Dragon Priest Krosis: Skyrim (Complete guide)

There are many strange and terrifying creatures lurking in the world of Skyrim, from the undead draugrs to mammoth-herding giants; the creators of The Elder Scrolls V never encountered a creativity problem.

Amongst such strange creatures are eight dragon priests as old as Alduin. While some might term them as a part of the draugrs gang, they’re not entirely draugrs.

Krosis might sound like a bone disease, but it’s actually the name of a dragon priest in Skyrim, which you can navigate on the map to find, kill, and loot some amazing treasure.

In this guide, let’s take an in-depth look at the dragon priest Krosis, where to find him and what goodies he has for us to loot!

But before we talk about Krosis, let’s find out what dragon priests are in Skyrim.

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What Are Dragon Priests?

This is not what a real Dragon Priest looks like. This is my attempt at using AI image generation to create a “Cartoon Skyrim Dragon Priest”. I’m not entirely convinced it succeeded. What do you think?

During Alduin’s rule, ancient priests known as Dragon Priests sang songs of adoration to dragons. They all wear mystical masks that increase their abilities. You may find Skyrim’s eight major dragon priests in any number of caves or dungeons. If you want the masks, you’ll have to solve several difficult puzzles and battle the undead priest.

The eight highest-ranking priests, each of whom wears a distinctive dragon priest mask imbued with a potent enchantment, are supposed to have received this honor from their dragon patrons themselves.

These priests appear in Nordic tombs and ruins that are home to Word Walls and may be discovered at any level. Frequently, they are joined by an assortment of undead minions, including draugr and skeletons.

Dragon priests existed thousands of years ago and mastered their discipline of magic (specific to each dragon priest). They lived their life, died, were buried, and have now risen as the undead (try making sense of that).

Where Do You Find Dragon Priest In Skyrim?

There are a total of eight major dragon priests spread out over Skyrim, and you may encounter them in their respective tombs in the base game.

They’re usually accompanied by a pack of draugr, and some priests are buried near walls with a Word of Power. You will find many dragon priests all over Skyrim when you reach higher levels, but only eight of them are the major ones.

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The Dragonborn DLC pack adds four new priests to the mix, and they may be found in various Nordic ruins around Solstheim. Each of Hermaeus Mora’s Black Books is protected by one of these priests.

Krosis is one of the major dragon priests that you can find in the game; defeat him and get an enchanted mystical mask that not only looks cool but gives the Dragonborn a boost in particular abilities. Let’s check out where you can find Krosis.

Where is Krosis in Skyrim?

Unlike the other dragon priests, Krosis was not buried in a temple or tomb but rather on top of one of Skyrim’s tallest peaks, Shearpoint, a dragon lair. His tomb rests before a Word Wall.

Once the music changes and you hear a dragon nearby, get yourself ready for a huge battle, and know that you’ll leave a rich man… provided you survive.

Shearpoint, midway between Saarthal and Fellglow Keep, is where you’ll find the dragon priest, and he is wearing the mask that’s also called Krosis.

A huge fight will break out when you reach Shearpoint, and it won’t be difficult to spot the sarcophagus as there will be a dragon waiting for you.

Once the music changes and you hear a dragon nearby, get yourself ready for a huge battle, and know that you’ll leave a rich man… provided you survive.

Read on to find out what treasure is waiting for you atop Shearpoint in Skyrim.

What Loot Do You Get After The Krosis Battle?

On Shearpoint, you will find a dragon, a word wall, and the dragon priest Krosis. While it’s easy to defeat the dragon, as it’s not a high-level dragon, Krosis, on the other hand, is a very high-level enemy.

I highly recommend you stock up on health potions and equip a heavy armor to fight Krosis, as I started the fight with Imperial armor as a level 20 Nord, and I was unable to scratch him while he depleted my entire health bar in a couple of hits.

Ensure you are at a high level before proceeding on your quest to pick a fight with the dead dragon priest.

You get 50 Gold, Staff of Fireballs, Bone Meal, and the Krosis mask after defeating the dragon priest Krosis.

Moreover, you’ll get a dragon soul after killing the dragon on Shearpoint, and you can learn a Word of Power from the wall!

There is also a treasure chest near the Word Wall, containing banded iron armor and a few gold coins.

The Krosis mask is the reason why anyone would climb to Shearpoint, and it provides the wearer with additional 20 points in Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy, along with 26 Armor stats.

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You need to place Krosis, along with the other seven major dragon priest masks, to unlock the ninth mask in the hidden dragon priest shrine. Learn more about the significance of dragon priest masks below!

What’s So Special About Dragon Priest Masks?

Dragon priest masks are worn by high-ranking priests, and each mask contains an enchantment or sequence of spells. In order to receive these masks, it is necessary to slay the undead priest wearing them.

The hidden dragon priest shrine can be found near Bromjunaar Sanctuary in Labyrinthian. The busts of Skyrim’s top eight dragon priests are on exhibit at the shrine.

You may place the masks of the dragon priests you’ve slain on the busts of those priests on the shrine.

The ninth and last mask, Konahrik, is revealed once the others have been placed. Once Konahrik is retrieved, the other masks in the shrine may be removed as well.

If a mask or masks are upgraded in any way, such changes will be undone when the mask or masks are taken back from the shrine.

If an item is upgraded to Legendary status (as Morokei may be through smithing) and then put on the shrine, it will lose the upgrades when it is retrieved.

When you kill the Krosis dragon priest, make sure to take the mask to the hidden sanctuary and place the mask in the correct spot. 

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