Rarest Fortnite Skins

Fortnite is a game where you can expect to see just about anyone roaming around.

By just about anyone, I mean seeing Spiderman fighting Goku, and then both of them being eliminated by John Wick out of nowhere.

The multiverse in the game is one of the largest that has ever been seen, and it continues to grow over time, with even more ridiculous skins being released.

From Ripley to Marcus Fenix to Wolverine, the endless possibilities of who appears are infinite. New skins are constantly released into the daily shop, giving the chance of rarity as most players can’t afford to buy them all.

The question begs to be asked, what are some of the rarest Fortnite skins out there? Let’s find out.

5. The Reaper

This skin is the original John Wick skin.

Originally included in the Chapter 1 Season 3 battle pass, this skin was the last skin that players could unlock after achieving their one hundred tiers.

Although not John Wick, per se, the skin is clearly influenced by the Keanu Reeves movie and is a highly sought-after skin for that reason.

Not only that, but many players could not unlock this skin, which vaulted away forever when the season ended.

More than likely to never return to the game for purchase or unlock, The Reaper skin remains in the top five for me as far as rarity goes. A real John Wick skin was later added into the game, coercing players to buy it as The Reaper would never be in their inventory.

That being said, nothing angers me more than seeing a Reaper skin or a John Wick skin in the area, jumping from the hilltops while eliminating my entire team. 

4. The Original Black Widow 

Before the release of all the insane amounts of Marvel skins that were released into the Fortnite shop such as the X-Force, Thanos, Captain America, Thor, and a multitude of others, came the original Black Widow skin.

Most players have no idea this skin even existed, which is exactly why I am happy I bought it back in its original release of 2018.

When the Marvel skins were originally being released onto the market, this one stood out to me above all the others. The actual character model is more a Fortnite character than the real Black Widow.

An actual Black Widow skin was released after this one, but nobody saw the original Black Widow skin reappear in the shop after 2019, making it one of the rarest skins out there.

3. Stealth Reflex

Stealth Reflex is not necessarily one of the more popular rare skins.

This is another one that few players actually know about and certainly one that is not seen often. Fortnite and Epic Games are known for doing bundles with skins that are only purchasable and unlockable through buying said bundles.

They have done this with other rarer skins before, such as the Galaxy skin that was only unlockable through the gimmick of playing a Fortnite game through your Galaxy phone.

Stealth Reflex was unlockable by buying certain GeForce merchandise, putting it on the list as a rarer find. Epic Games hasn’t done a bundle of this sort in a while.

From what I have seen lately, Epic has started to promote selling their original bundles more so than their collaborative ones.

Potentially, the ones they make themselves may have the greatest value to their game over time, but who knows?

2. Black Knight

One of the earliest skins in Fortnite history, the Black Knight skin is still in a close contender for our number one spot.

This is a skin that players crave more than anything to have. The Knight’s glowing eyes and overall color palette are part of something that has yet to be replicated or duplicated in any other Fortnite skin. Finding this Fortnite skin will cost somebody a pretty penny to unlock.

Originally unlockable through Season 2, tier 70, Black Knight has eluded even the longest-playing Fortnite gamers. It also doesn’t seem that this skin or any of the earlier skins will ever get their chance at returning to the Fortnite shop, being stuck in limbo forever until Epic Games decides they want to do something with all of these vaulted beauties.

Through the purchase of eBay accounts, the Black Knight skin could fetch anywhere from two hundred to five hundred dollars to unlock due to its rarity and earliness.

However, if you want the best and cheapest prices for unlocking any of the skins on this list, I would highly recommend buying Fortnite skins here

1. Renegade Raider

Did you expect any other skin to be number one but Renegade Raider? Need I even explain why everybody talks about and wants this skin? Released in 2017, this skin is arguably the rarest and most sought-after skin in the game.

This was one of the first skins to be released in the item shop during season one. She was 1200 V-bucks to purchase, but players also needed to reach level 20 in the shop before purchasing her to unlock. Players who were lucky enough to reach that amount and purchase this skin are now laughing in others’ faces.

Although holiday iterations of the skin have appeared, the original Renegade Raider is lost in time forever. Buying the skin can cost upwards of three thousand dollars. A pretty price for a pretty rare skin.


As you can tell, Fortnite is full of rare skins that are waiting to be purchased and unlocked. Rare skins and emotes have their place in history amongst the rarest of these cosmetics.

Now, these skins may not be rare for everyone, but they certainly hold a heavyweight in the Fortnite community.

Let’s not forget the countless amount of other cosmetics that are incredibly difficult to find, like the elusive Aerial Assault Trooper skin, which was also released in Season 1.

If players are eager to unlock any of these skins, I suggest buying Fortnite accounts here.

As time goes on, perhaps this list will change and grow into an entirely new list of cosmetics. However, at the current moment, these skins hold strong in the golden llama vault of Fortnite history. 

Nick Sinclair

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