How To Stop Your PS5 Overheating?

The PS5, sadly, is not immune to overheating issues that plague past gaming consoles. 

A week ago, I found this out first-hand. My gaming room, which is south facing in the UK, is a sun trap. The temperature rises all day, making a mockery of my cooling fans, before punching past a plastic-melting 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, it gets that hot.

A 100-degree room temperature is high enough to make the PS5’s fan scream out one final death knell before calling it a day due to heat exhaustion. 

And for an avid gamer like me, nothing is more frustrating when you’re in the middle of the game & your console shuts down or just doesn’t work.

So, I was wondering how to stop the PS5 from overheating? Well, to fix the PS5 overheating issue, you should:

  • Make sure the area around your console is clean and dust-free
  • Don’t place your PS5 in a crammed cabinet or on top of a carpet
  • Clean the vents to prevent dust from blocking airflow
  • If your PS5 is making any noise, check the vents
  • Don’t use in a hot unventilated room
  • Leave some space between the air vents and the surface 
  • Setting up a cooling fan or air conditioner to lower the system temperature 

Ok, that’s a lot of info! In the following sections, I’ll explore these reasons in more detail. 

Let’s get started. 

How to Prevent PS5 overheating?

In this section, I’ll take a more detailed look at some of the main ways to keep your PS5’s temperature nice and frosty. 

Lower the room temperature

Sony recommends the users operate the PS5 in the temperature range of 41°F to 95°F. 

Playing above this temperature range will likely lead to rapid overheating of your Playstation 5 system. 

The first thing you should consider doing is lower your room temperature.

Your room temperature directly affects the PS5’s cooling performance.

You can keep your room temperature low by: 

  • Ensuring that your PS5 is in an air-conditioned room. 
  • Using the PS5 in a cooler room such as a basement 
  • Opening all windows and doors to let cool air flow through your home
  • Using fans in the room you play games to help circulate cool air. 
  •  If the windows in your room are exposed to direct sunlight, you can use dark curtains or blinds. Remember, insulating your gaming room will ensure that the sun’s heat doesn’t seep in. 

If you’ve tried all the above tips and you’re still having problems with your PS5 overheating. I recommend buying a cooling stand from OIVO. The OVIO PS5 cooling stand offers an active cooling solution that helps to pull hot air out of the system and expel it from the bottom. 

Additionally, the stand comes with charging pads for your dual sense controllers and it acts as a holder for your games. 

Check out the OVIO PS5 cooling stand, it’s 1000 5-star reviews, here

Clean the air vents

I live in a particularly dusty environment. Why? 

Because I have two pet dogs. And they are always dragging in fresh mud, dust, and hair into my house. 

Sadly, the PS5 doesn’t have the ability to know what is clean fresh air and what is dust-filled air. 

The problem is, all this dust tends to get stuck inside the PlayStation 5 because it’s attracted to the PS5 cooler’s slight electric charge. 

This leads to dust and other debris carpeting the PS5’s innards which leads to overheating. 

Dust & dirt particles can clog up your PS5’s air vents which might make your system’s fan push itself more to keep the system cool. 

However, you can stop the PS5 from overheating by cleaning the air vents regularly. Depending on where you place your PS5, your console might need cleaning every 2 to 3 months or less. If your system is in a room with exposure to more dogs or foot traffic, the air vents will clog up faster. 

Getting professional help is recommended, especially if you do not know how to clean the air vents. 

Plus, getting the PS5 cleaned professionally helps maintain the warranty.

Leave some space between the air vents and surface

When I first bought my PS5 home, I put it inside a tiny space that was barely big enough for it under my TV.

This was a mistake.

The PS5, when playing games, heats up to over 125 degrees Fahrenheit. All this heat has to escape somewhere. So the system’s fan wicks away heat and pumps the hot air out of the system. 

The problem is if you place your PS5 in a small space, the small space starts to act like an oven. 

The PS5 sucks in air, heats it up, and pumps it out into the small space. Eventually, the air the PS5 is sucking in has been heated up so much it doesn’t cool the PS5 anymore. This leads to the PS5 getting even hotter which heats the air in the little space even more. This cascading effect eventually leads to the PS5 overheating simply because the air it is pulling into the system is actually helping to heat the PS5 instead of cooling it. 

So be sure not to use your PS5 in a small enclosed space. Make sure there are at least two inches of empty space all the way around your PS5. 

What Happens When PS5 Overheats?

While the PS5 is fitted with a large fan to keep the system cool, it is normal for the PS5 to overheat. In such a case, an alert message will pop up on your Tv screen. The message will be, “Your PS5 is hot. Turn off your PS5 and wait until the temperature goes down“.

In such a case, save your game and turn off the console to prevent hardware damage. Wait until the temperature goes down. 

If you ignore the message, the PS5 console will automatically shut down.

Sometimes you may notice that the fan of your PS5 either makes a loud noise or won’t rotate. This is a protection mechanism in the event of overheating. In such a case, you just need to give your PS5 half an hour to cool down. Plus, try to cool the room temperature down. It will stop the PS5 from overheating again.

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