Can You Noclip In Skyrim? Going Behind Skyrim’s Walls

Ahoy fellow Dragonborn! Let me spin you a tale that takes place not amidst the snowy peaks of High Hrothgar, but rather within the digital confines of Tamriel’s code. One fateful evening, with a goblet of soda by my side and controller in hand, I stumbled upon the mythical ‘noclip’ command. Suddenly, I was not bound by the laws of the game, soaring like a dragon over Whiterun and diving deep beneath the crypts of Solitude. It felt like acquiring a new shout, but with none of the dragon slaying effort!

However, with great power came great… confusion. Sure, it was a blast at first, but I soon found myself tangled in a web of glitches, missing content, and bewildering game progression. And it hit me – if I, a seasoned Dovahkiin, found this jarring, then surely others would too.

Here’s a quick quest log of our journey ahead:

  • Why might a traveler like yourself want to dabble in the arcane art of noclipping?
  • What exactly does this power let you do and how do you do it on PC and console?
  • Are there pitfalls and draugr-infested dungeons to be wary of?

So, whether you’re considering noclipping for fun, exploration, or out of sheer curiosity, strap on your boots and grab your favorite enchanted gear. Dive deep with me into the pros and cons of this mysterious command. Ready to level up your Skyrim knowledge? Keep reading and let’s unlock this quest together!

Can you noclip in Skyrim on PC?

Noclipping in Skyrim allows you to walk through walls, float around, and access otherwise inaccessible places. It’s pretty fun to mess around with, but just remember: using console commands can sometimes mess up your game if you’re not careful, so always make sure to save your game before you start experimenting. ?

Alright, here’s a friendly guide to noclipping in Skyrim:

Noclipping in Skyrim on PC:

  1. Save your game. Just to be on the safe side.
  2. Open the Console. Press the ~ key (sometimes known as the “tilde” key, located just below the ESC key on most keyboards). This will bring up the game’s console.
  3. Type in the Magic Command. Once the console is open, type TCL and hit Enter. This stands for “Toggle Collision,” but for us mere mortals, it means “no more pesky walls in my way!”
  4. Enjoy your newfound freedom! Close the console by pressing the ~ key again, and you should now be able to float around, move through walls, objects, etc.
  5. To turn off Noclip: When you’re done flying around and want to return to the game’s regular physics, simply open the console again and type TCL and hit Enter. This will turn off the noclip mode and everything will go back to normal.


  • While you’re in noclip mode, be careful where you fly and where you turn it off. Turning off noclip while you’re in the middle of a rock or under the ground can put you in an inescapable spot, and you’ll have to turn it on again to get out.
  • Some areas are not meant to be accessed by players, so don’t be surprised if you find unfinished or empty spaces.
  • Remember, this is a debug tool and not an intended gameplay feature. It can sometimes cause odd behaviors in the game, which is why I recommended saving beforehand.

Below is a video showing noclip in Skyrim.

Happy exploring and enjoy seeing Skyrim from a whole new perspective! ???

Can You noclip in Skyrim on Console?

No-clipping, as described with the TCL command, is specific to the PC version of Skyrim through the game’s console commands. However, if you’re playing Skyrim on a console (like Xbox or PlayStation), the standard game doesn’t allow for these kinds of cheats or commands directly.

But, here’s a silver lining for those using consoles:

If you’re using the Special Edition of Skyrim on consoles, there are a number of mods available that can allow you to manipulate the game in various ways. Some mods may introduce cheat menus or other functionalities similar to no-clipping. Here’s how you might be able to access such features:

  1. Go to the Mods Section: From the game’s main menu, there’s a “Mods” option. Choose that.
  2. Search for Cheats or No-Clip Mods: Use the search function to look for mods that allow for cheats, no-clip, or other game manipulations.
  3. Download and Enable: Once you find a mod that you want to try out, download and enable it.
  4. Follow Mod-Specific Instructions: Each mod might have a different way of activating or using the cheat features. Be sure to read any instructions or descriptions given by the mod creator.

A couple of caveats:

  • Always backup your saves before installing mods. Mods have the potential to corrupt save files or make them incompatible with the unmodded game.
  • Installing mods can disable achievements/trophies for that specific save, so if you’re an achievement hunter, you might want to think twice or use a separate save.

While it’s a bit more roundabout than the PC method, it’s a way for console players to get a taste of the fun (and sometimes chaotic) tweaks that PC players can access at the drop of a hat. Enjoy, and happy adventuring!

