How to check Twitch Affiliate progress

A few days ago, a mate of mine who has excitedly started streaming on Twitch wanted to know how close they are to becoming a Twitch Affiliate. They didn’t know where to look on the Twitch website to find their progress towards the holy grail of becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

So, being the accommodating problem solver I am, I set out on a daring quest to discover how to find your Twitch affiliate progress on the Twitch website.

Through my quest, I battled confusing button layouts and flailing flip-out menus, but I triumphed in the end. This is what I discovered at the end of my Twitch affiliate travels.

How do you check your Twitch affiliate progress? You can check your Twitch affiliate progress in the Creator Dashboard. When there, you can click on Insights and then Achievements. Here, you’ll find your Twitch affiliate progress.

Ok, now you know how to find your Twitch affiliate progress. But there’s so much more to discuss. In the following section, I’ll talk about:

  • What are the requirements to join the Twitch affiliate program?
  • How to find your Twitch affiliate progress.
  • Why you should keep track of your Twitch affiliate progress.
  • Actions you need to take to become a Twitch affiliate.

Those are some pretty cool topics I’ll be touching on. Excited to get started? So am I! Let’s rev the engine up by taking a look at the requirement you need to fulfill to become a Twitch Affiliate.

What are the requirements to join the Affiliate Program?

In this section, I’ll examine the requirements you need to fulfill to become a Twitch affiliate. 

Before you can become an affiliate on Twitch and earn money from your streams, you have to meet or exceed a number of streaming requirements.

The requirements to join the Affiliate Program are as follows:

  • Reach 50 Followers.
  • Stream for 8 hours.
  • Stream on 7 different days.
  • Have an average of 3 viewers per stream.

To qualify for the Affiliate Program, you must simultaneously meet all four requirements over a 30-day period.

To meet all the requirements in a single month can be a little daunting to a new streamer. However, it is possible to keep track of your progress towards the promised land of Twitch affiliates.

In this section, you learned what the requirements are for Twitch affiliates.

In the next section, I’ll look at how to check your progress towards twitch affiliation.

How to check your Twitch affiliate program qualification progress

It’s straightforward to check your Twitch account’s progress towards affiliate qualification.

Use the following method to find your affiliate qualification progress.

1. Log onto Twitch. This can be on PC, Mac, or Mobile.

2. Once you are signed in, click on your Profile icon. On a computer, this is in the top right-hand corner.

3. After clicking on the button, a drop-down menu should open. Click on the option for Creator Dashboard.

4. Once the creator dashboard has loaded. Look at the left-hand menu, find the Insights option, and click on it.

5. Once you have clicked on the Insights option, a drop-down menu should open. One of the options should be Achievements. Click on it.

6. After clicking on the achievements option, a new window should load. This window will be full of achievements you can complete on your road to Twitch stardom. However, we have interest in a drop-down menu called “Path to Affiliate.” It’s a purple drop-down menu with what looks like a white arrow next pointing up. Click on it.

7. Once you have clicked on the Path to Affiliate menu option, it will slide open. Here you’ll find all the requirements you need to meet to become an affiliate, plus your progress in fulfilling each of them.

So in this section, you learned how to find your progress towards becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

In the next section, We’ll look at some of the advantages of becoming a Twitch Affiliate. 

Advantages of becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

In the last section, we looked at how to check your Twitch affiliate progress on the Twitch website.

In this next section, I’ll look at some advantages you’ll get when you become a Twitch affiliate.

There are several advantages to becoming a Twitch Affiliate. These advantages include: 

Access to Twitch emotes. As a Twitch affiliate, you’ll have access to unique Twitch emotes that your viewers can use in chat when they subscribe to your channel. 

Cheers with Bits. Another advantage of being a Twitch affiliate is that your viewers can support you financially through the use of bits. Bits are a virtual currency that viewers can use to Cheer on their favorite streamers. 

Receive subscriptions. As a Twitch affiliate, your viewers can subscribe to your channel. These subscriptions come with some benefits for both the viewer and the streamer. 

Game Sales and Ads. Game sales and ads are another way that affiliates can earn revenue from their streams. When a viewer purchases a game or watches an ad on a channel that is an Affiliate, you get a cut of the sale.

Helps you stand out on Twitch. You’ll need all the help you can get to stand out on the Twitch streaming platform. With an average of 120,000 people streaming on Twitch at any time, your biggest problem is getting noticed. Becoming an affiliate can help you do that.

