Can You Remarry in Skyrim? Find new love in the Wastes of Tamriel!

In the midst of my adventures in the wintry realms of Skyrim, as I wandered through its grand cities, from Whiterun to Solitude, I stumbled upon an intriguing dilemma – to marry or not to marry? I remember standing atop the Throat of the World, gazing at the vast expanse below, pondering this very choice. Would it be a bond as legendary as Mario and Peach, or as complicated as Cloud and Aerith’s tangled fates? I knew there were others, fellow adventurers, who’d find themselves at this very crossroads. For them, and for you, dear Dragonborn, I’ve forged this guide, like a master blacksmith shapes a Daedric sword.

  • Can you remarry in Skyrim?
  • What mods might allow such flexibility in matrimony?
  • What are the benefits of finding a partner in this dragon-infested land?
  • But, what might the downsides be of such a commitment?

And as with any epic quest, knowledge is your map and determination your compass. Dive deep into this trove of wisdom, and may it light your path like a well-timed Candlelight spell. Ready to embark on this romantic quest, adventurer? Grab your Amulet of Mara and keep on reading – love and lore await!

Can You Remarry in Skyrim?

In the vast, dragon-filled world of Skyrim—a game developed by Bethesda Softworks and released in 2011—there’s a lot to explore and do. Among the many possible life choices, players can also get married. However, when it comes to the question of remarriage, the game’s mechanics are quite specific.

The straightforward answer: No, you cannot remarry in the vanilla version of Skyrim. Once you’ve tied the knot with an eligible bachelor or bachelorette, that commitment is set in stone (or, considering Skyrim’s chilly atmosphere, set in ice). If your spouse meets an unfortunate end, or you find yourself regretting your in-game life choices, there’s no formal way to find new marital bliss.

Why No Remarriage?

The reasons behind this gameplay choice can be varied:

  1. Narrative Immersion: In a world filled with dragons, magic, and treacherous politics, perhaps the developers felt that adding layers of marital complexity might detract from the main storyline. Marital permanence can also enhance role-playing immersion. Once a player makes that commitment, they have to live with it—much like many of the other weighty decisions in the game.
  2. Technical Limitations: Introducing a remarriage feature would involve more nuanced AI interactions, and potential bugs or issues. It’s possible Bethesda opted for stability over this particular gameplay feature.
  3. Tradition and Lore: While Skyrim’s world is fictitious, it draws inspiration from various real-world cultures and times. Historically, remarriage wasn’t always an easy or common affair in many societies. This might have influenced the decision to keep marriages permanent in the game.


For players who are desperate for a second shot at in-game love, there are some unofficial routes:

  1. Mods: As with many aspects of Skyrim, the modding community has come to the rescue. There are mods available that allow for remarriage, among countless other tweaks and additions. If you’re playing on PC, or a console that supports mods, you might want to check these out. Always remember to backup your saves before trying new mods, to prevent any potential losses.
  2. Console Commands (PC Only): For PC players, using console commands can alter many in-game states. By manipulating game data, players can potentially reset their marital status. Again, caution is advised, as changing game data can introduce unforeseen glitches.

In conclusion, while the frozen lands of Skyrim are vast and filled with opportunities, marriage is a one-time deal in the base game. If you find yourself pining for another, remember: in the Elder Scrolls universe, there’s always another adventure around the corner. And who knows? Maybe in the next game, love will be a little more flexible.

Mod Suggestions for Remarrying in Skyrim

Ah, the wonders of modding! The community around Skyrim has been one of the most prolific in creating mods that enhance, change, or add to the base game in numerous ways. If you’re looking to bring a bit of romantic flexibility to your Dragonborn’s life, there are several mods you might consider to enable remarriage:

  1. Multiple Marriages – Polygamy: As the name suggests, this mod doesn’t just let you remarry; it allows you to have multiple spouses. This is for those who really want to embrace a different kind of role-playing experience.
  2. Spouse’s Freedom: This mod gives more life to your spouse. They can travel, do jobs, and have more routines. While primarily an AI overhaul, some versions of this mod also allow remarriage in case your spouse dies.
  3. Marriage Mod – To Have & To Hold: This introduces ceremonies, complex NPC interactions, and yes, options for divorce and remarriage. It’s more intricate than some of the simpler remarriage mods and integrates the process more deeply into the game’s world.
  4. Simple Divorce: It’s a lightweight mod with a very specific focus. If you regret your marriage, you can obtain a ‘Divorce Paper’ from a courier and end your marital bond, making it possible to marry someone else.

Important Notes:

  • Always Back Up: Before installing any mod, it’s a good practice to back up your save files. Mods can sometimes conflict with each other or with certain game saves. A backup ensures you don’t lose progress if something goes wrong.
  • Read the Instructions: Before downloading and installing any mod, carefully read the mod description and installation instructions. This will save you potential headaches later on.
  • Compatibility: Make sure the mod is compatible with your version of Skyrim. There’s “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” and then there’s the “Skyrim Special Edition.” Mods made for one might not work for the other without tweaks or patches.
  • Load Order: If you’re using multiple mods, the order in which they’re loaded can matter. Tools like LOOT (Load Order Optimisation Tool) can help sort mods to reduce conflicts and crashes.
  • Mod Managers: Using a mod manager, like Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer 2, can make the process of adding, organizing, and updating mods much more manageable.

