Can You Be A Werewolf And A Vampire In Skyrim? What I Discovered Might Shock You!

Ah, Dovahkiin, let me recount a tale from my time wandering the cold expanses of Skyrim. As I stood on the precipice of Bleak Falls Barrow, the bitter wind whipping my face, I found myself at a crossroads. To embrace the shadows as a Vampire or to heed the howls of the wild and become a Werewolf? A question as old as the Elder Scrolls themselves, and one that every adventurer in Tamriel must grapple with. I wished then for a trusty guide, something to help me navigate the winding roads of these supernatural fates.

And, I reckon, if you’re here, the same fiery question burns in your heart. Well, fellow gamer, you’re in for a treat, like finding a Daedric artifact in a mudcrab’s pocket. Here’s a peek at the epic journey ahead:

  • Vampiric Allure: Delve deep into the arcane benefits of nightwalkers.
  • The Might of Lycanthropy: Unleash the raw power of the beast within.
  • The Tug-of-War: Understand the nuances between these two paths and their intertwined fates.

So, equip your best reading glasses, maybe even chug an Elixir of True Shot for better focus, and embark on this quest of knowledge. Who knows, by the end, you might just find your true calling in Skyrim. Ready? Let’s level up your understanding!

Can You Become a werewolf And a Vampire In Skyrim At The Same Time?

Certainly! Let’s delve into the world of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and its supernatural possibilities.

In Bethesda’s vast and intricate realm of Skyrim, players can become both a werewolf and a vampire, but not simultaneously in their full forms. Here’s how each transformation works and their unique stipulations:

1. Werewolves: The Companions, a group of warriors in Whiterun, introduce players to the world of lycanthropy. By progressing through their questline, you eventually receive the ability to transform into a werewolf.

  • Advantages: Increased strength, speed, and health. Also, werewolves are immune to diseases.
  • Drawbacks: No resting bonus from sleeping, vulnerable during the transformation process, and targeted by hostile NPCs when in werewolf form.

2. Vampires: Vampirism can be contracted through combat with random vampires or by progressing through the Dawnguard DLC with the Volkihar Clan. If you go deep enough with the Volkihar, you can become a Vampire Lord, which is a powerful transformation akin to the werewolf but with vampire powers.

  • Advantages: Night vision, invisibility, resistance to frost, and various powers depending on the stage of vampirism.
  • Drawbacks: Weakness to sunlight (which affects health, stamina, and magicka regen), vulnerability to fire, progression to more obvious vampirism stages makes NPCs hostile, and no resting bonuses.

Can you be both? Yes and no. You cannot be a full werewolf and a full vampire simultaneously. Here’s how it plays out:

  • If you’re a werewolf and contract the vampire disease (Sanguinare Vampiris), becoming a vampire will cure your lycanthropy.
  • If you’re a vampire and decide to become a werewolf (by joining the Companions), the process will cure your vampirism.

Exception – Vampire Lord and Werewolf Hybrid: With certain exploits/glitches in the game, it was at times possible to become both a Vampire Lord and a Werewolf. However, it’s not an intended feature and can lead to various game-breaking issues. Players pursuing this route should proceed with caution and likely make backup saves.

In summary, while Skyrim offers a rich tapestry of supernatural experiences, the standard game mechanics intend for lycanthropy and vampirism to be mutually exclusive. While there are always ways to bend the rules in a game as vast as Skyrim, it’s essential to remember that straying from the intended path can sometimes lead to unexpected consequences. Always back up your saves, and embrace the wilds of Skyrim with both caution and enthusiasm!

10 Advnatages of Becoming a Vampire Over a Werewolf

Absolutely! The realm of Skyrim presents intriguing options for those who tread the path of darkness. If you’re leaning towards embracing the chilling allure of vampirism over the primal ferocity of lycanthropy, here are ten advantages of being a vampire:

