The Top Sites for Finding Gaming Offers

With all the new releases coming out every month, not even including indie and mobile titles, being a gamer these days really isn’t a cheap hobby to be a part of. However, there are plenty of ways to be a gamer out there of any kind and keep the costs a little lower. This article is going to run down all the places where you can still play games on a budget.

Discount Games Sites

There is one obvious site and platform that we want to mention quickly first because we’re pretty sure that everyone is more than aware of Steam sales at this stage. While it’s hard to argue with the prices during the major sales, we wanted to look at the lesser-known ones.

To start with, the Humble Bundle site is a great place to get entire packs of games at astoundingly low prices. Originally, the site only featured bundles of games that worked on a ‘pay what you like’ system, with proceeds going to charity, however, they now have a general store for individual games as well, so you’re not limited in what you can buy.

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You also get the satisfaction of helping out a good cause at the same time, and don’t worry, they have plenty of games from the last few years, so it’s not just old titles!

We should also mention the less charitable G2A, which exists in a bit of a grey area of game sales. It works by reselling unwanted game codes for Steam, usually at a substantial discount from buying it new.

The downside to this site is that you’re not really supporting the developers, and it can be particularly problematic for smaller indie developers who already have lower sales, to begin with. Of the two, Humble Bundle definitely gives the better feeling afterward.

Retro Game Sites

If you remember the good old days and retro is more your kind of thing, there’s a site for that as well. Good Old Games is another online store that’s evolved in a big way since it was launched.

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The site collects retro games from the 90s and 00s, makes them compatible with modern machines, and sells them for a small cost. Obviously, these games are a little dated in graphics, but the gameplay usually holds up well, and for the cost, it’s still great value.

Casino Promo Sites

We have to remember that gaming is not just traditional video games anymore, and slot games now have similar production values to many mobile titles. While you naturally can’t get a discount as such on these titles, there are plenty of websites where you can find the best promo codes available in your area so you can get the most value when you play.

Final Note

At the end of the day, you should treat discounts with something of an honor system. For instance, while you can pay for a Humble Bundle at 10% of the original cost, if you can afford more, you should, as not only do you support the developer but the charities behind it as well. Treat it more as ‘pay what you can’ and it keeps the whole industry healthy.

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