The best players in eFootball (by Position)

eFootball is packed with some of the best soccer talents, from Messi to Mbappe. And all of them can be bought for your eFootball dream team. 

But, If you want to assemble a Galacticos of stars, who are the best players to buy? 

Most articles would just list the 10 best players in the game. But I thought any old article could do that. Instead, I wanted to break down the best players in eFootball by position. 

I’ll start at the back and look at the man with the gloves, the goalkeeper. 

Best goalkeeper in eFootball

Regarding the best goalkeeper in eFootball, you need not look further than Athletico Madrid’s wonder goalkeeper, Jan Oblak. 

The Slovenian international is one of those goalkeepers who has it all.

When leveled, Jan Oblak transforms from a goalkeeper of flesh and bone to a wall of concrete and stone. With goalkeeping statistics that break the 90 mark, Jan Oblak can even take on the mighty Robert Lewandowski one-on-one and win. 

He has several goalkeeping skills, such as high punt and long throws, that make him a serious attacking threat. 

Yes, Germany’s Manuel Neuer and Real Madrid’s Courtois are skilled world-class goalkeepers. But none of them come close to having the shot-stopping prowess of Jan Oblak.

If you want the best goalkeeper in eFootball, Jan Oblak should be on your wish list. 

Best left-back in eFootball

If you are looking for a top left-back to banish the threat of roaming right-wingers, then you need to look no further than Bayern’s Lucas Hernandez. 

The French left-back has a potential rating of 93, making him the best left-back in the game in terms of the overall rating. 

Lucas may not be the fastest left-back in the world, but he makes up for his lack of speed with his world-class all-around play.

With his defensive stats capable of reaching a 90+, Hernandez can read the game like a morning newspaper and make game-saving tackles. Combine those impressive defensive stats with skills, such as interception and man-marking, and you have the ultimate counter to a roaming Messi or a daredevil Salah. 

In addition, Hernandes is a huge threat when he charges forward, offering high stats in attacking areas like long passes, dribbling, and first touch. 

In short, if you play with a left-back, Hernandez should be in your starting eleven. 

Best right-back in eFootball 

After the left-back, we switch to the other flank and look at the best right-back in eFootball, João Cancelo of Man City.

The Portuguese right-back has sprinted from success to success at Manchester City and is now considered the best right-back in the world. 

eFootball reflects this with considerable accuracy by rating Cancelo at 94 overall. 

And Cancelo brings a wealth of talent to your team. With a standard rating of 85 for stamina, Cancelo will run up and down the right-wing for 90 minutes and beyond, delivering cross after cross onto the heads of your strikers. 

Not only that, but Joao is a technically gifted player. With high baseline scores in the 80s for dribbling, Cancelo will weave his way through defenses like a 6-foot Messi.

So if you are looking for the best right-back in the world, Man City’s Cancelo is it. 

Best central defender in eFootball. 

When I’m asked who the best central defender in the world is, only one answer creases my lips: Virgil Van Dyke. 

At well over six feet tall, this mountain of a man is the ultimate deterrent to attackers. 

He’s fast, massive, and has defensive stats that reach the high 90s. This makes him almost automatically defend all over the pitch. Just stick him in your team, and watch your average goals conceded per game plummet. 

Add to that his blocking and intercepting skills, and he’s virtually impossible to play past. 

So if you are looking for the best center back in the game, look no further than the Netherlands’ one and only man-mountain, Virgil Van Dyke. 

Best defensive midfielder in eFootball 

Defensive midfielders have become an essential part of modern soccer teams, as they help cut out penetrating passes and support the creative players in the offense. 

I play with a single defensive midfielder in front of a back four. But, there is only one player I trust to shield my defense from the attacking onslaught. That player is Joshua Kimmich. 

Kimmich is another product of Bayern’s youth system and has worked his way up to the top of the world in recent years. 

Kimmich is an exceptional deep-lying playmaker who can improve his passing statistics into the 90s, and he is also an excellent defender. Yes, he’s not quite as good defensively as Kante. But when upgraded, Kimmich is not that far off, and his ability to move the ball around the park far outweighs his slight disadvantage on defense. 