With these mods and tips in hand, you’re all set to explore new romantic horizons in the world of Skyrim! Best of luck on your amorous adventures, Dragonborn!

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Marriage in Skyrim

Marriage in Skyrim, like many of the game’s mechanics, brings its own set of perks and pitfalls. Let’s delve deep into the marital life of the Dragonborn.

Advantages of Getting Married in Skyrim:

  1. Lover’s Comfort: After sleeping in the same location as your spouse, you’ll receive the Lover’s Comfort bonus, which grants a 15% boost to the rate at which you earn skill experience for 8 hours.
  2. Homecooked Meals: Your spouse will offer to cook a meal for you once a day. This meal restores health, magicka, and stamina.
  3. Store Income: If your spouse is a merchant or becomes one after marriage, they’ll provide you with a share of the earnings (about 100 gold per in-game day), which can accumulate over time.
  4. Spouse as a Follower: Some spouses can also act as followers, aiding you in combat, carrying items, and more.
  5. Free House: Marrying certain characters can provide access to a house without any extra cost, such as Aeri’s House if you marry Aeri.
  6. Adoption: Only after getting married can you adopt children in Skyrim, allowing you to grow your in-game family.
  7. Spouse’s Skills: Some spouses, like trainers, can train you in specific skills, combining household life with skill progression.
  8. Emotional Roleplay: For those who are deeply into roleplaying, having a spouse can add another layer of immersion and connection to the game world.
  9. Gifts from Spouse: Occasionally, your spouse might give you gifts, adding a pleasant surprise to your marital life.
  10. Relocation: Your spouse can live in any of your owned homes, making it flexible for you to choose where you’d like to settle down.

Disadvantages of Getting Married in Skyrim:

  1. Permanent Choice: In the vanilla game, once you’re married, you can’t remarry if your spouse dies or if you grow tired of them.
  2. Potential Bugs: Sometimes, marriage can lead to bugs – spouses disappearing, not providing the right dialogue, or not arriving at the agreed home.
  3. Loss of a Follower: If your spouse is also a follower and they die in combat, you not only lose a spouse but also a combat ally.
  4. Limited Interaction: The depth of interaction with your spouse is limited compared to other RPGs, which might feel lackluster to some players.
  5. Jealousy: If you wear the Amulet of Mara (the marriage amulet) after being married, certain characters might comment negatively or show disapproval.
  6. House Dynamics: Sometimes spouses don’t integrate well into player homes added by mods, leading to AI pathing issues or other glitches.
  7. Potential Conflicts: If you’re part of certain factions or have completed certain quests, it might affect the behavior or dialogue of your spouse in unexpected ways.
  8. Limited Choices: Not all NPCs are available for marriage, which can be disappointing if there’s a particular character you wish to wed.
  9. Mood Killers: In the midst of a dark, dramatic quest, coming home to the mundane aspects of marital life can sometimes be a jarring tonal shift.
  10. Dependency: Relying on your spouse for certain benefits, like store income, might make some players feel compelled to “check-in” regularly, disrupting the flow of adventuring.

There you have it, a detailed look at the ups and downs of tying the knot in the land of Skyrim. Whether it’s for love, practicality, or just curiosity, marriage in this game offers a mix of rewards and challenges. Remember, in Skyrim, as in life, choose your partner wisely!


Venturing through Skyrim’s vast expanses, we’ve delved deep into the heart of matrimony, a questline as unpredictable as a Dwemer ruin’s mechanisms. From my own contemplative moments atop the Throat of the World, we’ve journeyed together to understand the essence of Skyrim’s marital bonds. In our exploration, we’ve uncovered:

  • The reality that remarriage is absent in the vanilla game.
  • The presence of various mods offering remarriage possibilities.
  • The numerous benefits, from Lover’s Comfort to handy store incomes, which come with tying the knot.
  • But also the potential pitfalls like unchangeable decisions and game bugs.
  • The emotional depth and roleplaying potential marriage adds.
  • The handy workarounds and solutions for when the marital road gets rocky.

With this knowledge, your next steps in the realm of love and commitment will be better informed. But, don’t sheathe your sword just yet; there’s always another chapter to explore. Ready to find out “What Next?”

What Next?:

I always believe in equipping my fellow Dragonborns with actionable quests after a good read. Here’s your next quest log:

  • Experiment: Try marrying different NPCs to experience a variety of storylines.
  • Mod It: Download a remarriage mod and see how it reshapes your game experience.
  • Adoption: With marriage checked off, perhaps consider adopting and starting a family in Skyrim.
  • Feedback Loop: Share your marital tales in Skyrim forums. Your story might help another adventurer.
  • The Art of Modding: If you’re tech-savvy, why not try creating your own marriage mod? Add layers to the existing matrimonial narratives!


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