll be streaming. 
  • Low latency pass through – Elgato contains a custom onboard CPU to quickly encode yout stream and pass through the original signal to your TV or monitor without any lag or latency. 
  • Stream command: Add webcam, overlays, and more.
  • Built-in live commentary feature – No need to use 3rd party software, just plug in your mic and start talking. 

What other people are saying…

“It comes with a great appearance, delivers outstanding performance, and is easy to use. To conclude our Elgato HD60 S review, we highly recommend this capture card.” – LatestInTech

“The Elgato HD60 S is an ideal choice for those who are looking to get started with streaming or a gaming YouTube channel.” – GadgetGuy

Take a look at the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S, and thousands of 5-star reviews, here

Stream Control Panel: Elgato Streaming Deck Mini

I recommend the Elgato Streaming deck mini as a flexible tool to help heighten your stream to professional levels. 

Why You Need One.

This is a beauty. But, I must stress this, you do not need one of these to succeed. 

The elgato streaming pad essentially allows you to preprogram different commands so they can be executed with a single button switch. 

See those buttons in the image up there? Each of those is a little LCD screen which you can customize with images, text, graphics, or all three. 

For example, with a single button press, you can play your intro sequence for your stream, or you can post on all social media platforms simultaneously to tell your fans that you’re live. 

Seriously, I’ve got a mini and I’ve barely scratched the surface of it. And I mean barley.   

The Elgato Streaming Deck, though incredibly useful, and let’s be honest, cool, it’s not essential. Everything you can do on it, you can, with a lot of work, difficulty, and memorization, do on a normal keyboard, or add on a keypad. 

But, if you buy one, you’ll never stream without one again. They are that good. 

Why I recommend it. 

Just for the sheer number of possibilities that can be done with a stream deck. 

Want to change the lighting in your room? That can be done? 

How about playing pre-canned sound effects? Yeah, that can do that too? 

What about rewarding viewers for sending you donations? Yes, with a single button press, you can send pre-recorded messages, along with selected goodies such as downloadables. 

Or even, what about switching between programs and after you change programs new buttons appear as shortcuts for those programs? Yep, that can also be done. 

Anything you normally would have to do manually but couldn’t because you didn’t have the time to do midstream, you can now do with single-button press on the Streaming Deck.

Features / Benefits

  • 6 LCD keys – tap to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio, and much more.
  • Nested Folder Structure – turn keys into folders to access unlimited actions.
  • Multi actions – launch multiple actions simultaneously.
  • Fully customizable – personalize keys with custom icons and animated gifs.
  • Easy setup: simply drag and drop actions onto keys in the app.

What other people are saying…

“Elgato’s Stream Deck Mini refines the previous video switcher into a smaller and less expensive version, but retains enough flexibility for both hobbyists and professionals alike.” – Hayden Dingman – PC World

“…not only a streamer’s best friend, but also a great addition for anyone who wants easily accessible programmable buttons.” – Jak Connor – Tweaktown

“I spent two weeks with the standard 15 key Stream Deck from Elgato and I’m never going back to a life without it, even if I stop streaming.” – Eric Switzer – TheGamer

Take a look at the Elgato Streaming deck mini, and thousands of 5-star reviews, here

Green Screen Kit: Emart Photo Video Studio 8.5 x 10ft Green Screen Backdrop Stand Kit

The green screen kit I would recommend is the Emart Photo Video Studio 8.5 x 10ft Green Screen Backdrop Stand Kit.

Why You Need One.

If you want your ingame avatar to float over the top of your stream like a lot of pro streamers have, you’ll need a green screen. 

Why I recommend it. 

It’s cheap, works brilliantly, it’s easy to set up, and it’s huge so I never have to worry about its coverage behind me.

However, I will say this: This is not essential. A green screen is a “like to have” accessory at best. You can have a very successful and lucrative streaming career without ever having heard of a green screen. 

Only consider buying if you really like the idea of using one. Otherwise, save your money, spend it on other items on this list, or on the thing that got you into this hobby in the first place: games. 

Features / Benefits

  • Multi-Functional – Perfect for streaming games but can also be used for photograph creation and Youtube videos. 
  • Included backdrop support stand – Made from Aluminum for portability and strength, this stand can be adjusted to different widths and heights depending on your needs. (Min 3ft – Max 8.5ft) and Width (Min 5ft – Max 10ft). 
  • 10x12ft Green Screen sheet – Large size helps keep you completely covered in all directions. 
  • The sheet has a durable finish – All edges are stitched to help prevent tears on the edge of the material. 
  • Carrying bag – Convenient storage for all accessories and sheets. 

What other people are saying…

This green screen is straight out of China and has very few reviews (Actually, there are none in the top 100 pages of Google!). I personally don’t use a green screen often, but when I do, this is what I pull out from under my bed. 

Take a look at the Emart Photo Video Studio 8.5 x 10ft Green Screen Backdrop Stand Kit, and loads of 5-star reviews, here


Ok, here’s a quick summary of all those wonderful streaming accessories I’ve been talking about. 

What to buy next…

Ok, so you’ve gone and bought everything on this list, nice one, if you’ve used my links then you’ve helped keep the servers humming along for another few weeks. 

But now you’ve got your intermediate set up, set-up, like all of us, you’re already wondering what’s next. What would be the next step up?

Well, let me break it to you. 

Anything you buy beyond this list will probably add less than 1% to the performance of your stream. 

You could go out and buy a $500 XLR microphone. Your fans won’t notice the difference. You could throw another $1000 in the fire to buy a 4K 120fps camera. Again, nobody watching will notice the difference. 

Don’t let marketers fool you into thinking you’ll only succeed if you buy their really expensive kit, because that’s a load of rubbish. You do not need to spend thousands to succeed. 

You just need the basics to start off with and even once you’ve been streaming for a few years, you’ll still mostly only need the basics. 

Instead, slowly grab a few more extras as you go. What matters is you showing up each and every day to stream. To build a game streaming brand. To build awareness. To work on your “Streaming persona”. To produce great gaming content that entertains. 

That’s what’s important. Not buying a silver bullet $50 dollar “gold plated” USB cable that’ll add absolutely nothing to your stream.   

The above list of items will provide 95% of all the performance you will ever need. 

So here are the real next steps:

  • Start streaming every day. Even if it’s only for 30 minutes. Get into the habit of showing up for your stream every day. 
    • Don’t miss two days in a row
  • Build awareness of your stream (nobody will watch if they don’t know you exist. DO NOT just rely on being found on Twitch. You will not be found and you will fail. Be active and raise awareness)
    • Tell friends
    • Tell everybody on social media (Build relationships with other streamers here, add value to them first) 
    • Tell anybody who’ll listen and ask them to tell everybody. 
    • Spend time every day telling people you stream, and what your stream is all about. 
  • Build great relationships with other streamers of your level and give them value.
    • They will reciprocate in kind, it’s human nature
  • Build a relationship with your early viewers, get them to spread the word. 
    • Again, they will reciprocate, it’s human nature 
  • Add value to the streaming world before you expect to get value back. You’re the new kid on the block. Don’t expect everybody to help you out for nothing. Be a giver and give value to the community first, and you’ll get it back in spades.

Beth Morris

Beth's love of gaming started when she first played Frogger on her Tiny PC. Since then she's developed a love for FPSs, a need for speed playing Forza, and a hunger to find dragon's eggs in Spyro! When she's not gaming she's either cooking, reading, or spinning around in her car!

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