Skyrim: Where to get quarried stone (Complete guide)

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The other day while playing Skyrim Special edition on PC, I decided to finally give the Hearthfire expansion a go. I really like the idea of building homes and bases in games. There’s just something rewarding about seeing an in-game build take shape.

So I headed off to Lakeview Manor in Falkreath to start my Hearthfire journey. After completing a quest for the Jarl, I was rewarded the Lakeview Manor, or what was to become Lakeview Manor.

But to build it, I need something called Quarried Stone. I had none of this material in my inventory and needed to figure out where to get it from. So 

I did some research to find out where to get quarried stone in Skyrim. This is what I found:

In Skyrim, You can find quarried stone in the chests near each homestead in the Hearthfire expansion. Also, you can mine quarried stone from multiple quarried stone rock outcrops dotted through the lands of Skyrim. 

In the following sections, I’ll look in detail at:

  • Where can you find quarried tone in Skyrim?
  • How do you mine it?
  • What can you do with Quarried stone?
  • What’s the fastest way to get quarried stone?
  • Do quarried stone outcrops refill after being completely depleted?

Let’s start the article by looking at where to find quarried stone in Skyrim.

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Where to Find Quarried Stone in Skyrim

For those who are unaware, quarried stone is a crafting material in Skyrim used to build your homestead in the Hearthfire expansion.

Quarried stone can be found in many locations throughout the world of Skyrim once you have installed the Hearthfire expansion.

The outcroppings of this stone will spawn throughout the valleys and hills of Skyrim, offering plentiful resources to create your homestead.

But, generally, there are two main places you can find quarried stone, near the homesteads in chests and as rock outcrops to be mined in the wastes of Skyrim.

Below is a list of all the places where you can find quarried stone in Skyrim:

Homestead quarried stone locations.

  • Windstad Manor – Find the anvil that’s near the smelter. From sure, look northeast, and move towards the rock face. You should find quarried stone.
  • Heljarchen Hall – Find the carpenters table. You should notice, directly in front of it, quarried stone.
  • Lakeview Manor – First, find the smelter, then take a look to the left of it. You’ll find quarried stone there.

Sources of quarried stone throughout the rest of Skyrim. 

  • Northwind Mine – You can find this mine slightly west of Riften. The quarried stone can be found just to the right of the mine’s lower (marked) entrance.
  • Winterhold – This quarried stone outcrop can be found by running around the back of the Jarl’s longhouse. The quarried stone will be at the base of the mountain.
  • Embershard Mine – This mine can be found northwest of Helgen. Once there, you’ll find an outcrop of quarried stone to the left of the mine’s entrance.
  • Half-Moon Mill – Found north of Falkreath, you’ll find a chunk of quarried stone behind the lumber pile.
  • Bilegulch Mine – Located Southwest of Falkreath, you’ll find quarried stone to the left of the mine’s entrance.
  • Darkwater Crossing – Once you’ve found Darkwater crossing, find the smelter. Near the smelter, you’ll find quarried stone behind some boxes on the rock face.
  • Black-Briar Lodge – East of Riften, you’ll find the Black-Briar Lodge. You’ll find some quarried stone behind the lodge, across from the guard tower entrance.
  • Dragon Bridge – If you head to Dragon Bridge lumber camp, you’ll find some quarried stone to the northwest.
  • Pinewatch – Head to Helgen, then travel west until you are roughly southwest of the Shrine of Talos. You should find an outcrop of quarried stone.
  • Whitewatch Tower – When you arrive at Whitewatch Tower, look for the banner hanging on the side of the building. By the banner on the side of the building with the roofed tower.
  • Kynesgrove – One in Kynesgrove, find the inn. Walk around to the left of it, and you’ll find quarried stone.
  • Sacellum of Boethiah – When walking up the path to the Sacellum, you’ll find quarried stone on the left.
  • Shor’s Stone – Once you’ve got to Shor’s Stone. Find the path that runs between Sylgja’s House and the entrance to the mine. To the right of this path, you should find some quarried stone.
  • Dawnstar – There’s some quarried stone near the smelter at Iron-Breaker Mine.
  • Katla’s Farm – First, find the Solitude Stables House. Next to it, you should see a small fenced area that holds goats. Behind this, you’ll find some quarried stone.
  • Riverwood – You can find two quarried stone sources in Riverwood. The first can be found behind the Sleeping Giant Inn on a rock face. The second Can be found behind Faendal’s house.
  • Hall of the Vigilant – if you head southwest out of Dawnstar, you’ll find a source of quarried stone next to a house at the end of the path.
  • Markarth – Once in Markarth, you find an outcrop of quarried stone above the mine on the left-hand side.
  • Ivarstead – Take a look behind Narfi’s rundown shack, and you’ll find some quarried stone.
  • Morthal – To find this quarried stone, you first need to find the Guardhouse. Once there, go behind the porch.
  • Karthwasten – You find this source of quarried stone near the entrance of Sanuarach Mine.
  • Falkreath – You can find two outcrops of quarried stone in Falkreath. Both can be found behind the barracks on the rock face.
  • Battle-Born Farm, Whiterun – Look behind the farm, and you’ll find quarried stone on the rock face.
  • Rorikstead – This quarried stone can be found behind the wheatfield and chicken nests.
  • Hlaalu Farm – This source of quarried stone can be found near the grinding stone.

