Does the Xbox Controller Work on PS4?

Not all controllers are made equal. I know if I had the option to use a PS2 controller over the Original Xbox or Dreamcast controller as a kid, I would’ve taken it. 

Xbox controllers have come a long way since the Duke stomped its way into our living rooms. But what about the PS4 controller? 

Well…. It’s not terrible, but every job requires the right tool for the task, and gaming is no different. To me, the Xbox controller is the best controller to use, no matter what the system.

Does the Xbox Controller Work on PS4? Yes, it does. You’ll be able to use your controller of choice. All you will need to get your Xbox Controller working for PS4 or other consoles is an adapter.

Now that you’ve breathed your sigh of relief, I suppose now would be a good time to tell you how to make this magic happen. Read on to see how it’s done!

How to Connect an Xbox Controller to a PS4

What You will need:

An Xbox Controller (Xbox 360, Xbox One, or Xbox Series X/S are all possible. Just double-check to make sure if your controller needs Bluetooth capability or not)


An adapter (Be aware of what adapter you are buying and what controller/systems it supports!)

I will be recommending three different adapters:

Magic-S Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter

The Magic-S Pro adapter not only works with PS4, but also the PS3, Nintendo Switch, PS Classic, NEOGEO, and NEOGEO Mini. With it, you can use various PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo peripherals, such as PS5, PS4, PS3, Xbox Series X, Xbox 360, Switch, and Wii Remote. Available right now for roughly $35 on Amazon, this little adapter provides a lot of utility for the multi-console gamer.

HOWEVER, this is NOT an all-in-one adapter. You need to triple-check that the adapter you buy supports your controller of choice. Otherwise, you are wasting your money.

The Magic-S Pro does NOT support Wireless Xbox Bluetooth Controllers. As of September 2021, Bluetooth controllers using the latest firmware also no longer work with the Magic-S Pro. 

If you plan on using an Xbox 360 controller, it MUST be a wired controller. It MUST be an official Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. Any off-brand controller for any console is not recommended. Wireless Xbox controllers also do not perform well with the Magic-S Pro, so if you are an Xbox Wireless loyalist, this probably isn’t the adapter for you. Unless you adapt to a wired controller (See what I did there?).

With nearly 800 5-star ratings and counting on Amazon, lots of people are singing high praises for the Magic-S Pro. And with everything it is capable of, can you blame them?

Brooke X One Adapter for Xbox One Controller

The Brooke X One Adapter for Xbox One Controller allows you to use the Xbox One controller for PS4, Nintendo Switch, or PC. This adapter supports far fewer systems and peripherals than our first recommendation. If you plan on buying this, just know that it only supports ORIGINAL Xbox One and Xbox One Elite controllers. You cannot use Xbox One Elite 2 or unofficial Xbox One controllers with this adapter.

This adapter does allow for the usage of wireless controllers, but only for the PS4 and the Switch. PC users are out of luck, unfortunately. PC Master Race can’t have everything, I suppose. But everyone else has almost nothing but good things to say about the Brooke X One Adapter!

Gam3Gear Xbox One Controller to PS4 Super Converter Gaming Adapter

Mouthful of a name aside, the Gam3Gear adapter allows you to use Xbox One controllers on PS4 and PC. Like the Brooke X One, it’s very limited, only enabling the use of Xbox One peripherals and only on two systems. Also, like the Brooke X, you’ll have much better wireless controller luck with this adapter than with the Magic S Pro. And on top of that, it is very portable which makes it great for gamers on the go. Or game reviewers on the run.

Big thumbs up if you got that reference.

Step-By-Step How-To Guide (Wired Controller)

  1. Connect your controller to the port in the adapter
  2. Plug in your adapter to an open port on your PS4
  3. Have fun

Step-By-Step How-To Guide (Wireless Controller)

  1. Depending on your adapter, you may need to initially register your wireless controller. You can do so by plugging it into said adapter via a USB cable.
  2. Turn on your console and connect it to your TV
  3. Sync your controller with your adapter. The sync button on your controller should be held for several seconds. The blinking light stabilizes when the controller is fully connected. 
  4. Enjoy!

What are the Pros and Cons of using an Xbox One Controller with PS4?


  1. You get to use your most preferred controller on different systems. 

As stated in the beginning, everyone has a controller preference. And sometimes, this can make all the difference between playing well and playing poorly. Some gamers are masters at WASD and keyboard but terrible with controllers (And vice versa).

PlayStation has its fair share of console exclusives, and it would be a shame to miss out on them just because you dislike the controller. With an Xbox controller adapter, you can enjoy them all and play to the best of your abilities. 

  1. Gives you multiple options for backup controllers

Not too long ago, I was forced to stop playing a game because my controller broke, and I had no backup. It was only for a couple of days, but a long couple of days those were. With a controller adapter, your backup peripherals are expanded, even if they’re not the native peripheral for a system. This comes in handy. 


  1. Input lag

The biggest problem with controller adapters is the potential for input lag. Nobody likes lag, but this is especially problematic if you are playing competitively. Can you imagine playing a game as hard as Sekiro while dealing with input lag? Have fun.

This issue varies from person to person, and from adapter to adapter. And there is no real solution that you can implement. This is why it’s crucial to read past product reviews and know what you’re getting into beforehand. 

  1. Lack of native functionality

Using a non-native controller on a system will understandably result in some technical issues. Primarily button mapping, as well as headset and mic. Just like people have controller preferences, they also have button mapping preferences too. And if you cannot do that, well, that might be a problem.

The absence of headset and mic functionality will only be problematic if you are gaming online or streaming, so plenty of people won’t mind this. But this will obviously be a huge problem for those into online gaming or streaming. 

  1. Firmware

Has your adapter been working flawlessly but suddenly has stopped working? There might be a firmware update that you need to look into. And I don’t just mean for your adapter; I mean for your controller too.

Keeping on top of firmware updates is going to be a part of your gaming life from now on if you want to use a non-native controller on a PS4 or any other console. That’s just the way it is. But as we stated in our Magic-S Pro overview, getting the latest firmware update might screw you over rather than solve the issue. 

It can be a pain, but the pros outweigh the cons. Especially if you prefer wired controllers.


Q. Why isn’t my Xbox controller working with my adapter?

A. Did you check which Xbox controllers are compatible with the adapter you purchased? Most adapters don’t support 3rd party controllers. Others don’t support controllers that are too old (Like Xbox 360) or too new (Like Xbox One Elite 2). Some don’t support wireless, or they do, but do so very poorly. ALWAYS thoroughly check the product page of the adapter you are buying. Double-check your controller or controllers to make sure that they are compatible. 

Q. My Xbox controller used to work perfectly, but now it doesn’t! Why?

A. Is your controller a wireless controller? Then it more than likely is a firmware issue. Which end the firmware issue is coming from is something you’ll have to figure out. 

If your controller is wired, it might be an issue with the adapter itself. Quality control issues exist no matter the product, and your adapter might be busted. 

Q. What can I do to improve input lag?

A. Honestly, the best course of action for dealing with input lag is not dealing with it at all. And the best way to do that is to read the consumer reviews of your adapter and hear what other gamers have to say about input lag. The most helpful reviews are the ones that mention the specific controller they’re using. Adapters aren’t all equal, so do your due diligence and see which is best for you.

Nick Sinclair

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