Simply put, if you are looking for the best all-around midfielder in the game who also happens to be a defensive midfielder, Kimmich is your man. 

Best central midfielder in eFootball.

When it comes to picking a central midfielder in eFootball, you are spoiled. Mainly because any attacking or defensive midfielder can fill that role. 

But for this article, I wanted to be extra picky. I wanted to pick a midfielder who calls the central midfield role his own, a complete midfielder who dominates from penalty area to penalty area. That player is Dutch midfielder, Frenkie De Jong. 

With an improved overall rating of 96, De Jong is a powerful, creative player whose through balls split defenses in half. 

With one of the highest short passing stats in the game, easily upgrading to the mid-90s, each pass glides past onrushing defenders as if they weren’t even there. Frenkie has a wealth of technical skills, such as good dribbling and ball control, that can also be upgraded into the 90s to create a player that mimics the great Xavi of old. 

De Jong definitely needs to be on your wish list if you play with central midfielders. 

Best attacking midfielder in eFootball.

Attacking midfielders are often home to some of the most skilled players the world has ever seen. Attacking mids, or AMs, move the ball around the pitch with magic that would not be out of place in a Lord of the Rings movie. After greats like Zidane and Ronaldinho, now comes another to join their ranks. In steps Kevin De Bruyne. 

The Belgian may not be as technically gifted as Brazil’s Ronaldinho or as much of a master of the passing game as Zidane. Still, he makes up for it by being a complete attacking midfielder by today’s standards. 

De Bruyne can do it all. With an overall rating of 97, The Belgian is a brilliant passer. His passing stats can be boosted into the high 90s, making him an almost unstoppable supplier of assists. With a sweep of his right foot, the defensive lines separate like the biblical Red Sea, and the ball glides, perfectly weighted, onto the foot of onrushing strikers. 

But De Bruyne’s magic does not end with the passing game. He’s a clever dribbler, not as fast as Messi, but agile. With the drop of a shoulder, he can turn away from pressing defenders to create the space he needs to conjure up a through ball. 

De Bruyne is the best-attacking midfielder in the world, so you better start saving that GP. 

Best right-winger in eSoccer 

In the world of soccer, there is one position that is without a doubt the most crucial position on the pitch, and that is the right-winger.

The modern game is full of wingers who make dribbling runs infield to curl in shots from outside the penalty area. 

You only have to look at Lionel Messi to see how effective a right-winger with a left foot can be. 

Lionel Messi is, without a doubt, the most effective right-winger in eFootball. He may not be the fastest anymore, but he makes up for that lack of speed with every other area of his game. 

Messi is rated with an overall score of 98, and he is worth every point. 

After the upgrade, Messi has dribbling and shooting scores over 95, making him one of the most dangerous offensive weapons you can have in your arsenal. 

With a press of the R2/ RT button, Messi can skip past even the most monstrous defenders and make them look like cute little bunny rabbits pinned in place by headlights. And with his left foot, he can send an audacious flick into the top corner, leaving even world-class goalkeepers rooted to the spot, shaking their heads in disbelief. 

Yes, other wingers like Salah are faster and extremely dangerous. But not even the Egyptian Gandalf can match Messi’s ability to penetrate defenses like water seeping through a sieve and laser-guide footballs to any blade of grass on the pitch. 

Messi is a phenomenon that will likely never be repeated. Kids watching him play in videos hundreds of years from now will look back and think his tricks and skills are computer-generated and humanly impossible. 

And yet, you can have this soccer-playing god on your team right now. Provided you have the money to buy him.

Best left-winger in eFootball. 

Some of the best footballers in the world call the left-wing their home. And none is as creative, tricky, and teasing as the boy from Brazil, Neymar Jr. 

In eFootball, Neymar lives up to his reputation as a world-class talent with his total overall potential of 97. 

