Top 6 Tips and Tricks For Winning The Battles In Escape From Tarkov

We don’t mean to scare you, but winning a match in Escape from Tarkov is no child’s play. However, you can still bag those wins repeatedly if you know how to put everything at your disposal to good use. To add to your resources, we’ll be sharing some tips.

You don’t have to be as good as TweaK, JesseKazam, or LVNDMARK for these tips to work for you. All you need is the right understanding and timely application. In addition, we recommend some EFT Cheats that will prove highly beneficial along the line.

6 Tips and tricks to help you win in Escape from Tarkov Battles

  1. Don’t fight with a strange gun

If you think you’ll enter an EFT match with just about any weapon, be ready for some unpleasant surprises. This is major because different weapons have varying stats and performances. To better know your weapon, we recommend spending some time in the Range.

If the range doesn’t suit you, you can enter offline raids where you’ll get to play against scavs. Things you should look out for include the weapons’ range, accuracy, and recoil.

  1. Move according to location.

In a game such as Escape from Tarkov, you can count on your movement as everything. More so, you should be careful of how you move around so that you don’t unintentionally give off your location to opponents. Playing in open areas, you’ll need to move around as quickly as possible. 

You don’t want to make yourself an easy target for an opponent with a sniper rifle. If you’re in enclosed places, depend more on your ears while moving. If done correctly, you can have an enemy run into you with their guards down.

  1. Use a headset to stay alert.

Sounds are an important part of any shooter game that many players fail to acknowledge. Sounds help players to have an immersive feel of games. In a shooter game like EFT, sounds enhance your awareness of the environment. For example, the footsteps of other players will help you stay alert.

If you’re gaming in a noisy environment, you may not be able to hear all these sounds except if you swell the volume. You can pick the minutest sounds with a good set of headphones, such as inventory interactions.

  1. Spend some Rubles on armor

Armors in Escape from Tarkov are not the same. The system grades armor from levels 1-6, with the strongest in the grades being the level 6 armor. Common examples of level 6 armor are Hexgrid and LBT-6094A Slick. Top-level armor will stop ammo of low quality, while high-quality ammo may still be able to penetrate them.

The major problem usually boils down to the price of the ammo because stronger armor will cost more Rubles. However, you don’t need the best armor in the game – you only need the best you can afford.

  1. You also need helmets.

You may never win an Escape from Tarkov match if you repeatedly die from a couple of shots to your head. You can increase your chances of survival if you have a helmet to protect you from those vicious headshots.

The best helmets in the games are helmets that can cover the major hitboxes on your head – jaws, ears, eyes, nape, and top. In addition, you can step things up by adding a face shield. Some recommendable helmets in the game are Altyn, Bastion, and Airframe.

  1. Improve your weapons with attachments

If you know how to improve your weapon’s performance with attachments, you may not have to worry about buying expensive guns. Some important attachments you should get are scopes and silencers. 

You need scopes to enhance your accuracy when shooting at enemies from a distance. If you do not need excess attachments, you can always sell them off.


Pro players on EFT also had to take baby steps at some point in their gaming careers. All you need to get there is to identify the right information and playstyle that suits you. Practice the tips discussed here to up your game.

More importantly, don’t base your winning only on killing opponents. Take active measures to shield yourself from their attacks using armor, helmet, and covers. Lastly, we recommend you enter matches with others as a team for a more worthwhile game.

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