Unlock the Secret: How Many Shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

I still remember that breathless moment when I stumbled upon my first Shrine in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It was a beacon of hope, a challenge standing amidst the wild. But then came the daunting realization – there were way more of these luminous marvels scattered across the map! And, I bet you’re wondering just as I was, “how many shrines are actually in this sprawling game?”

I had to dig deep, solve cryptic puzzles, face formidable trials, and in the process, I learned the ins and outs of every shrine. It was like being on a digital archaeological dig, unearthing the secret knowledge one shrine at a time. And it hit me – a guide like this, a roadmap to shrine mastery, would be as precious as a chest full of rupees to fellow gamers.

In our journey together, we’ll navigate through:

  • What shrines are and why they’re so darn important in Hyrule
  • The total count of these sacred structures
  • The types of shrines that exist and how to find them
  • A look at the enigmatic shrine puzzles and quests
  • The bountiful rewards of completing shrines
  • Some hidden and super-secret shrines you don’t want to miss
  • A link to a comprehensive list of all shrines by region

Ready to level up your shrine knowledge and master Breath of the Wild? Stay tuned because this guide is the fairy in your bottle, the divine beast on your side. Let’s jump in!

Understanding Shrines in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In our sprawling adventure across Hyrule, one of the most captivating sights are those ethereal beacons shooting into the sky, marking the existence of the enigmatic shrines.

They’re like mini-dungeons, each a challenge, a riddle or a gauntlet. Just as we unravelled the mystery of the first shrine together, let’s dive deeper into understanding them. Shrines are scattered across the landscape of Hyrule, and they’re not just for show. Each shrine houses a unique challenge, a puzzle, or an enemy to defeat.

Completing these shrines not only rewards you with Spirit Orbs – which are as good as gold when it comes to boosting your health and stamina – but also provides fast travel points across the map, making your journey smoother than a cucco’s feather.

Total Number of Shrines in Breath of the Wild

Now, onto the million-rupee question, how many shrines are there? Just like hunting for Korok seeds, tracking down every shrine can seem like finding a Lynel in a haystack. But brace yourselves, my gaming friends, because there are a whopping 120 shrines waiting for you to uncover in Breath of the Wild. Yes, you heard that right! 120!

But that’s just in the base game.

The DLC of Breath of the Wild supercharges your shrine-hunting adventure by adding an extra 16 shrines to the game.

This cranks up the grand shrine tally in Zelda: Breath of the Wild to an astonishing 136! Now, that’s more territory to conquer, more mysteries to solve, and more rewards to reap. With additional hearts and stamina to gain, you’ll be ready to face Ganon’s minions head-on, truly embodying the unstoppable hero of Hyrule.

Enjoy this extended playground – there’s a wealth of exploration and epic battles waiting for you!

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Types of Shrines: A Diverse Array of Challenges

Just as every species of creature in Hyrule has its unique quirks, not all shrines are carbon copies of each other. Rather, they come in a diverse range of flavors, each offering a distinct taste of adventure:

Test of Strength Shrines: A Battle Arena in Miniature

When you step into a Test of Strength Shrine, you’re stepping into your own private gladiator arena. Each of these shrines pits you against a formidable Guardian Scout in combat. Your skills and reflexes will be tested, as well as your choice of arms. It’s akin to squaring off against a Lynel in the wild, albeit within the confines of a sacred structure. The battle intensity varies across three levels – minor, modest, and major. It’s almost as if the ancient Sheikah monks designed these places to measure your growth as a warrior.

Blessing Shrines: Divine Rewards Await

Then, you have the Blessing Shrines – these are like surprise gifts from the Sheikah ancestors themselves. The challenges in these shrines have already been ‘completed’, according to the game’s lingo. All you need to do is stroll in, open the chest that awaits, and relish your Spirit Orb. It feels like discovering an extra heart container in your inventory, a delightful surprise that leaves you grinning like a successful Bokoblin.

Puzzle Shrines: A Mental Gymnasium

Finally, we have the bread and butter of the shrine world – the Puzzle Shrines. These mystical chambers present you with a variety of brain-twisting puzzles that need to be solved using your wits and the Sheikah Slate’s runes. It’s akin to engaging in a strategic game of chess with the Sheikah monks themselves. One moment you’re manipulating huge metal blocks with Magnesis; the next, you’re carefully timing Stasis on a spinning gear. Each puzzle is a lesson in physics, logic, and environmental awareness. Completing these tests is like successfully navigating a labyrinth, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment that’s as satisfying as landing that final blow on a boss enemy.

How to Find Shrines

Shrines are like the stealthy Yiga clan members – sometimes right in your path, sometimes cunningly hidden. But here’s the secret – your Sheikah Slate’s Sensor is your best buddy. It can be set to detect nearby shrines and will ping when one is close. It’s like having your own divine dowsing rod. You’ll get this ability to detect shrines after visiting the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.

