How to backstab Skyrim: Complete guide

Ah, the art of backstabbing in Skyrim. It’s a skill that every sneaky rogue should master if they want to dominate the battlefield and strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. But what exactly is backstabbing in Skyrim, and why should you care?

Well, let’s just say it’s like getting a free buffet at a fancy restaurant, except instead of food, it’s a free stab to the enemy’s back. Yum!

When I first discovered backstabbing, the high damage dealt, and the cool animation that plays after executing the perfect backstab – you can bet that was all I was doing all the time!

I started off as a bloodthirsty grunt, but my journey took a sneaky-peaky stealthy assassin turn mid-way when I learnt backstabbing was more fun than a head-on fight.

But before you start running around and trying to stab every enemy in the back, you should know a few things. So, grab your trusty dagger, and let’s dive into the world of backstabbing.

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What’s So Special About Backstabbing In Skyrim?

Backstabbing is a valuable skill to have in Skyrim; it can help you take down powerful enemies and make you feel like a sneaky rogue. But remember, backstabbing isn’t just about the kill; it’s about the art of the kill. So, take your time, plan your attack, and make sure to practice your evil cackle. And remember, backstabbing is for enemies only, don’t go around stabbing your friends and NPCs; that’s just not cool.

Backstabbing in Skyrim is a great way to add some excitement and strategy to your combat gameplay. It’s a fun and effective way to take down enemies, and with the right positioning, timing, equipment, and perks, you’ll be backstabbing like a pro in no time.

When it comes to backstabbing, there are a few tell-tale signs that you’ve done it right. First off, you’ll know it’s a success when you see that critical hit message pop up because that means you’ve dealt some serious damage.

And speaking of damage, you’ll notice that it’s multiplied by a factor of 3, so it’s like hitting your enemy with a sledgehammer but with a dagger. And last but not least, you’ll see your character make a sneaky little move where they sneak up behind the enemy before delivering the fatal blow.

So, in short, if you see a critical hit message, increased damage, and a cool animation of your character slicing your target’s throat, then you know you’ve done it right!

Now, let’s check out how you can execute the perfect backstab in Skyrim.

How to Perform a Backstab?

First things first, you can’t just run up to an enemy and stab them in the back. That’s called murder, and it’s frowned upon by society. Instead, you need to position yourself correctly and time it just right.

·         Positioning: Obviously, you want to get behind your enemy, but it’s not as simple as just standing behind them. You need to make sure they can’t see you; otherwise, they’ll just turn around and ruin your fun. That’s where stealth comes in; you can use the shadows or any other kind of cover to sneak up on your enemy.

·         Timing: Timing is everything when it comes to backstabbing. You want to strike when your enemy is distracted, either by another enemy or by something else. You can also wait for them to start a fight with someone else and then strike while they’re occupied.

Required Equipment and Perks:

Now that you know how to position and time your backstab, let’s talk about what you need to make it happen.

·         Equipment: You’ll need a dagger or any other kind of one-handed weapon. A sword won’t do because the pointy end goes in the other person, not you. Also, it’s called backstabbing, not backswording.

·         Perks: In order to backstab effectively, you’ll need to invest in the Stealth tree, specifically the Backstab perk. This perk increases the damage dealt when attacking from behind.

·         Execution: Once you’ve positioned yourself correctly and timed your attack, it’s time to execute the backstab. Press the attack button while behind the enemy and watch as they keel over in surprise and pain. Remember to practice your evil cackle as well; it adds that extra touch of villainy.

Effects of a Successful Backstab:

A successful backstab will deal extra damage to your enemy, making it a useful tool for taking down powerful foes. Additionally, there’s a chance for a critical hit, which can be devastating.

Also, if you’re using stealth, a successful backstab will give you a stealth bonus, allowing you to stay hidden and strike again.

Tips for Successful Backstabbing:

  • Use stealth and cover to sneak up on your enemy.
  • Use invisibility spells or potions to make it even easier to get behind your enemy.
  • Invest in the Backstab perk in the stealth tree to increase the damage dealt.

Common Mistakes to Avoid:

  • Attacking from the front: This is not backstabbing; it’s just plain old stabbing.
  • Not having the proper equipment or perks: A sword won’t do the job, and you won’t deal extra damage without the Backstab perk.
  • Not considering the enemy’s position and visibility: If they can see you, they’ll just turn around and ruin your fun. Make sure to use stealth and cover to get behind them undetected.
  • Not paying attention to your surroundings: Backstabbing is all about timing and positioning, so make sure to keep an eye on your enemy and their surroundings. A guard might be coming around the corner, and you don’t want to get caught in the act. (Psst… got a bounty problem? I got your back, check out this guide)
  • Not being patient: Backstabbing requires patience, don’t rush in blindly, and wait for the right moment to strike.

Best Places to Backstab:

  • Dungeons: Dungeons are the perfect place to practice your backstabbing skills. The narrow corridors and dark areas provide plenty of cover and opportunities to sneak up on your enemies.
  • Bandit camps: Bandit camps are filled with unsuspecting bandits who are just begging to be backstabbed. Plus, they tend to have some nice loot too.
  • Civil war battlefronts: The chaos of a battle makes it easy to slip behind enemy lines and strike from behind. Plus, it’s a great way to support your chosen side in the civil war.

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