Can I Use a PS5 Controller on Xbox Series X or S?

I’m sure you know by now that Sony released a brand new controller with the PS5, unlike Microsoft who decided to simply refine the Xbox One controller for their new consoles.

The new PS5 DualSense controller has impressive technology. 

I particularly like the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback features that make you feel the game actions. 

For example, while playing WRC 9 on the PS5, the DualSense controller gave me a kinda real-life sensation of skidding off-road while driving through thick mud, which was totally awesome.

I loved gaming on the new PS5 controller so much I decided to find out if it could work with the Xbox Series X or S.


Can you use a PS5 controller with the Xbox Series X or S? Despite having BlueTooth the PS5 controller is not compatible with the Xbox Series X or S because the devices use completely different wireless technologies. However, you can use a controller adapter like the Brook Wingman XB Converter to make the PS5 DualSense controller work with the Xbox Series X or S.

You now know it is possible to connect a PS5 DualSense controller to the new Xbox consoles, let’s look at how to do that.

How to connect a PS5 controller to your Xbox Series X or S

What you’ll need:

With these devices at hand do the following.

1: Plug the Brookman adapter into a USB port on your computer. Your PC should identify the controller adapter. Click OK on the pop-up that appears to download the device’s latest firmware.

2: Once the firmware download is complete, unplug the adapter from your PC and connect it to your Xbox Series X or S. The Xbox consoles have three USB ports, two at the back and one at the front. Plug the Wingman XB device into one of these USB ports. A  blue LED light will blink once a connection is made.

3: The Wingman controller adapter allows you to use the PS5 controller wirelessly or through a wired connection. For a wired connection connect the PS5 controller to the Wingman XB USB port, which is at the bottom of the device, using a USB-C cable. 

Turn on your Xbox Series X or S and you should be able to navigate the menu of the console using your PS5 controller. You can proceed to choose your favorite Xbox game and start playing.

4: To use your PS5 controller wirelessly disconnect the USB-C cable from the Wingman adapter. The wired connection pairs the two devices so you can continue using the DualSense controller via Bluetooth. Two Blue LED lights will stay on when the controller and Wingman XB are paired.

And that’s it. You have successfully connected your PS5 controller with the Xbox Series X or S.

Note, however, you’ll not be able to use headphones with your controller or the microphone function because the Wingman controller adapter doesn’t support these features.

Also, the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback features of the PS5 controller will not work as well on the Xbox Series X or S.

Finally, while the Wingman XB can be used with other PlayStation gamepads and Nintendo Switch controllers it can only connect to one device at a time.

What alternatives are there to using a PS5 controller with Xbox Series X or S?

I’ll be honest with you.

Using your PS5 controller with the Xbox Series X or S can be an expensive affair. I’ll explain why I say that.

As you have read above you’ll need a controller adapter for the PS5 DualSense controller to work with the Xbox Series X or S.

These adapters don’t come cheap, some even cost more than an Xbox controller.

If you don’t already have a PS5 controller, buying a controller adapter and DualSense gamepad will cost you not less than $100.

If that price is too steep for you, or you just don’t want to spend a lot on a second controller you can use to play multiplayer games with friends and family, here are a few options.

  • Use your old controllers

If you just upgraded from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X or S don’t sell your old controllers just yet.

The Xbox One controllers are forward compatible which means they will work with your new console.

Here’s how to use your Xbox One controller wirelessly with the Xbox Series X or S.

1: At the front of your Xbox Series X or S press the Sync button.

2: On your Xbox One controller press the Xbox button until it lights up, then press the Sync button located next to the bumpers until the Xbox Button flashes rapidly.

3: Wait a few seconds for the Xbox button to stop flashing. Once it does that the Xbox One controller will have been paired to the Xbox Series X or S and you can use it. 

For a wired connection connect a micro USB cable to the Xbox One gamepad and the other end of the cable to the Xbox Series X or S.

You could also use your PS3, PS4, or Nintendo Switch controller with the Xbox Series X or S.

To do that you’ll need a controller adapter. This option, however, will save you the cost of buying a PS5 controller.

The process of connecting a PS3, PS4, or Nintendo Switch controller to the Xbox Series S or X is not very different from what was shared above if you choose to use the Brook Wingman XB Controller Adapter.  

  • Buy an Xbox Wireless controller

The Xbox Series X and S use the same type of controller.

Prices for the Xbox Series X or S Wireless Controller start from about $59.99, while the PS5 DualSense controller goes for $69.99. So, it is clearly cheaper to purchase an Xbox controller.

  • Opt for a cheaper 3rd party Xbox controller

There are several third-party Xbox Series X and S controllers which you can purchase as your second controller, and at almost half the price that you would spend for a PS5 controller.

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