Can The PS4 Use An Ultra-Widescreen Monitor

After completely obliterating my friend in Fifa 22 with a score of 5 – 0 on my PS4, it was only natural that I constantly rub it in his face.

Throughout the game, my friend kept ranting about the monitor size being too small for him to keep his eyes on the ball and his players.

At first, I paid no heed to his excuses, but it did get me thinking: how about hooking up an ultra-widescreen monitor to the PS4? This way, the screen would be big enough to fit the whole football field!

I did my research since I was looking to change my monitor anyways, and this is what I found out!

Can the PS4 Use an ultra-widescreen monitor? Yes, the PS4 and PS4 Pro can display on an ultra-widescreen or ultrawide monitor because the display is highly dependent on pixels and resolution rather than screen size and shape. The native resolutions of PS4 and PS4 pro are 1080p and 2160p respectively. So, any monitor that can display in this resolution range can easily work with these consoles. However, the displayed image might be stretched or cropped at the left and right edges.

Any working monitor or TV with an HDMI port can be used as a display for the PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles, but it’s not a question of getting a display, right? It’s about enjoying an ultra-widescreen monitor to its full potential. Read on and find out if you can use an ultrawide-screen monitor with your PS4!

Will an ultra-widescreen monitor work with the PS4 and PS4 Pro? 

As mentioned above, you can easily hook up a PS4 or PS4 Pro console to an ultra-widescreen monitor through an HDMI cable.

The monitor will work quite well, but depending on the aspect ratio and resolution of the monitor, the picture might or might not be a perfect fit.

This means that your PS4 might show stretched or cropped images.

So, how can you be sure that your picture will fit the entirety of your screen? Continue to the next portion of this post to find out!

Will a PS4 picture stretch and fill an ultrawide screen monitor?

The dashboard will easily fill the ultrawide screen by stretching the display but whether your games or not is highly dependent on the game. For example, games like Fifa will fill the ultrawide screen monitor and display the whole football field on the screen by stretching the image. While some games will be cropped at the right and left edges with black rectangular boxes.

Take a look at the Youtube vid below to see what I mean. 

Yet, games released when ultrawide monitors weren’t mainstream would be either stretched to fit the aspect ratio or fit the screen with black sidebars.

It is also worth noting that it wouldn’t be a smart move to plug in your PS4 to a 4K ultrawide monitor and expect miracles.

Read on to find out if you can set your PS4’s resolution to fit the picture on an ultrawide monitor.

Can you set a PS4’s resolution to fit an Ultrawide monitor?

The short answer: Yes, you can change your PS4’s resolution to fit the screen. Here’s how:

1)  On the PS4 home screen, navigate to Settings.

2) Scroll to the bottom and press X on ‘Sound and Screen’

3) Select ‘Display Area Settings’ and adjust the display to fit your screen1

You can opt for a stretched display or cropped black bars display, as you see fit.

Some gamers might be wondering if they need special accessories to connect an ultrawide screen monitor, I’ll tackle this question below!

What connections, if any, will you need for the PS4 to work with an ultrawide monitor?

Some people might think that an ultrawide monitor requires special connections or multiple HDMI cords to provide a full display.

Yet, it is still a screen, so there are no additional connections you will need other than the power cord and HDMI-in for the monitor.

What is the best ultrawide monitor to use with a PS4?

Ultrawide-screens are pretty great for playing games, especially competitive shooters in which a larger FOV (field of view) would give an upper hand.

Or games like Fifa so you can watch the whole football field to check defender positions with ease.

You must carefully research before purchasing an ultrawide monitor for your PS4, as they aren’t cheap.

And buying an incompatible ultrawide monitor can be a pain.

Here are a few things to consider if you are looking to purchase an ultrawide monitor for your PS4 or PS4 Pro console.

  • Your console can’t display more than 60 FPS. So, buying a monitor above 60Hz refresh rate would be a waste of money if you aren’t planning to upgrade to a PC or PS5.
  • Don’t go for a screen size larger than 34” as a larger monitor will result in image stretching which will make your games unplayable.
  •  Check if the monitor you’re purchasing has built-in speakers, otherwise, you will need to buy external speakers and connect them via an audio cable.
  • The PS4 can display a resolution of 1920 x 1080 while the PS4 Pro can display 3840 x 2160, so make sure to keep these under consideration when buying an ultrawide-screen monitor.

The AOC CQ34G2 is an amazing ultrawide-screen monitor and budget-friendly too!

The AOC CQ34G2 is an FHD ultrawide monitor that will provide an amazing display for your PS4 Pro. The size is optimum (34”) and the resolution is within the PS4 pro display range.

Now that we’re past wondering whether ultrawide-screen monitors work with PS4 and PS4 pro, let’s check out how you can hook your console to this monitor.

How do I hook up my PS4 to an ultrawide monitor? 

The whole process to connect your PS4 to an ultrawide monitor is pretty straightforward. Here’s a simple guide to help you connect your PS4 or PS4 Pro to an ultrawide-screen monitor.

1) Navigate to both your console and monitor and locate the HDMI port.

2) Connect them both with a reliable HDMI cable.

3) Plug power cords in your PS4 and your monitor.

4) Switch on the plug and power on your console.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected your PS4 to an ultrawide-screen monitor.

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