With a fair amount of leveling up, Neymar’s dribbling stats can surpass the 90 mark, making him deadly when sizing up defenders in one-on-one situations. Double touches and other tricks let him flummox defenders as if they were busy drinking cups of tea instead of playing a professional football match. 

Combine Neymar’s dribbling skills with his right foot, which he can use to curl a ball onto a postage stamp from 20 yards, and you have a very dangerous attacker. 

If you want Neymar in your team to terrorize the opposing defenders, you’ll have to spend a lot of money. 

But he will be worth it. 

Best second striker in eFootball 

The second striker is probably one of the most underrated positions in modern soccer. Yet, many top teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, and Barcelona play with a second striker in their team. 

This deep-lying striker is great for interplay with wingers and attacking midfielders and is more creative than a standard striker coming deep to pick up the ball. But who is the best second striker in soccer? I would give this illustrious position to Munich’s Thomas Muller. 

The German second striker is a good passer, dribbler, and ball striker. But good is not good enough to make a player world-class. So what makes Muller a world-class second striker? 

His offensive awareness. 

When upgraded, Muller’s overall offensive awareness can be well over 95. This allows him to find space in the attacking third of the pitch, regardless of the defender’s quality. Even if he’s not fast, his offensive awareness allows him to out-think and out-maneuver an opponent and find space.

If Muller is upgraded, his passing rate can settle into the high 80s, making him an ideal provider for wingers and midfielders who arrive late on the edge of the penalty area. 

If you play a 433 formation as I do, Muller is the perfect player to play in your speedy wingers. 

Most people like speed all over the pitch, but you’ll be convinced otherwise with a Thomas Muller on your team. It’s not just about the speed of your feet. It’s about the speed of your mind. And when it comes to Muller, there’s no faster thinker. 

Best center forward in eFootball 

No article about the best players in eFootball would be complete without ending with a striker considered one of the greatest to ever play in the Bundesliga. 

Yes, I am talking about the Polish Maestro himself, Robert Lewandowski. 

In eFootball, you can buy the winner of the European Golden Boot for 1.2 million GP, a healthy sum that can be saved relatively quickly with a bit of perseverance. 

But what makes him the best striker in eFootball? When Lewandowski is leveled to the maximum, he is rated as a 99 striker, the highest score. 

His finishing can be upgraded to 95+. This makes his shots scalpal accurate from any distance. Even when under pressure, shots will fly past the goalkeeper and into the net as if predestined by a higher power.

And if you have the chance to use a stunning shot, the ball will ignite off Lewandowski’s foot like a SpaceX Rocket and punch into the goal’s top corner, out of reach of all keepers. 

This shooting ability makes Robert Lewandowski a brutal opponent for a defender to face because all you have to do is take the ball in your feet, turn sideways towards the goal, press shoot, and boom, one nill.

Yes, there are faster strikers. But when you have a striker who can shoot so accurately from any distance and angle, why play an adventurous and risky through pass to a fast striker when you can safely play the ball into Robert’s feet, turn, shoot, and score? 

In addition, Robert has several other skills that make him a formidable attacker. 

First of all, he is a strong header. With the “header” skill, he can head the ball low and hard. This makes crossing the ball a viable option. 

He also has good passing skills for a striker, so he can bring other players into the game. 

Finally, Robert Lewandowski’s offensive movement score can be increased to over 90, allowing him to find spaces other strikers wouldn’t even think of. 

If you are looking for the best striker in the game, look no further than Robert Lewandowski. Yes, he’ll cost you a lot GP, but for this enormous price, you’ll get an enormous talent that will ensure your promotion to the first division of eFootball and beyond. 


Here is a simple list of the best players by position in eFootball.

  • GK – Jan Oblak
  • LB – Lucas Hernandez
  • RB – João Cancelo
  • CB – Virgil Van Dyke
  • DM – Joshua Kimmich
  • CM – Frenkie De Jong
  • AM – Kevin De Bruyne
  • RW – Messi
  • LW – Neymar Jr.
  • SS – Thomas Mueller
  • CF – Robert Lewandowski

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