Another step on the road to becoming a Twitch partner. Twitch partners get even better perks than affiliate members. But you must become an affiliate before you become a partner.

Twitch will promote your channel for you. Twitch wants to keep people on their streaming platform for as long as possible. And they know that to do that, they need a constant supply of high-quality user-created content. As an affiliate, you’ve proven to Twitch that you can produce content good enough to help them retain their overall audience. They trust you, and so they’ll promote you more.

High-quality video streams. Twitch affiliates can offer viewers higher-quality video streams. This gives your stream a less grainy appearance making your actions easier to see. 

Unrestricted sharing of content. As a new Twitch streamer, you are bound by an agreement with the Twitch platform not to share your content for 24 hours on other streaming or video platforms. Once you become an affiliate, however, you can share your content wherever and whenever you want.

Access and use channel points. Access to channel points allows you to gamify your channel and increase viewer engagement. You can, for example, award channel points if a user makes a great comment or takes other actions. Then when users reach certain channel point totals, they earn rewards such as getting to play co-op with you in-game.

In this section, you’ve learned about the many benefits of becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

In the next section, I’ll look at how to work towards becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

How to work towards becoming a Twitch affiliate: A brief guide

In the last section, we looked at the benefits of becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

In this section, we’ll look at some simple actions you should take to help you move towards Twitch affiliation.

If you’re working towards becoming an affiliate of Twitch, it’s essential to keep track of your progress and make sure you’re on the right track. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

1. Check your stats regularly. This is the best way to track your progress and ensure you’re on track.

2. Make a Promotion plan to grow your Twitch channel and stick to it. You’ll need to promote your channel across social media to gain attention and traction. So choose one social channel and create plan to post gaming content related to your Twitch channel at least 10 times a day.

3. Look at what other successful streamers are doing. Many other streamers have been through the affiliate process. Look at how they did it and what they did to prepare. Then use them as inspiration, use them as a mentor and use their methods for success.

4. Create a content plan. Without a clear plan, it’s almost impossible to succeed. Why? Because you won’t stream consistently. Plus, you won’t know what to do every time you stream. By having a plan, you’ll clearly know what needs to be done each week to grow your Twitch channel.

6. Find your niche. Many people say that you have to find a niche that offers untapped potential and that it should be as narrow as possible. But I’m here to tell you that from experience, that’s rubbish. 

Picking a niche is simple. Just follow your gaming passion. 

Ask yourself these two questions: What games do you enjoy? What aspects of games are you passionate about? 

Your answers will tell you what you should Stream about. For example, you might love RPG games and be intrigued by world-building. So why not combine them both on your channel? 

Or what about a love for fighting games mixed with a love of teaching? You can then use your channel to teach other players how to improve at fighting games. 

The point is that your channel can be as narrow or as wide as you want, so long as you follow your passion.

Your passion will be the vehicle that’ll carry you on the long road to success. Without passion, you’ll be walking, buddy. And I can tell you right now, getting success as a CareerGamer Twitch streamer is a long, hot, infuriating, tiring road that is best traveled in a passion wagon (Not that type!).

7. Stream consistently. If you want to succeed as a streamer, you must stream consistently. Think about TV shows that come out weekly. It’s much easier to tune in on a Wednesday evening to watch a show instead of trying to find out when a show is on because it appears on random days. 

Even if you can only stream for one day a week, do so consistently. Commit to doing it every week. And always stream on that day at the same time.

If you do manage to stream consistently, you’ll rapidly grow your channel and become a Twitch affiliate.

In this section, you’ve learned what you need to do to achieve Twitch affiliate status.

In the next section, I’ll summarize the article with a lovely, well, summary. I’ll see you there.


I’ve discussed many different points and topics in this article. More than I can remember. So to help us both out, I’ll sum them all up in a lovely bulleted list.

Here it is:

  • To become a twitch affiliate, you need to fulfill several requirements over a 30-day period, including reaching 50 followers, streaming for 8 hours, streaming on 7 different days, and having an average of 3 viewers per stream.
  • You can check your Affiliate progress by going to the Twitch website, heading to the Creator Dashboard, clicking on Insights, then achievements, then Path to Affiliate.
  • There are many advantages to becoming an affiliate, including monetizing your channel and getting greater exposure.
  • There are several actions you can take to help you move towards affiliation. But the most important thing you can do is stream consistently.

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