How to Use Vampire Seduction Skyrim: Not What I First Thought!

There I was, traversing the shadowy realms of Skyrim, the cold wind brushing against my character’s face, my vampiric powers surging within. It was a dark, moonlit night when I stumbled upon a secluded village. An NPC caught my eye, and I felt the familiar hunger pangs. “Now’s the perfect moment to use the Vampire Seduction,” I thought. But, just like trying to find that last piece in a jigsaw puzzle, I realized I had no clue how to activate it. Frustration brewed as my fingers fumbled over the keyboard and controller. I thought, “If only there were a handy guide for this.” And hey, I bet there are adventurers out there, like you, facing the same dragon-sized dilemma.

In this guide, you’ll unlock:

  • Activating Vampire Seduction: Master the keystrokes and buttons to weave this spell.
  • Feeding on a Seduced Victim: Satisfy your hunger without getting a bounty on your head.
  • Console vs. PC: Understand the nuances between gaming platforms.
  • Navigating the In-game Menus: Ensure you never miss that crucial ability amidst the plethora of spells.
  • Pros and Cons: The positives and negatives of using vampire seduction.

Imagine this as your personal enchanted map, leading you to treasures of knowledge. So, ready your quiver and pull out an arrow of curiosity. Dive in, fellow Dovahkiin, and let’s make sure you never go hungry in Skyrim again.

How to Use Vampire Seduction Skyrim fo Feed

Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to use and activate the Vampire Seduction ability in Skyrim on both PC and consoles, and subsequently how to feed on a victim:

Activating Vampire Seduction

For PC:

  1. Open the Character Menu: Press the ‘Tab’ key.
  2. Navigate to the Magic Menu: Use the arrow keys or your mouse to click on “Magic.”
  3. Access the Powers Section: This is usually located on the right side of the Magic menu.
  4. Select Vampire Seduction: Navigate to the ability using the arrow keys or your mouse and click on it. It should now be highlighted.
  5. Exit the Menu: Press the ‘Tab’ key again.
  6. Activate the Power: Press the ‘Z’ key when you want to use the Vampire Seduction ability on an NPC.

For Console:

Note: Controls may vary slightly based on your console, but the general steps remain the same.

  1. Open the Character Menu: On Xbox, press the ‘B’ button. On PlayStation, press the ‘Circle’ button.
  2. Navigate to the Magic Menu: Use the joystick or directional pad.
  3. Access the Powers Section: This is usually located on the right side of the Magic menu.
  4. Select Vampire Seduction: Navigate to the ability using the joystick or directional pad and confirm your selection.
  5. Exit the Menu: Press the same button you used to access the menu.
  6. Activate the Power: On Xbox, press the ‘RB’ button. On PlayStation, press the ‘R1’ button when you wish to use the Vampire Seduction ability on an NPC.

Feeding on a Seduced Victim

After successfully using Vampire Seduction on an NPC:

  1. Approach the Calmed NPC: Walk up to the NPC who is now under the effect of Vampire Seduction. They should be non-hostile and passive.
  2. Initiate Interaction:
    • On PC: Press the ‘E’ key.
    • On Xbox: Press the ‘A’ button.
    • On PlayStation: Press the ‘X’ button.
  3. Choose the Feed Option: A new option, “Feed,” should appear as an interaction choice. Select it to feed on the seduced NPC. Note: This option is only available at night or in dark areas where no one else is watching. Feeding in public may accrue a bounty.
  4. Completion: Once done, your vampire thirst will be satiated, and you’ll revert to an earlier stage of vampirism if you had progressed to a later stage due to not feeding.

Remember, while feeding keeps your vampirism in check and prevents NPCs from becoming hostile, over-relying on it can also prevent you from experiencing the full spectrum of powers and challenges that come with higher stages of vampirism. Always be mindful of your surroundings, especially when feeding, to avoid unintended consequences in the world of Skyrim.

10 Pros of Using the Vampire Seduction Ability

Here are 10 pros of using the Vampire Seduction ability in Skyrim:

