15 Things To Do In Skyrim When You’re Bored

It was a chilly evening, the kind that makes you want to curl up with a good game. Booting up Skyrim, I felt that familiar rush of excitement. But after countless hours of gameplay, I found myself wandering aimlessly through Whiterun, feeling like I’d unlocked every chest and vanquished every foe. It felt like I’d hit a wall in an endless dungeon, with no loot in sight. I couldn’t be the only Dragonborn feeling this way, right?

Chatting with fellow gamers, I realized many of us were thirsting for more – not just another quest, but unique experiences to rekindle that initial magic. That’s when I decided to craft this guide, a potion if you will, to rejuvenate your Skyrim adventures. Here’s a sneak peek of the mana-filled content we’re about to dive into:

  • Discovering Hidden Locations: Skyrim’s best-kept secrets.
  • Engaging in Mini-Games: Beyond the main questline.
  • Deepening NPC Interactions: Stories behind every face.
  • Embarking on Overlooked Side Quests: The tales you might’ve missed.
  • Mastering Crafting and Alchemy: The art behind the warfare.

… and so much more, from festivals to personal challenges, mods, and reimagining your character’s destiny.

So, fellow adventurer, ready to unlock a new level in your Skyrim journey? Grab your controller, and let’s dive back into the world of Tamriel with a fresh set of eyes.

1. Dive into Hidden Locations

Skyrim, a vast land of snow-capped mountains and dense forests, is teeming with secrets. For the adventurer who feels they’ve seen it all, there’s always a hidden nook or cranny waiting to be discovered.

Hidden locations in Skyrim range from secluded groves to mysterious caves. For instance, the Forgotten Vale is a breathtaking, isolated glacial valley that many players might miss. These locations often come with their own lore, treasures, and sometimes even unique enemies.

Exploring these lesser-known spots can reignite the thrill of discovery and wonder in the game. It’s like finding a secret level in an old platformer – a delightful surprise.

Speaking of delightful surprises, have you ever tried Skyrim’s mini-games?

2. Engage in Mini-Games and Challenges

While Skyrim isn’t your typical arcade game, it does offer a variety of mini-games and challenges to test your skills.

From the classic lock-picking challenge to the tavern brawls, there’s always a way to test your mettle. Dive into the world of Aetherial artifacts or challenge yourself with self-imposed rules, like a no-magic run or a pacifist playthrough.

Mini-games and challenges are the side quests of the gaming world. They might not be the main event, but they sure can steal the show.

Now, if you’re looking to dive deeper into the heart and soul of Skyrim, why not interact with its residents?

3. Deepen Your NPC Interactions

Skyrim’s NPCs are more than just quest givers. They have stories, personalities, and sometimes, hidden agendas.

Engaging more deeply with NPCs can lead to unexpected quests, romance options, or even feuds. For instance, Mjoll the Lioness in Riften has a captivating backstory and can even become a follower or spouse. By taking the time to listen, you can uncover layers of narrative you might have missed.

NPCs are the lifeblood of Skyrim, and by engaging with them, you’re immersing yourself in the game’s rich tapestry of stories.

Speaking of stories, have you delved into the overlooked side quests of Skyrim?

4. Embark on Overlooked Side Quests

Main quests might get all the glory, but side quests are where some of Skyrim’s most compelling stories lie.

There are countless side quests scattered across the land, from helping a ghost find peace to uncovering political conspiracies. The Forbidden Legend quest, for instance, is a thrilling journey into Nordic legends.

Side quests are like the side missions in an RPG – they might not be critical to the main storyline, but they add depth, flavor, and often, valuable loot.

From quests to crafting, let’s dive into the world of alchemy and blacksmithing.

5. Master Crafting and Alchemy

Crafting in Skyrim is not just a skill; it’s an art. From forging weapons to brewing potent potions, there’s a world of creation waiting for you.

