Can the PlayStation 5 lay down?

The PlayStation 5 is a radical departure in design. I think it is safe to say, nobody was expecting the beast of a machine Sony has released. 

Sony chose to initially only show the PlayStation 5 standing vertical in the initial reveals. 

This has led to some people asking a serious question:

Can the PlayStation 5 lay down on its side? The simple answer is yes, it can. You will need to attach the included stand in order to lay the PlayStation 5 on its side. The base can be configured and attached to the PS5 when horizontal. The screw that is required when vertical even has a home hidden within the base, as it is not used when horizontal.

Sony made the design decision to make the shape of the PS5 part of its cooling solution. This has had a dramatic effect on the shape of the case.

Ok, I’m a big PlayStation fan, so let’s get the fact that it still looks like a giant wifi router out of the way before we start. 

You can’t just lay the PS5 horizontal on its side out of the box. 

Unlike Sony’s previous consoles the PS2, PS3, and PS4, the PlayStation 5 requires a custom stand regardless of configuration. This means whether you want to stand your PlayStation 5 vertically or horizontally both configurations need to use the stand. It’s not just an option, if you want to lay your PlayStation 5 on its side you will need to use it.

So now that you know the PS5 can lay down on its side let’s take a look at how to actually do it. 

How the stand works with the PlayStation 5 to make it lay down

I’m not sure when it became trendy for consoles to stand vertical like their PC counterparts. But I guess it was some time around the 2000s. 

People did crazy things back then. After all, we were worried about the millennium bug. 

Sony’s love affair with using stands started way back with the PS2. Even the Playstation 3 Slim was recommended to use a stand when vertical. Sold separately of course.

At least for the release of the PlayStation 5, the glorious stand is included in the box. 

The stand is a work of art. 

Just look at the stylish yet functional rotating panels, it’s like the artist/designer has a desk full of Transformers. The originals from the ’80s, not the new Michael Bay monstrosities. I can’t but help hear the sound of Optimus Prime transforming as the stand is rotated from its vertical to a horizontal position.

But how do you attach the PS5 to the stand? It doesn’t look that simple. At least it is not as hard as setting up PlayStation VR! Which is an absolute nightmare by the way. I never want to see another cable again! 

First, let’s break the process of attaching the PS5 base down to see what each part does then how to attach it to your PS5. Then you can forget all about it and focus on some next-gen gaming goodness.

How to attach the base to make the PlayStation 5 lay down

The stand consists of three parts: 

  • The body (which is the plastic part) 
  • A small custom screw 
  • A plastic cap 

The body is made of two parts, with the top part rotating to two fixed positions:

  1. Position one, when the window is open. This is used when standing the PS5 Vertically
  2. Position Two, when the window on the bottom is closed. This is used when laying down the PS5 horizontal

The screw is only used when attaching the stand vertically. It doesn’t screw in when it lays on its side. So don’t try because there is no hole. You will end up scratching and permanently damaging the outer shell. 

How to attach the stand to the PlayStation 5

  1. Put away the screw in the proved storage compartment. Then cap the screw hole on the bottom of the PS5.
  2. Set the stand to the horizontal position by making sure the window is closed on its rear.
  3. Turn the stand upright and attach the prongs to the end of the PS5 shell, in the location with the PlayStation branding.
  4. Place the PlayStation 5 down in the horizontal position.

Let’s go over it in a bit more depth.

Step one

Start by turning the stand upside down, so you can see the three padded feet. There is also a rectangle window.

Turn the base to make sure it is set to the vertical position. This is the position that will show the window open in the open position.

Make sure you securely fasten the screw in its little home by clipping it in. This will help you the next time you try and find it because it is a custom screw and will be hard to replace.

Also in this window is a small round cap. This cap is going into the slot on the bottom of the PlayStation. (Where the screw would go when standing upright.)

This is where the screw goes when attached to the stand in the vertical position. This will be on the left-hand side of the PlayStation 5 when you lay it down with the disk drive facing you.

Step two

Rotate the top of the stand clockwise all the way. This will cover the window.

