Ring of Disrobing: Skyrim (Complete guide)

The other day, I decided to install the mini Skyrim expansion Saints and Seducers.

After investigating the Solitude sewers and exploring the next root cave, I stumbled upon Thoron. The main antagonist of the quest.

Now, Thoron had a fair few dangerous magic skills to throw at me. But one thing stood out about him: when he was fighting me, he was nearly completely naked.

Obviously, I didn’t let that distract me for long as I bludgeoned him to a pulp with Dawnbringer.

Afterward, while looting his corpse (I do role-play as a thief, after all), I discovered something very interesting: The Ring of Disrobing.

At the time, I had no idea what this ring did. I equipped it, and seemingly nothing happened. Or so I thought. When switching to 3rd person, I noticed my body armor was missing. My Kajiit’s chest was covered in fur, not ferrous metal like normal.

This made me intrigued by the Ring of Disrobing. I wanted to know everything about it. What exactly does it do? What can it be used for? Was there only one in the world, or is there more?

The Ring of Disrobing can be found by completing the Saints and Seducers creation mini-expansion. When equipped, it removes whatever your character or followers are wearing on their bodies. The ring can not be used to disrobe enemies as the ring must be equipped by that enemy. The ring can also be donated to a museum. 

Keep reading to learn more about the ring, its use, and how you can obtain one.

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What is the Ring of Disrobing?

The Ring of Disrobing is a rare ring in Skyrim that lets you strip yourself and your followers of their clothing.

Specifically, the ring removes all equipped clothing on the wearer’s body. All armor, clothes, gauntlets, and trinkets, such as necklaces, are removed.

On experimenting, the Ring of Disrobing only seems to work with your character and followers. The reason for this is that the ring has to be equipped for it to work. The Ring of Disrobing does not remove a character’s clothes unless equipped in the ring slot of a character’s inventory.

That’s easy for you to do with yourself or a follower. For a follower, you can give them the ring by interacting through dialogue. And you can easily equip the ring on yourself.

But it’s impossible with other characters.

I tried reverse pickpocketing NPC and putting the ring in their inventory. I stalked them around the corners and ally ways of Windhelm and slipped the ring on them. But the ring had no effect. The NPC still had full body armor. Very disappointing.

Take a look at the video below to see the ring in action:

What can you do with the Ring of Disrobing?

The Ring of Disrobing has a unique feature that it shares with a few other items in the game: Disrobing.

But you are, sadly, limited in how you can use it.

From my research, I’ve learned that you are limited to doing the following with the ring:

  • You can sell the ring. The ring has a value of 200 gold, so most merchants will give you 100 gold for it.
  • You can equip the ring yourself. The ring will strip you of all your clothes and armor. You will also be stripped of all your armor’s perks.
  • You can equip the ring on a follower. From what I can tell, this is the main reason for the Ring of Disrobing in-game. Let’s be honest. Some gamers just want to see the attractive in-game followers, such as Serana or Lydia topless, or near enough to it. The ring of Disrobing seems to have been added to the game simply for this reason. To let gamers ogle at the perfectly placed polygons that make up NPC anatomy. Fortunately, the ring doesn’t strip the NPCs of their underwear.
  • You can store the ring in a safe locker.

Other than the above, the ring doesn’t really do a lot. It offers no perks other than to strip the equipper of their clothes.

As you can see below, the ring can’t be used on normal NPCs.

How to use the Ring of Disrobing on Followers.

Equipping the ring of disrobing on followers is very easy.

Just follow the method below:

  1. First, interact with your follower to open up the dialogue tree.
  2. Scroll down and select the “I need to trade some things with you” option.
  3. Both your followers and your own inventory should open.
  4. Go down to your inventory, and select apparel. Here, find the Ring of Disrobing.
  5. Now press the “give” option. If the character isn’t already wearing a ring, they should auto-equip the RIng of Disrobing and will appear semi-naked.
  6. If the ring doesn’t auto-equip, you’ll have to take any rings the follower has and manually equip the ring.
  7. You can do this by moving up to the follower’s inventory.
  8. Click on apparel.
  9. Highlight the Ring of Disrobing, then equip it. The character should immediately appear semi-naked.

And that’s it. That’s how you use your Ring of Disrobing with your followers.

Where to find a Disrobing ring in Skyrim?

In this section, I’ll explain where you can find the ring of Disrobing so you can take advantage of its, um, unique properties.

Ok, there is only one way that I know of to acquire the Ring of Disrobing.

That way is to download the Skyrim min-expansion Saints and Seducers from the creators club.

The Saints and Seducers creation expansion features multiple quest steps, a new dungeon to explore, new armor and weapons, new apparel (including the Disrobing Ring), and summoning spells. That’s an awful lot of content!

Once completed (I don’t want to give too many spoilers away here), you can loot Thoron, the main bad guy, to grab the Ring of Disrobing.

Watch the video below if you’d like a walkthrough of this entire mission.


The Ring of Disrobing is a useful item, in a way, that can strip your followers of their clothing.

It can easily be acquired by completing the creation club mission, Saints and Seducers.

The ring can only be used on yourself or your followers. This is because the ring needs to be actually equipped to be effective. Sadly, you can not use reverse pickpocketing to place the ring in an NPCs inventory. I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work.

The only thing the Ring of Disrobing is good for is if you are, um, interested in seeing what your follower looks like without clothes on (Serana, anybody?). Enjoy the view, fellow gamers. I know I did.

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