By gathering ingredients and materials, you can craft gear tailored to your playstyle. Whether it’s a poison to tip your arrows with or a set of armor imbued with magic, the possibilities are endless. Websites like Nexus Mods even offer modifications to enhance your crafting experience.

Crafting and alchemy are the unsung heroes of Skyrim. They might not be as flashy as dragon-slaying, but they’re the backbone of any successful adventurer’s journey.
From the tangible to the intangible, let’s explore the lore of Skyrim.

6. Delve into Skyrim’s Rich Lore and Books

Skyrim isn’t just a land of battles and dragons; it’s a realm with a rich tapestry of history, legends, and tales waiting to be uncovered.

Scattered across the province are books that dive deep into the lore of Tamriel. From historical accounts like “The Fall of the Snow Prince” to fictional tales such as “The Lusty Argonian Maid”, there’s a wealth of knowledge and entertainment in these pages. The Elder Scrolls Fandom has a comprehensive list of books you can find and read.

Reading these books isn’t just for lore enthusiasts. They can provide hints to hidden treasures, unlock quests, or simply offer a break from the usual hack and slash.

Speaking of breaks, have you ever participated in Skyrim’s festivals and events?

7. Revel in Festivals and Events

Skyrim’s calendar is dotted with festivals and events, each celebrating different aspects of its rich culture.

From the New Life Festival at the dawn of the year to the Witches’ Festival during the chilling month of Frostfall, there’s always something happening. These events often offer unique activities, items, and interactions. For instance, during the Saturnalia festival, towns are adorned with lights, and special treats are available.

Participating in these events not only offers a change of pace but also immerses players in the daily life and traditions of Skyrim’s inhabitants.

From traditions to transactions, let’s explore the bustling economy of Skyrim.

8. Dive into Trading and Skyrim’s Economy

Beyond the clang of swords and the roar of dragons, the markets of Skyrim buzz with activity, offering a different kind of adventure.

Trading in Skyrim can be as engaging as any quest. With the right perks and knowledge, you can amass a fortune, influence local economies, and even corner the market on certain goods. Engaging with traders, joining the Thieves Guild, or simply playing the role of a traveling merchant can add a whole new layer to your gameplay.

The economy of Skyrim is a game within a game, where gold coins can be as mighty as any sword.

Gold might offer power, but have you explored the power of relationships in Skyrim?

9. Explore Relationships and Romances

In the midst of dragon attacks and civil wars, there’s room for love and friendship in the cold lands of Skyrim.

Building relationships with NPCs can lead to lasting friendships, rivalries, or even romances. From courting a potential spouse to adopting children, the bonds you form can have tangible benefits, like daily home-cooked meals or assistance in battles. The r/skyrim subreddit often shares heartwarming stories of players’ in-game relationships.

Relationships in Skyrim add depth to the player’s journey, reminding us that amidst the chaos, there’s room for warmth and connection.

While relationships warm the heart, have you ever sought the thrill of joining secret guilds?

10. Unearth Secret Guilds and Factions

Skyrim’s landscape is dotted with more than just towns and dungeons; hidden within its vast expanse are secret guilds and factions, each with its own agenda and allure.

Beyond the well-known Companions or the Dark Brotherhood, there are lesser-known factions like the Bards College in Solitude, where you can hone your musical talents. Joining these guilds can unlock unique quests, skills, and items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Diving into the clandestine world of Skyrim’s guilds is like unlocking a secret level in a game, offering fresh challenges and rewards.

From the hidden to the overt, have you ever tried your hand at Skyrim’s challenges?

11. Set Personal Challenges

Sometimes, the best way to rekindle your love for a game is to set personal challenges that test your skills and creativity.

Whether it’s a no-armor run, playing without using any shouts, or relying solely on magic, these self-imposed challenges can breathe new life into your Skyrim experience. Forums like Skyrim Forums are rife with players sharing their unique challenges and experiences.