  1. Magicka Boost: Vampires benefit from increased magicka, making it easier for those who primarily use magic in their combat or exploration.
  2. Frost Resistance: Vampires gain a significant resistance to frost damage, which is incredibly useful given Skyrim’s chilly terrain.
  3. Champion of the Night: Your Illusion spells are 25% more potent. This advantage is particularly beneficial for stealthy characters or those who rely on manipulating the battlefield.
  4. Vampire’s Seduction: Once a day, vampires can calm an enemy (people up to level 10) for 30 seconds, making them non-hostile. It’s a quick way to defuse a potentially lethal situation.
  5. Embrace of Shadows: At a higher stage of vampirism, you gain the ability to become invisible and have night vision for a short duration, giving you an edge in stealth and dark areas.
  6. Vampire Lord Form (Dawnguard DLC): This transformation allows you to float, use new powers, and access a skill tree exclusive to Vampire Lords. It’s a versatile form, unlike the werewolf’s singular combat approach.
  7. Vampire Servants: As a Vampire Lord (in Dawnguard), you can turn NPCs into your vampire minions. This control can sway the tide of battle and offer you more strategic options.
  8. Drain Life: A staple of vampiric powers, this ability lets you drain the health of your enemies, restoring your own. It’s a direct way to turn the tables in a challenging encounter.
  9. Blood Potions: If you’re part of the Volkihar Clan (in Dawnguard), you can feed on blood potions to stave off the stages of vampirism. This accessibility makes managing your vampirism easier than the werewolf’s need to transform and feed on human hearts to extend the duration of their beast form.
  10. Versatility in Feeding: A vampire can feed on any sleeping human. Doing so can allow you to control your vampirism stages, providing benefits like increased stealth or combat prowess.

While both vampires and werewolves offer unique advantages in Skyrim, the strategic depth, magical enhancements, and control over the curse (to some degree) makes vampirism particularly alluring for those who wish to walk the night with power and purpose.

10 Advantages of Becoming a Werewolf Over a Vampire

Certainly! Skyrim offers the raw, primal power of lycanthropy as an alternative to the cold, arcane nature of vampirism. If you’re contemplating the path of the werewolf, here are ten advantages to consider:

  1. Enhanced Physical Strength: As a werewolf, your melee attacks are incredibly potent, allowing you to tear through foes with ease, especially when compared to the early stages of vampirism.
  2. Increased Health and Stamina: During the transformation, werewolves receive a significant boost to their health and stamina, providing greater resilience and endurance in battle.
  3. Disease Immunity: Werewolves are immune to all diseases, a passive advantage that remains even when not in beast form. This immunity prevents afflictions like rockjoint or bone break fever.
  4. Speed Boost: Werewolves move faster than the average character, making it easier to chase down enemies or flee from threats.
  5. Terrifying Howl: The werewolf’s howl can send enemies fleeing in terror, providing a strategic advantage in combat situations and potentially thinning out groups of foes.
  6. Special Perk Tree: With the Dawnguard DLC, werewolves gain access to a unique perk tree that offers various enhancements, such as increased damage or the ability to summon other werewolves.
  7. Feast to Heal: Werewolves can consume the flesh of fallen foes to heal themselves, ensuring prolonged survivability in extended battles.
  8. No Sunlight Vulnerability: Unlike vampires, werewolves do not suffer any penalties during the day, ensuring consistent abilities regardless of the time.
  9. Sneak Advantage: Being a werewolf doesn’t inherently affect your ability to sneak. In contrast, at higher stages of vampirism, characters become more noticeable, making sneaking harder.
  10. No Maintenance Required: Vampires need to manage their hunger, as failing to feed has both benefits and severe drawbacks. Werewolves, on the other hand, don’t require such maintenance. While feeding as a werewolf can extend the transformation’s duration, there’s no detrimental effect for not doing so.

While vampirism offers magical enhancements and a deeper connection to the arcane, lycanthropy is for those who seek a visceral, beastly power and the freedom to roam Skyrim without the constraints of sunlight or the need for regular feeding. The call of the wild might just be what your Dragonborn needs!


Ah, my adventurous friend, our journey through the ethereal paths of vampirism and lycanthropy comes to its epic end. As we’ve ventured through Skyrim’s vast terrains, I hope you’ve come to grasp the weight and allure of both supernatural entities. Our tale might be winding down, but remember:

  • The arcane benefits of joining the undead as a Vampire.
  • The raw, primal power that lycanthropy offers.
  • The intertwining destinies that these paths share.
  • The choices that might seem trivial but hold vast implications.
  • How the Dawnguard DLC further complicates these choices.
  • The importance of personal alignment with your chosen path.

As we close the pages of this tome, don’t just store it away. Venture forth into the “What Next?” section and let your journey in Skyrim truly begin!

What Next?

I’ve always believed that knowledge without action is like a sword without a blade. So, Dragonborn, here’s what you can immediately set out to do:

  • Experiment in-game: Play a few hours as a vampire and then as a werewolf. Feel them out.
  • Engage with the community: Join online forums or Reddit threads discussing these choices.
  • Revisit Dawnguard: Especially if you’ve not yet explored both its paths fully.
  • Document your journey: Start a gaming journal or vlog about your experiences.
  • Seek wisdom from the Greybeards: Well, maybe not literally, but do look into more in-depth guides and lore on the topic.

Ready for your next quest?


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