Skyrim Forgotten Vale (Complete Guide)

Skyrim is a game full of secrets; I started playing the game when it was released in 2011, and it was in 2018 I discovered an Elder Scrolls quest in the game.

The world of Skyrim has expanded since its release because of the DLCs. Not only do the DLCs expand the storyline and quests, but there are also newer places to discover altogether.

The Forgotten Vale is one such area that was introduced in the game with the Dawnguard DLC. It is a hidden region and houses Falmers, Snow Elves and Frost giants.

The Forgotten Vales holds lots of treasures that will help you in crafting rare pieces of armor, and weaponry. Moreover, you can find shouts as well as a couple of huge dragons lurking about.

In this post, we’ll get in-depth into the Forgotten Vale area and how you can reach it.

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About The Forgotten Vale

The Forgotten Vale is an icy hidden area in the North-Eastern part of Skyrim, which is completely isolated from the rest of the region.  

Geographically located in the Druadach Mountains, this region is shown on maps to be part of High Rock and to share a boundary with the Haafingar region of northwest Skyrim.

This valley is a glacial one, complete with icy clefts, woods, a river, and a massive frozen lake.

Unique species of bioluminescent flora and wildlife, apparently specialized for underground life, have evolved as a consequence of the region’s isolation from the rest of Tamriel.

There are two huge sections of the valley, separated by a canyon. There’s a huge frozen lake in the southwest with a mesmerizing waterfall. To the northeast lies a snowy forest filled with rare plants and animals.

The Forgotten Vale is full of hidden riches and other secret attractions, so a thorough exploration is necessary to find all there is to find.

Ores of silver, gold, quicksilver, moonstone (found mostly in the area surrounding the frozen lake and the mountains), orichalcum, and malachite may be found.

How To Reach The Forgotten Vale?

You will find yourself navigating in the Forgotten Vale in the ‘Touching The Sky’ quest of the Dawnguard DLC. From there on, you’ll have the freedom to fast travel to the Forgotten Vale whenever you want from the map.

Entering the valley from the outside world is challenging and requires knowledge of the Darkfall Cave systems. The ancient Snow Elves settled there, making it home to the Chantry of Auri-El, their primary place of devotion to the god Auri-El.

There are portals, which allow for quick teleportation, serving as the means by which the inhabitants of this region reach one another.

To “become one with Auri-El,” novices of the Chantry had to make the climb of the five Wayshrines, carrying an ewer of water across the perilous valley to the temple’s inner sanctuary.

You can start the quest by visiting the North of Markath and speaking to Serana in Darkfall Cave.

Read on to find out how you can become one with the Auri-El and reach all five Wayshrines to complete the ‘Touching The Sky’ quest.

How To Reach All 5 Wayshrines In The Forgotten Vale?

A vast sanctum and five Wayshrines of Auri-El were carved by the elves onto the mountainside above the valley. While the main objective of the ‘Touching The Sky’ quest is to obtain Auriel’s bow, it can only be obtained by reaching the inner sanctum of Auri-El’s sanctuary. 

  • By entering the portal in the Wayshrine of Illumination, you may travel from Darkfall Passage to a cavern with a twisting road leading to the surface. You come out on the peak of a mountain range, gazing down across the valley. Here you will find the first water basin.
  • In the initial section of the valley, you may find plenty of gleamblossom bushes and a plethora of flying torch bugs. There is a frost troll in its cave to the west, up a slope. 
  • A Falmer watches over the entrance to Forgotten Vale Cave, which is located to the north of a seam of silver ore.
  • Prelate Athring will be northwest of the main gate, in front of the Wayshrine of Sight. Having a conversation with him will prompt him to bring up the wayshrine, revealing the second water basin.
  • Navigating inside the Forgotten Vale Cave, you will find a book named Unknown Book, Vol. I, on the floor. When you take up this book, a side mission is activated that requires you to deliver it to Urag gro-Shub at the College in Winterhold.
  • South down the riverbed will lead you to Prelate Celegriath and the Wayshrine of Learning. If you talk to him, he’ll bring down the wayshrine that’s hiding the third water basin.
  • Following the riverbed southward, you’ll reach a spot where a waterfall plunges into the earth. The amethyst paragon at the paragon platform is required to access all of the treasure in Darkfall Grotto; however, this item may be used to get access to the grotto itself.
  • To reach the next section of the Forgotten Vale, go back southwest to the trail and climb to the summit. After passing under a stone arch, the trail now heads north along the riverbed.
  • Across the way, to the south, you’ll find the Wayshrine of Resolution, where you’ll find Prelate Nirilor waiting for you. The fourth water basin, which you’ll need to collect water from, is hidden under the wayshrine, which he will lift if you speak with him.
  • You can go north over the bridge or turn around and travel southwest toward the frozen lake.
  • If you’ve already finished ‘Dragon Rising’ and are heading east towards the word wall, you’ll be attacked by two dragons at once: Naaslaarum and Voslaarum.
  • After killing the dragons, you can walk up to the stone wall and learn the Drain Vitality word of power!
  • There are three chests to be looted below the frozen lake; if you’re an Argonian, you can easily swim inside the lake and find the treasure; otherwise, you can get yourself a water-breathing potion and navigate underwater.
  • You will find the fifth and final water basin near Prelate Edhelbor; you need to draw water from Wayshrine of Radiance by talking to him.
  • Fill the basin at the top of the steps below Auri-statue El’s with water from the five wayshrines, and then pour your initiate’s ewer into it. You will then be able to enter the Inner Sanctum.

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