Setting personal challenges is like playing a game on hard mode – it’s not for everyone, but for those who seek it, the rewards are unparalleled.

Challenges can be self-imposed, but have you ever sought the mysteries embedded within the game?

12. Hunt for Easter Eggs and References

The developers of Skyrim, in their playful wisdom, have sprinkled the game with Easter eggs and references for the keen-eyed player.

From nods to other games and movies to in-world jokes, these hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. For instance, there’s a not-so-subtle reference to “The Lord of the Rings” involving a certain ring and a decapitated hand. Finding these Easter eggs is like unearthing hidden cheat codes in old-school games, offering a delightful wink from the developers.

Easter eggs add a layer of meta-fun to Skyrim, reminding players of the playful spirit behind this epic game.

While Easter eggs offer playful nudges, have you considered enhancing your game with mods?

13. Dive into the Modding Community

One of Skyrim’s most enduring features is its modding community, which has kept the game fresh and exciting for years.

From graphical overhauls to entirely new quests and lands, mods can transform your Skyrim experience. Platforms like Nexus Mods offer a plethora of options, whether you want to turn dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine or add realistic weather effects.

Mods are the DLCs of the community – crafted with passion and offering endless possibilities to reshape your Skyrim journey.

Mods might reshape the world, but have you ever tried reshaping your character’s destiny?

14. Reimagine Your Character’s Role

Skyrim offers a vast canvas for role-playing, allowing players to reimagine their character’s role and destiny.

Instead of the Dragonborn, perhaps you’re a simple merchant, a wandering bard, or even a scholar studying the Dwemer ruins. By setting personal backstories, motivations, and challenges, you can experience Skyrim from an entirely new perspective.

Reimagining your character’s role is like choosing a new class in an MMO – it offers a fresh start and a different path through a familiar world.

While new roles offer fresh perspectives, have you ever considered the power of retrospection?

15. Replay with a Different Alignment or Decision Path

Every decision in Skyrim opens some doors and closes others, and replaying the game with different choices can lead to vastly different experiences.

Choosing a different side in the Civil War, aligning with a different Daedric Prince, or even making different moral choices can lead to alternate quests, allies, and outcomes. It’s akin to playing a branching-path adventure game, where every choice leads to a new narrative.

Replaying Skyrim with different alignments is like exploring alternate endings in a game – each path offers its own set of challenges, rewards, and stories.


Remember that chilly evening I mentioned, wandering aimlessly through Whiterun? Well, with the treasure trove of activities and experiences we’ve just explored, those days are long gone. Skyrim, with its vast landscapes and intricate narratives, is a game that keeps on giving, especially when you know where to look. To recap our epic journey:

  • Hidden Locations: The nooks and crannies of Skyrim waiting to be discovered.
  • Mini-Games & Challenges: A fresh way to test your mettle.
  • NPC Interactions: Delving deeper into the stories of Tamriel’s inhabitants.
  • Overlooked Side Quests: The tales often overshadowed by the main storyline.
  • Crafting & Alchemy: The intricate arts that add depth to your journey.
  • Personal Challenges & Mods: Tailoring the game to your unique tastes.

Now that we’ve rekindled that Skyrim magic, what’s the next step in our gaming adventure? Keep reading to find out in the “What Next?” section!

What Next?

I always believe in leaving my fellow gamers with actionable steps after a deep dive like this. Here’s how you can immediately immerse yourself in the world of Skyrim:

  • Journaling: Start a role-playing journal, documenting your character’s experiences and decisions.
  • Mod Exploration: Spend an evening browsing Nexus Mods and experiment with one new mod this week.
  • Community Engagement: Join a Skyrim forum or subreddit and share your unique experiences or challenges.
  • Photo Journal: Capture screenshots of your favorite hidden locations and create a digital photo journal.
  • Replay Strategy: Start a new game with a specific theme or challenge in mind, like a pacifist run or a specific guild alignment.


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