Illia’s Location After Dismissing Her in Skyrim. You’ll never guess where she ends up!

The chilling winds of Skyrim whipped around me as I stood atop the Throat of the World, contemplating my recent adventures. One name echoed in the recesses of my mind more than any dragon shout: Illia. Like many of you, I’d once been lost in the labyrinthine decision of whether or not to welcome this frost mage into my party. I mean, on one hand, she’s got some icy moves that could make even a Draugr shiver. But then again, there were moments when I wished I’d chosen a beefier companion, like a tanky Nord, especially when things got heated in close combat.

I remember downing a sweet roll, thinking:

  • Where do I find Illia after dismissing her?
  • What really are the advantages of having Illia as my partner-in-crime?
  • But aren’t there also drawbacks that could trip me up, like an unexpected pressure plate in a Dwemer ruin?
  • And how do these pros and cons weigh against each other?

I knew I wasn’t the only Dragonborn with these dilemmas. For every gamer who’s found themselves at such crossroads, lost in the wilds of decision-making, this guide is your Clairvoyance spell, leading you to clarity.

So, fellow Dovahkiin, grab your mead and hunker down by the campfire. Let’s dive deep into the icy enigma that is Illia. Keep on reading, and together we’ll unlock the secrets of this mysterious mage, just like cracking the code to an expert-level chest.

Illia: A Brief Overview

Illia is a talented Imperial ice mage you can encounter in the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” She is found at Darklight Tower, a location in the Rift, southeast of Riften. When you first meet Illia, she’s in the midst of a conflict with her mother, Silvia, who has turned to worshipping the Daedric Prince of Plague, Peryite. After helping Illia confront her mother, you have the option of recruiting her as a follower.

Where Does Illia Go Once Dismissed?

If you choose to dismiss Illia after recruiting her as a follower, she will typically return to Darklight Tower. However, there are a few intricacies to consider:

  1. Default Location: By default, Illia returns to the top of Darklight Tower, where you first found her. This is where she tends to spend her time after completing the associated quest.
  2. Player’s Homes: If you’ve made her a steward or moved her into one of your homes (if you have the Hearthfire DLC and have directed her to one of the player-built homes), then she will reside there instead.
  3. Bugs & Glitches: It’s important to note that Skyrim, even with patches and updates, is notorious for its occasional bugs and quirks. Some players have reported Illia going missing or not returning to Darklight Tower. If you encounter such a scenario, you might want to check places you’ve been to with her or even backtrack a bit. If you’re playing on PC, console commands can be a last-resort solution to locate or summon her.

Here’s some friendly advice: Next time you dismiss a follower, keep an eye on which direction they head off in; it can sometimes provide a clue about their destination!

10 Reasons Why You’ll Want Illia As a Follower

Illia is a unique follower in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” and she comes with her own set of advantages:

  1. Elemental Expertise: Illia primarily casts Ice-based spells. This makes her especially effective against foes that are vulnerable to frost damage, such as many of the dragons in Skyrim.
  2. Ranged Support: As a mage, she can provide ranged magical support. This can be invaluable if you’re a melee-focused player, allowing you to take on enemies up close while Illia supports you from a distance.
  3. Alchemy Knowledge: Illia was involved in some dark alchemical experiments at Darklight Tower. This background implies she has a deep understanding of alchemy, even if this doesn’t translate into in-game benefits.
  4. Complementing Styles: If you’re playing a character that lacks magical abilities, having Illia can provide a good balance of skills in combat situations. Her magical abilities can compensate for your physical or stealth-based approach.
  5. Distraction in Combat: Followers often serve as an additional target for enemies. Illia can draw attention away from you, giving you a chance to strategize or heal.
  6. Loyalty: Once you assist her at Darklight Tower, Illia becomes utterly loyal to your cause, ensuring she won’t turn on you even in the direst situations.
  7. Unique Dialogues: Illia, like many of Skyrim’s followers, has her own set of unique dialogues that add depth to her character and provide insights into her backstory and the lore of the world.
  8. Light Footed: Illia doesn’t set off traps, which can be a huge advantage when navigating dungeons riddled with dangerous pitfalls.
  9. Level Scaling: Illia scales with the player up to level 40. This means she remains relevant and strong as you advance in your journey.
  10. Strong Morals: After her experiences at Darklight Tower, Illia is committed to a righteous path. This can provide a sense of camaraderie if your Dragonborn is similarly aligned with noble causes.