(Don’t forget to make the transformers sound!)

Covering the window will set the stand in the right shape to allow the PlayStation 5 to sit on top of it when it’s horizontal (when it is on its side). The stand will take the full weight of the PlayStation 5. 

Step Three

Now you are ready to attach the stand to the PlayStation.

Turn the stand over. So the padded feet are facing down. 

The stand comes with two prongs. You are going to attach them to the bottom shell panel of the PlayStation. There aren’t any grooves or slots for the prongs to clip on to. But it is critical that you place the stand in the correct position. To find the correct position and align the prongs you should find the PlayStation Markings.

This is a section that has the Playstation’s square, triangle, circle and crosses repeating. You will find it on the inside of the bottom panel just off the center. 

The stand’s prongs have small cutaways. That is the same size as the shell. Make sure to clip it on fully. This should attach the stand to the PS5’s shell. It is not screwed in the same way as when in its vertical position.

Step Four

Without knocking off the stand flip your PlayStation over and place it down with the stand attached. The weight of the PlayStation will hold the stand in place.

How to change from Vertical to horizontal

To change the orientation of your PlayStation from vertical to horizontal. You need to unscrew the screw on the bottom of the stand. Then you can follow the steps in the above tutorial.

Digital edition (diskless) vs disk version laying down

The bottom of the PS5 is a different shape depending upon the version. The digital edition is a symmetrical design because it doesn’t need to accommodate the disk drive. Meaning the digital edition is the more attractive model when vertical. 

The shape means that the two versions of the PlayStation 5 use different stands. They both work in the same way. It is just that the contours on the bottom of each version of the PlayStation 5 have a different profile. Meaning the stands still have to support the PlayStation in both configurations. 

As you can see in the image above the digital edition stand has a lower profile. It will work in the same way as the disk version.

How big is the PlayStation 5 when laid down

Sony has released the size of the PlayStation 5, but the measurements have only been given when standing vertical. The size is as follows:

15.4 inches tall, 4.09 inches wide, and 10.24 inches deep.

This doesn’t include the size of the stand. The PS5 is Sony’s largest console to date, making the PlayStation 3 look small. 

Image by Reddit user:  GREBO7

The only difference in weight between the two PlayStation 5 models is the disk drive. You get the same power in both versions.

The disk version weighs 4.5kg and the digital edition weighs 3.9kg.

That’s compared with the PlayStation 4 which weighs 2.8kg.

Either way, both next-gen consoles might require you to rethink your entertainment setup. 

Whether you place your console on a bookshelf or underneath your television. Now might be a good time to get out the measuring tape and start planning how to play the first game with your PlayStation 5: Entertainment Unit Tetris. 


It was a relief to discover that the PlayStation 5 can be positioned horizontally as well as vertically. This is done using the included stand, so regardless of which edition you prefer you can at least choose how to display it. 

Just be careful when attaching the included stand. Follow the process above, and don’t rush. 

I know what it is like to be so excited about opening a new piece of technology: Excitement leads to simple mistakes. 

I still remember watching videos of people peeling off the screen on the first Samsung foldable phone because they thought that they were screen protectors. 

So take care and make sure the stand is set in a correct orientation before attaching it to your PlayStation 5. 

What’s next?

Can the PlayStation 5 panels be removed? Yes, both panels have been designed by Sony to be removable. They are held in place by clips on the underside of each panel. Applying pressure and sliding the panel downwards will release it. 

Can I use the PlayStation 5 without the stand? You should always use the included stand. The PlayStation 5 has been designed to use the included stand in both horizontal and vertical positions. The shape of the PS5 is not flat, it is designed to help the airflow through the console. If you use the PS5 without the stand it is going to put pressure on the inner black case. This pressure could damage the black inner case because of the PlayStations 5’s enormous weight. 

Can I use the PlayStation 5 with the panels off? You technically could, but the PS5 will likely overheat as the outer panels are used to aid cooling. Also, you would certainly be voiding your warranty. There is a reason that consoles and PC are put into boxes, so while you can, I would strongly advise against it.

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