  1. Non-aggressive Feeding: Vampire Seduction calms NPCs, allowing the player to feed on them without them becoming hostile. This is particularly useful for maintaining and controlling vampiric stages.
  2. Avoiding Combat: The power can be used to pacify aggressive NPCs temporarily, allowing players to avoid unnecessary combat scenarios and navigate areas stealthily.
  3. Strategic Gameplay: In certain situations, especially during quests, calming an NPC can provide a strategic advantage, allowing the player to approach objectives from a different angle.
  4. Experience: Successfully feeding on NPCs after using Vampire Seduction grants experience towards the player’s Illusion skill.
  5. Versatility with NPCs: The power can be used on a wide range of NPCs, including those that are typically difficult to influence with standard illusion spells.
  6. Enhanced Roleplaying: For players seeking a more immersive vampire roleplaying experience, using abilities like Vampire Seduction adds depth and authenticity to their character’s identity.
  7. Synergy with Other Powers: Vampire Seduction can be combined with other vampiric powers to maximize the effectiveness of the player’s vampire abilities.
  8. Reduced Bounty Risk: By sedating potential witnesses, players can perform illicit activities, like theft or unauthorized feeding, with a reduced risk of accruing a bounty.
  9. Resource Conservation: Instead of using weapons, spells, or potions to handle hostile NPCs, Vampire Seduction provides a non-resource-intensive method to control situations, conserving valuable resources for more challenging encounters.
  10. Gameplay Variety: Introducing an ability like Vampire Seduction offers a variation in gameplay, encouraging players to experiment with different tactics and strategies, enriching their overall Skyrim experience.

It’s worth noting that while Vampire Seduction offers several advantages, players should be mindful of their vampirism stages and how other NPCs react to a vampire’s presence, especially in populated areas.

10 Disadvantages of Using Vampire Seduction

Here are 10 disadvantages of using the Vampire Seduction ability in Skyrim:

  1. Temporary Effect: The calming effect of Vampire Seduction is temporary. Once the effect wears off, NPCs can become hostile, especially if they were aggravated before.
  2. Over-reliance: Relying too heavily on this ability can leave players unprepared when facing situations where it’s ineffective, such as against multiple hostile entities or creatures immune to the seduction effect.
  3. Limited Daily Use: Unlike other powers or spells that rely on Magicka, Vampire Seduction has a limited daily use. This can be problematic if the player becomes too dependent on it.
  4. Alerts Nearby NPCs: While the targeted NPC might be calmed, using the ability can alert or aggravate nearby NPCs, potentially complicating situations further.
  5. Stage Limitation: Vampire Seduction’s effectiveness and the ability to feed on NPCs is tied to the player’s stage of vampirism. This means the power’s utility is constrained by the player’s current vampire stage.
  6. Can’t Target Everyone: Certain NPCs, especially those with a higher level or unique resistances, may be immune to the effects of Vampire Seduction.
  7. Progressive Hostility: As players advance in the stages of vampirism, NPCs become increasingly hostile on sight. Overusing Vampire Seduction might give players a false sense of security, making them unprepared for the game world’s general hostility.
  8. Missed Combat Opportunities: Avoiding combat by using Vampire Seduction can result in missed opportunities to level up combat-related skills.
  9. Distanced from Factions: Certain factions, such as the Dawnguard, are less favorable to vampires. Over-relying on vampiric abilities like Vampire Seduction may distance the player from potential allies or beneficial questlines.
  10. Potential In-game Repercussions: If spotted using the power, it can have in-game consequences. For instance, witnesses to the act might report crimes, leading to bounties or unwanted attention from guards.

While Vampire Seduction offers unique gameplay mechanics and advantages, these disadvantages emphasize the importance of using it strategically and understanding the broader implications in the world of Skyrim.


Ah, the journey through the murky paths of Skyrim’s vampiric abilities has been an exhilarating one, hasn’t it? Remember the frustration we felt when first faced with the intricacies of Vampire Seduction? Well, those days are behind us. With the wisdom of this guide, the world of Skyrim is a little less daunting, and your vampiric prowess is undeniably stronger.

Recapping our adventure:

  • Mastered Activation: Unraveled the mystery behind activating Vampire Seduction.
  • Strategic Feeding: Learned the art of feeding without drawing unwanted attention.
  • Platform Nuances: Discussed the differences between PC and console commands.
  • In-game Menu Navigation: Sifted through the spellbook with ease.
  • Embracing the Vampire Role: Immerse deeper into your character’s vampiric nature.
  • Staying Stealthy: Ensured bounty-free feeding by picking the right moments.

And now, with your newfound knowledge, the vast landscapes of Skyrim beckon once more. But before you go, there’s always one more scroll to read, right? Stay with me for the “What Next?” section.

What Next?

I’ve always believed that knowledge is only as good as its application. Every tale, every guide, should leave you with tasks to conquer, just like a quest log. Here’s your next mission:

  • Practice Run: Head to a remote village and test out your Vampire Seduction skills.
  • Journal Entry: Keep a record of your successful seductions and feeding instances.
  • Experiment: Try combining Vampire Seduction with other vampiric powers.
  • Join the Dawnguard: If you haven’t already, explore the Dawnguard DLC to further delve into vampiric lore.
  • Share the Wisdom: Discuss your experiences and tips on Skyrim forums or with fellow gamers.

Now, gear up, Dragonborn. Let the story continue!


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