Remember, the best follower for you often depends on your playstyle, your character’s story, and personal preference. While Illia provides many advantages, the most important thing is to choose a companion that complements your journey through Skyrim!

10 Reasons Why You Don’t want Illia As a Follower

Of course! While Illia offers several advantages as a follower in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,” she does come with potential downsides, depending on your gameplay style and preferences. Here are 10 disadvantages of having Illia as a follower:

  1. Magic Overkill: If you’re also a mage, especially one focused on frost magic, having Illia might make your team’s damage output less diversified, causing difficulties against enemies resistant to ice.
  2. Fragility: Like many mage characters in Skyrim, Illia isn’t as tanky as warrior-type followers. She can be easily overwhelmed in close combat situations.
  3. Limited Equipment Customization: Illia won’t equip most armor types, meaning you have less flexibility in gearing her up compared to other followers.
  4. Missing Close-Combat Backup: If you’re a ranged or stealth character, having another ranged follower like Illia might leave you wishing for a companion who can engage enemies up close.
  5. Mana Dependency: Illia relies on her magicka pool to deal damage. Once she’s out of magicka, her effectiveness diminishes greatly until it regenerates.
  6. AI Pathfinding: Like many followers, Illia can sometimes struggle with pathfinding or get in the way, especially in tight spaces. This is not unique to Illia but can be a problem when she’s trying to cast spells from behind you.
  7. Can’t Become Steward: If you own a house from the Hearthfire DLC, Illia cannot become a steward for your property. This limits some of the home management and defense features.
  8. Bugs: Illia’s quest and follower mechanics have been known to be buggy for some players, leading to issues like not being able to recruit her or her disappearing.
  9. Morality Conflicts: If you’re role-playing a darker, more morally ambiguous character, Illia’s strong morals and past regrets might make her feel like a less fitting companion for your narrative.
  10. Level Cap: Illia scales with the player, but only up to level 40. If you continue to level up beyond this, she might start to lag behind in terms of effectiveness in combat.

It’s always a balance when selecting a follower in Skyrim. While Illia has her strengths, these potential disadvantages should be weighed against your gameplay style and needs.


As we journeyed through the misty valleys and towering peaks of Skyrim together, we unraveled the enigma of Illia, our potential frosty comrade. Just as every coin in Tamriel has two sides, so too does our mysterious mage. Here’s a brief recap of our epic quest for knowledge:

  • Illia’s prowess in frost magic is unparalleled.
  • Her background in alchemy hints at unique skills.
  • Yet, she’s vulnerable in close combat situations.
  • Her level cap at 40 can pose challenges in later stages.
  • A fragile constitution means she’s not the tankiest of followers.
  • And her morality may clash with more nefarious Dragonborn out there.

But the scrolls never just end, do they? Ready to dive deeper and discover what fate has in store?

Read on in the “What Next?” section!

What Next?

I always believe that knowledge is only as powerful as the action it inspires. Here are your next steps, fellow adventurer:

  • Experiment in Game: Test Illia out in different scenarios – perhaps a dragon fight or two?
  • Gear Up: Tailor your equipment to complement her skills. Maybe keep those frost-resistant foes at bay?
  • Role Play: Craft a storyline where your Dragonborn and Illia’s paths are intertwined.
  • Discuss with Fellow Gamers: Share your experiences on Skyrim forums or Reddit to get diverse perspectives.
  • Record and Share: Document your escapades with Illia, be it through screenshots or gameplay, and let the community enjoy the tale!


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