Reinventing Your Dragonborn: Can You Change Your Race in Skyrim?

I remember the first time I stepped into the snow-covered expanse of Skyrim. I was a fierce Nord, ready to take on dragons and shout my way to glory. But as I delved deeper into the game, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that maybe, just maybe, I was meant to be a stealthy Khajiit or a wise old Altmer. Ever felt that pang of regret, like choosing the wrong class in a raid and realizing you’re not optimized for the boss fight? Yeah, that was me with my Nord. I wished there was a guide, a beacon in this vast gaming wilderness, to help me switch lanes and reinvent my Dragonborn. And guess what? If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. This guide is the co-op partner you’ve been waiting for.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • The Diversity of Races in Skyrim: Understand the strengths and quirks of each race.
  • Changing Your Race: Dive into the methods, from console commands to mods.
  • Reasons to Switch: Whether it’s strategy or just a fresh experience.
  • Tweaking Appearance: Because sometimes, it’s not about the race but the look.
  • Tips for a Smooth Transition: Equip yourself with the best strategies to avoid any in-game glitches.

So, ready to respec your Skyrim character and dive into a new adventure? Keep on reading and let’s embark on this quest together!

Skyrim offers a rich palette of ten distinct races, each with its unique abilities and skill bonuses. This diversity sets the stage for a multitude of character builds and play styles. From the stealthy Khajiit to the arcane High Elves, the choice of race significantly influences your journey through the land of the Nords.

However, the question remains—can you switch your race mid-game? The good news is, yes, you can! But it’s not as straightforward as you might hope. To modify your character’s race, you’ll need to access the “race menu”, which entails using console commands or installing mods.

Accessing the Race Menu: Skyrim Console Commands

Console commands are essentially cheat codes allowing you to alter various game aspects. To open the console in Skyrim, press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. With the console active, type “showracemenu” (without quotes), and voila! You’re back at the character creation menu.

Be cautious, though. Changing your race can impact your stats and skills, so if you’re already deep into the game, take note of your current abilities before making the switch.

Changing Race Using Mods

Mods, or modifications, are another way to change your race in Skyrim. Created by other players, mods can add new features or alter existing ones. Some mods, such as “Race Menu” and “Custom Races”, are designed specifically to alter your character’s race or enable you to create a unique combination of racial traits.

Installing these mods may seem intimidating, but don’t worry. Websites like Nexus Mods provide detailed instructions on how to install Skyrim character appearance mods, ensuring they work correctly without causing any in-game issues.

Why Change Your Race in Skyrim?

Each race in Skyrim comes equipped with unique abilities and powers, giving you an edge in gameplay. For example, Argonians can breathe underwater, while Khajiits have night vision. If you find yourself yearning for a different power or skill set, changing your race could offer the solution.

Moreover, exploring different races adds a fun element of novelty to the game. Maybe you started as a Wood Elf but now fancy the idea of being a powerful Orc. With so many races to choose from, a fresh and exciting experience always awaits after a race switch.

Changing Character Appearance Without Changing Race

If you want to mix up your character’s look without switching races, you have a couple of options: console commands or mods. Using the “showracemenu” command, you can alter your character’s appearance without changing their race.

Mods offer an alternative method to revamp your character’s look. The “RaceMenu” mod by Expired6978, available on NexusMods, gives you far more customization options than the basic race menu.

Tips for Changing Race in Skyrim

Changing your race in Skyrim can be a bit tricky, but with a few tips up your sleeve, you can smoothly transition into a new racial identity.

Before altering your race, note down your current stats and skills, as changing races can affect these attributes. If you’re playing on a platform other than PC, consider using mods for a more immersive customization experience. Always follow the instructions when installing mods to avoid any potential glitches.


Ah, the journey we’ve taken together! From the nostalgic days of my Nord’s first steps to the realization that change is not only possible but can be exhilarating. Skyrim, with its vast landscapes and intricate lore, offers a canvas for us to paint our unique stories. And sometimes, a little change in the narrative can make all the difference. Let’s recap:

  • Diversity of Races: Skyrim’s rich tapestry of races, each with its unique flavor.
  • Changing Your Race: The magic of console commands and the artistry of mods.
  • Reasons to Switch: From strategic advantages to simply seeking a fresh perspective.
  • Tweaking Appearance: It’s not always about race; sometimes, it’s about style.
  • Tips for Transition: Equip yourself for a glitch-free transformation.
  • The Power of Choice: Embrace change and rediscover Skyrim’s enchanting realm.

With your Dragonborn now ready for a new chapter, what’s next on this epic quest? Dive into the “What Next?” section and let’s keep the adventure going!

What Next?

I always believe in leaving you with something actionable, a treasure map of sorts, after our shared tales. Here’s your guide to the next steps:

  • Experiment with Mods: Explore Nexus Mods for other character customization options.
  • Join a Skyrim Forum: Engage with fellow Dragonborns and share your transformation stories.
  • Revisit Main Quests: Experience main storylines from the perspective of your new race.
  • Document Your Journey: Start a gaming journal or blog to chronicle your adventures.
  • Recommend to a Friend: Share this guide with fellow adventurers who might be seeking a change.


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