How To Make A Video Repeat On An Instagram Story?

Instagram is a great platform to share your photos and videos and promote your businesses or the games you played. It allows you to get more followers and make your photos and videos exciting. One of the most effective ways to get more people to follow you is by creating loop videos.

Everyone has their own method of doing it. For instance, some people would like to share their game videos on Instagram to boost their engagement with people, while others would like to create video collages. Many people are inquisitive about learning how to make a video with Instagram Stories or how to loop a video.

One compelling way to foster engagement for your game video via your Instagram story is by using loop videos. This feature will allow you to create engaging and memorable stories that will catch your followers’ attention. In addition, by making a loop video on Instagram, you can get more followers to save and comment on your posts.

What You Should Know About Looping A Video On Your Instagram Account?

If you are a beginner interested in learning how to loop a video in your Instagram story, then you presumably already know what a loop video is. This is why we will talk about how to do it in this section.

A video loop is a type of clip consisting of a single second of footage continuously repeating in the form of a more extended video file. You must follow the export settings to add a loop video to Instagram stories.

A section of your video can be repeated continuously in order to create endless GIFs or loopier videos. You can create this section as short or long as you want. Also, you can use these to promote your Instagram account by adding an ad to the video.

Although a loop video can contain music, it does not have an attached sound. If you like to add sound effects or music to it, make sure that the music loops are also included. You can create a loop video using a program called Filmora, which can add sound and music.

Instagram allows users to create and share various types of photos and videos, such as video collages and looping videos. However, before you start working on a loop video, make sure that the social media platforms you use have the necessary sizes, and when you start filming, make sure that the file’s specs are correct. After uploading your game video to an Instagram video editor, ensure that the file’s dimensions are at least 720×1080.

How To Create A Loop Video In Your Instagram Account’s Story?

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For gamers, Instagram story videos are great for showcasing your game combat skills, as you can create a short video loop. For instance, if you are planning on sharing a game video on Facebook reels or YouTube shorts, you need to change the format of the video to a loop.

To loop a video on Instagram:

  • First, download the apps that will allow you to make a video on the platform. These include the Video Editor and the Online Video Looper. 
  • Next, select the number of times you want to loop your video.
  • After that, you must first save the video to your device’s camera roll. Then, Open the app and create a new story. 
  • From the bottom left corner, tap the “+” button. On your camera roll, select the game video or any free stock videos that you want to play. 
  • At the top right corner, tap the “Play” button, and the video will automatically repeat.

The “Loop Playback” button can be activated by pressing the + button in the Program panel’s bottom right corner. Then, drag the button to the group of buttons at the panel’s bottom.

To activate this feature:

  • Open the “Control Panel” Click the “New” button, and the video will loop back to the beginning when the previewing sequence ends. 
  • Then, Press the “Reset Layout” button to return the defaults of the buttons in the program panel.

After doing this, you can make a video loop for Instagram using the app’s video editing tool. However, if it still does not play after you have posted it, you might want to check your connection.

Although some people may seem a bit complicated, these simple steps will help you easily loop any of your game’s videos straight to your Instagram story. You can also share Spotify songs with other users if you love music.

Alternatively, you can also try using the Boomerang Video app. But what is that thing all about? Let’s continue!

What Exactly is a Boomerang Video?

After you have learned how to loop a game video on Instagram, let us go to the next step and get to the feature known as Boomerang. This is a video app that enables you to record tiny videos. It can be used to take photos and turn them into mini videos that play backward and forwards. You can also share it with your Instagram followers automatically.

Instagram is a platform that allows people to share their visual stories – be it your everyday routine, your work happenings, celebrations, business deals, game highlights, and more. As a gamer, you can inspire your followers starting by sharing your own game highlights. Although Boomerangs do not support sound, you can still use minimal background noise. If you have any issues with your other videos, you can try using these as a solution.

If you want to create a short loop video for Instagram, you can use the app known as Boomerang.

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Boomerang is an app from Instagram that creates captivating videos that you can share with your gamer friends and followers. It takes ten photos, stitches them together, and loops them back and forth.

Bottom Line

One of the most critical aspects you should consider when creating content on Instagram is the availability of new features. There are a variety of cool features that can be used to produce engaging content, such as loop videos and Boomerangs.

After learning how to make a loop video on your Instagram story, you can now create funny memes or share tips from your own game video highlights.   

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