Also, keep an eye out for orange, glowing structures. Once completed, they turn blue. So, to avoid going in circles like a lost Goron, steer towards the orange!

Shrine Puzzles and Challenges

What’s a shrine without its puzzles and challenges, right? It’s like a Zelda game without an epic boss battle. Each shrine puzzle is unique, bringing into play the various physics and magical mechanics of the game.

One moment, you’re manoeuvring metallic blocks with Magnesis to create a makeshift bridge. The next, you’re carefully timing Stasis to freeze a massive rolling boulder. They’re mind-bending, they’re fun, and they make victory oh-so-sweet.

Remember, every problem has a solution, and every shrine puzzle is a test of your resourcefulness. Remember that moment when we were stuck at the stasis trial, and after a few thoughtful minutes, we came up with a solution that was as satisfying as a perfectly timed Flurry Rush? That’s the essence of these challenges.

Rewards from Completing Shrines

The rewards from shrines are like the best loot drops. They’re definitely worth the sweat and brainpower. Completing each shrine grants you a Spirit Orb. Gather four of these shiny beauties and you can exchange them with a Goddess Statue for an additional heart container or stamina vessel. It’s like leveling up in an RPG, only better.

But that’s not all. Some shrines hide treasures in chests, bestowing upon you everything from powerful weapons to handy equipment. So, keep your eyes open like a watchful Hinox.

Shrine Quests

Ever walked into a shrine that seemed a little… different? A puzzle that’s not really a puzzle? Well, you just stepped into a Shrine Quest.

Shrine quests are special tasks that you need to complete to reveal or access a shrine. They’re like side quests on steroids. You may be asked to solve a riddle, find a specific item, or even wait for a particular phase of the moon. Completing these tasks can feel like finding the last piece of the Triforce.

Hidden and Secret Shrines

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of discovering a hidden shrine. It’s like unlocking a secret level in a game. Some shrines in Breath of the Wild are ingeniously hidden and require more than just your Sheikah Sensor to find.

Remember the Hebra region with that brutal, teeth-chattering cold? Who could’ve thought that beneath the frigid ice and the snow-covered trees, there’d be a shrine hidden? It’s shrines like these that make exploring Hyrule feel like a constant treasure hunt.

A Map of All Shrines

Remember the good ol’ days when games came with a physical map? Well, we may not have that luxury anymore, but fear not. This detailed Map from Zelda Dungeon serves as a handy digital map Showing you where every single shire is in Zelda.

Additionally, here is a list of all the shrines by area and DLC, and corresponding walkthroughs for those shrines.

In Conclusion: The Magic of Shrines

As we wrap up our mystical journey through the shrines of Hyrule, it’s clear that the satisfaction of finding and completing these sacred sites is like beating a high score in an epic gaming marathon. Each shrine, a universe of challenge and rewards in itself, beckons us to experience the thrill of discovery, the suspense of puzzles, and the exhilaration of triumph.

  • There are a grand total of 136 shrines in Breath of the Wild, including the additional 16 from the DLC.
  • Shrines come in various forms: Test of Strength, Blessing, and Puzzle shrines, each with its unique charm.
  • The Sheikah Slate Sensor is your trusted companion to help you locate these hidden treasures.
  • Each completed shrine rewards you with Spirit Orbs, which can be exchanged for additional hearts or stamina, equipping you for the battles that lie ahead.
  • Special Shrine Quests add another layer of intrigue, with shrines hidden behind quests and riddles.

Our journey together reminds us of the excitement that Breath of the Wild continually offers us, inviting us to embark on new adventures, to solve the unsolved, and to conquer the unconquered. But the journey doesn’t end here. There’s always another mountain to climb, another shrine to discover. So, keep reading, keep exploring, and keep enjoying Hyrule’s bounty!

What Next?

We want you to feel empowered, ready to leap off the Great Plateau and face any challenge that comes your way. With that in mind, here are five actionable tasks for you to embark upon after finishing this article:

  • Upgrade your Sheikah Slate Sensor: Enhance your shrine hunting by upgrading your Sheikah Slate Sensor at Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. The ability to detect shrines is an essential tool in your arsenal.
  • Conquer a Test of Strength Shrine: Identify and face a Test of Strength Shrine. Consider it as your proving ground to test your combat prowess.
  • Solve a Puzzle Shrine: Challenge your wits by solving a Puzzle Shrine. Each successful solution is a testament to your increasing mastery of the game’s mechanics.
  • Undertake a Shrine Quest: Identify a Shrine Quest and complete it. This quest could lead you to unexpected encounters and thrilling discoveries.
  • Use the Shrine Checklist: Start marking off completed shrines using the Shrine Checklist. It’s your personal record of your heroic journey.

So, are you ready to charge into your next gaming session with newfound insights and a sharpened strategy? Go on, step into the wild and continue your journey as the hero of Hyrule!


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