How do you mine Quarried Stone in Skyrim?

To mine queried stone, you’ll need a Pickaxe in your inventory. There are two ways you can use the pickaxe.

First, you can activate the quarried stone source when you are near it. This will start the mining pickaxe animation, and you will gather the rock slowly.

If you want to gather the rock quickly, and who doesn’t, you can simply equip the pickaxe like a weapon and start attacking the quarried stone mass. This way, you gather quarry stone much faster.

These quarried stone sources you find in the wilderness will provide approximately 4000 units of quarried stone to aid your homestead building efforts.

What is the fastest way to get quarried stone in Skyrim?

The fastest way to mine quarried stone in Skyrim is fast travel to each location above, collect the quarried stone by attacking it with a pickaxe (The quickest way to mine is to do it manually), then fast travel to the next quarried stone outcrop.

Keep repeating this fast travel, mine, fast travel, mine process, and before you know it, you’ll have tens of thousands of units of quarried stone to use on your homestead.

How to Use Quarried Stone in Skyrim

Quarried Stone is used to construct and upgrade homestead homes in the Skyrim expansion Heathfire

As part of the expansion, you can build up to three homes across the continent of Skyrim. These homes are Heljarchen Hall in The Pale, Lakeview Manor in Falkreath, and Windstad Manor in Hjaalmarch.

However, before building any of these homes, you must complete a quest for the Jarl of each hold. These missions are generally simple in nature and can be completed quickly. You’ll then be given the deeds to the homestead.

“Quarried stone sources you find in the wilderness will provide approximately 4000 units of quarried stone to aid your homestead building efforts.”

When building a homestead, you’ll find a chest, a Drafting Table, and a Carpenter’s Workbench next to the building area.

The quarried stone you have gathered throughout the world can be used at the Carpenter’s Workbench to construct sections of the homesteads along with upgrades.

For example, a sizeable amount of quarried stone is needed to create a homestead’s foundations.

It’s worth noting, however, that not all upgrades in a homestead require Quarried Stone.

Do quarried stone outcrops refill after being depleted?

Yes, quarried stone outcrops refill after being depleted. However, the period until the stone is repopulated is very long compared to other resources.

From my experience, it usually takes around 30 to 35 in-game days for quarried stone outcrops to refill. Afterward, you can return to each refilled quarried stone outcrop and mine it again until empty. You can then wait 30 to 35 days for it to refill again.


Quarried stone is used to build and upgrade the homesteads in the Hearthfire expansion.

Quarried stone can be found in multiple places throughout Skyrim. Most of the stone you’ll need to build your homesteads will have to be mined from rock outcrops throughout the world. You’ll need a pickaxe to mine rock outcrops. Also, each quarried stone outcrop will supply you with 4000 units of quarried stone. You will then have to wait 30-35 days for the quarried stone outcrop to refill.

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