How Much is a Professional Streamer Salary (The Truth)

If you’re like me and you’re considering quitting your day job to become a pro streamer, then you should know the truth about a streamer’s salary before you go to your boss and resign. 

I wasn’t really sure what I’d find online about this. Do people make millions, or is it just the odd dollar here and there?

The answer:

There’s no hard and fast about this: time, effort, quality, and practice really bring in the big bucks!

Top streamers can earn $2,000,000 and $5,000,000 a year, and then at the bottom, with the new streamers, it varies from a dollar to a few dollars.

Here’s what else I found out:

Where the money really comes from

Why commitment is so important

What the best streamers actually do

So basically, quitting your day job right now and earning big money is probably out of the question. But what you can do is be smart. Learn all you can while practising as a streamer and doing a job on the side.

See what others have done before you and put your own mark on it!

Start here and now with me.

Just to be clear: What’s a streamer? 

A streamer is a person who broadcasts themselves online through a live stream/video. 

YouTube, Twitch and Mixer are the most popular broadcasting platforms for online streaming.

The genres streamed online are varied and include video games, DIY projects, live vlogs, and occasionally just general chit-chatting.

Some people stream for fun, while others make a career out of it. 

How much money does a pro streamer make? 

How much money a pro streamer makes really depends on how much effort he/she puts into their streaming. 

At the highest end, world-class streamers make between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000 a year. But streaming is likely to be their only job, and therefore they can dedicate all hours of the day to creating fabulous streaming channel(s) and personas.

On the other hand, streamers starting off may make $10 to $100 from streaming in those first few weeks as they learn the ins and outs of streaming. 

The top 10 streamers on Twitch earn around $20 million per year collectively.

Tsm_Myth has an estimated yearly earning of $1,330,275 (lowest on the top10 list). The highest-earning Twitch streamer is Ninja. He has a yearly estimated revenue of $5,417,447.

Here’s a summary of the key areas where streamers make most of their money: 

  • From the audience 
  • Affiliate links
  • Selling customized merchandise 
  • Donations
  • Endorsements
  • Prize money
  • Subscriptions

It’s not just about streaming and money, it’s about commitment too!

So, as you can probably tell, streaming is a lucrative business, and how much you make from steaming really depends on your commitment to the work. 

When I say commitment, I don’t just mean do you turn up and stream every day, I mean your commitment to developing you as a persona for your channel. 

Yes, you can just sit there, play, and get paid, but does this really make good viewership for an audience? Not really. 

When streaming you’ve got to work on ‘you’ otherwise you’ll have a limited audience. A limited audience will lead to less financial gain for you – money and audience go together!

Who will you be in your video, what/how are you going to discuss your gaming topic, will you be completely bonkers, or will you dress up? These are all the things you need to consider. 

To make money from streaming you’ve got to be prepared to throw your whole self into the stream!  

“Statistically, streamers who comment during gaming sessions, and entertain their audience, have 200% more viewers. Always try to give your audience useful information. 

Gaming communities really appreciate sharing gaming knowledge.”

Streamers base most of the income on the audience, but not all streamers are lucky to have millions of viewers following them. Subscribers are the heart and soul of an online stream. 

Learn from the best! What do top streamers do?

If you check out some of the best streamers you’ll notice that they all know how to work a crowd. Or in this case their online audience. 

Each one has their own personality but generally, they all do something special to make people gravitate towards them. 

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Twitch streamer Wang, who averages 10,000 viewers at any given time, can earn around $10,000 per hour, depending on the game he’s playing. 

He’s best known for his knowledge about Hearthstone, general tips on how to improve your gaming experience, commenting during gaming sessions, and critical thinking on his channel. 

People also love the fact that he plays BETA games which aren’t available for everyone to play. 

Whenever you join his stream, you can see him actively pointing and discussing with his viewers about the game! Responsiveness to the auditorium, as well as honesty, has significantly increased his stream quality.

Selling merchandise plays a big role in the streaming industry. Most streamers have their own websites where you can buy merchandise. For example, Pokishop is Pokimane’s merch and lifestyle brand, where she sells hoodies, tees, and caps. 

Many streamers opt for brands sponsorship. This means that they have built enough of a following over time that big companies are interested in them. One of the most popular streamers around the globe, Ninja is sponsored by Red Bull, Microsoft and Adidas

Promoting sponsors on the broadcast is something Ninja does regularly. The things we usually see on his channel are him drinking Red Bull, wearing Adidas clothes, or using Microsoft’s software. That’s not all, sometimes he runs his sponsors’ ads while streaming online.

Where to start your streaming career?

If you’re still game on a pro streaming career, consider these few points before you go ahead. 

  • You need a computer

Twitch suggests having at least an Intel Core i5-4670 processor (or its AMD equivalent), 8GB of RAM, and the newest possible operating system. 

  • You need an internet connection

You have to have at least 3mbps of upload speed. Use Ookla speedtest to check your internet upload rates.

  • You need an audio recording kit

An audio recording kit is one of the most important things you’ll need – its the way you’ll communicate to your audience.

Quick reminder

  • Streaming is a huge deal nowadays. Grab the opportunity!
  • You are the key to how much money you make!
  • Be informative and entertain your viewers!
  • Build a brand around your stream, it’ll benefit you in many different ways!
  • Dedication is the key to success!


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