10 advantages of using Noclip in Skyrim

Certainly! Using the “noclip” command in Skyrim can offer a variety of benefits, some for gameplay, and others for a more exploratory or troubleshooting nature. Here are 10 reasons why players might choose to use noclip:

  1. Exploration: Discover hidden locations or inaccessible areas in the game. This is especially fun for those who love to go beyond the game’s boundaries and see what’s hidden behind the scenes.
  2. Skipping Obstacles: Bypassing doors, walls, or other barriers that might be obstructing your path, especially if they’re bugged or glitched.
  3. Photography and Cinematics: If you’re into capturing beautiful screenshots or creating cinematic videos, noclip can help you get the perfect angle without any obstructions.
  4. Debugging: If you’re stuck in the environment due to a bug or glitch, noclip can help you free yourself without having to revert to an older save.
  5. Speed: If you just want to quickly move from one point to another without the constraints of terrain or barriers, noclip can get you there faster.
  6. Testing Mods: Mod creators or users might employ noclip to quickly navigate around and ensure their modifications are functioning correctly, especially if they’ve added new areas or altered existing ones.
  7. Avoiding Combat: If you’re not in the mood for a fight and you just want to bypass a horde of enemies, noclip can be your peaceful escape.
  8. Game Study: Curious gamers who enjoy understanding the intricacies of game design can use noclip to study the world of Skyrim, from its sprawling landscapes to the tiniest details in its dungeons.
  9. Item Retrieval: Sometimes items can glitch into the environment or fall into unreachable places. Noclip can help you retrieve these lost items.
  10. Pure Fun: Simply put, flying around Skyrim, moving through mountains, and hovering above the landscape can be an exhilarating change of pace from the usual grounded adventure.

Remember, while noclipping can be fun and beneficial in various situations, always use it responsibly to avoid ruining your gameplay experience or causing unintended glitches.

10 reasons why you shouldn’t use noclip in Skyrim

10 Reasons to Think Twice Before Using Noclip in Skyrim

  1. Immersion Breaker: One of the most appealing aspects of Skyrim is its immersive world. Using noclip can shatter the illusion, taking away from the game’s intended experience.
  2. Potential for Glitches: Using noclip can inadvertently cause other bugs or glitches, especially if you interact with objects or NPCs while floating around.
  3. Game Progression Issues: By bypassing certain triggers or events, you might miss out on critical game progression cues, potentially halting or disrupting quests.
  4. Over-reliance: Once you start using noclip to bypass minor inconveniences, you might find yourself over-relying on it, diminishing the challenge and satisfaction of overcoming obstacles the intended way.
  5. Achievement/Trophy Lock: On some platforms or with certain game versions, using console commands can disable achievements or trophies for that playthrough.
  6. Unintended Consequences: Interacting with certain areas or objects while in noclip can sometimes lead to unforeseen results, like getting permanently stuck or having an NPC behave oddly.
  7. Loss of Challenge: Part of what makes Skyrim enjoyable is its challenges, whether it’s solving puzzles or navigating terrains. Bypassing these removes a significant portion of the gameplay.
  8. Missing Content: If you’re using noclip to speed through areas, you might inadvertently miss out on side quests, lore, or other in-game content that adds depth to the game’s narrative.
  9. Temptation to Overuse: Once you’ve started using noclip, the temptation to use other console commands or cheats might grow, further distancing you from the game’s original experience.
  10. Save Corruption: Though rare, meddling with game commands can sometimes lead to save file corruption, putting your progress at risk.

In essence, while noclip can be a fun tool to experiment with, it’s essential to use it judiciously and remember that it wasn’t part of the game’s intended design. Enjoy your adventures in Tamriel!


Well, fellow adventurer, our journey through the digital realms of Tamriel’s code has been quite the odyssey! Like the rush of a powerful Thu’um or the unexpected jolt from a sneaky skeever, the allure of noclipping can be thrilling but fraught with unexpected challenges. Whether you’re looking to soar above the peaks or dive into Skyrim’s mysterious depths, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right knowledge.

To recap our adventure:

  • The Allure of Exploration: Noclipping offers unparalleled freedom.
  • A Tool for Troubleshooting: Handy for those pesky bugs or item retrievals.
  • Temptation’s Pitfalls: The danger of over-relying and missing the game’s core.
  • A Break from Immersion: The realm’s magic might dwindle.
  • Unanticipated Consequences: Like a wild spell, things might go awry.
  • For the Achievement Hunters: Noclipping might just lock you out.

But as with any epic tale, ours doesn’t end here. A new chapter beckons. Ready to see what’s next?

What Next?

I always believe in leaving my fellow gamers with some actionable quests. After immersing yourself in our story, consider these steps:

  • Experiment Safely: Always backup your saves before delving into console commands.
  • Engage with the Community: Join forums or Discord channels to discuss noclipping experiences.
  • Document Your Journey: Consider sharing screenshots or videos of your noclip adventures.
  • Play Vanilla: Revisit the game without mods or commands to appreciate its core essence.
  • Dabble in Modding: Explore mods that can provide a controlled and enhanced gameplay experience.


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