Serana’s Age in Skyrim: I Can’t Believe She’s THAT Old!

I remember the first time I stumbled upon Serana in that dimly lit crypt, much like unexpectedly finding a hidden side quest in a game you thought you’d mastered. My gamer instincts kicked in, and I was immediately flooded with questions. Who was this mysterious vampire? Why was she sealed away? And the one that kept me up at night: just how old was she? I felt like I’d unlocked a new level, but had no walkthrough to guide me. I knew I wasn’t alone in this; many of my fellow gamers were equally intrigued, and I could imagine them, just like me, scouring forums and lore books for answers.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into:

  • The age-old mystery: How old is Serana in Skyrim?
  • Cryptic confinements: Why was Serana sealed in Dimhollow Crypt?
  • Prophecies and power plays: The Tyranny of the Sun and its connection to Serana.

For all the Dragonborns out there, this is the lore-rich treasure chest you’ve been searching for. So, equip your reading glasses, grab your favorite in-game snack, and let’s embark on this quest together. Ready to unlock some secrets? Keep on reading!

How old is Serana in Skyrim?

Diving deep into the vast universe of Skyrim, one question has been a constant itch for many players: Just how old is Serana, the enigmatic vampire? It’s like trying to figure out the age of a rare artifact in a dungeon – you know it’s ancient, but you’re not quite sure just how ancient.

Serana, a central character in the Dawnguard DLC, is a pure-blood vampire. While the game doesn’t explicitly state her age, there are several clues that hint at her ancient origins. For starters, when you first meet her in the Dimhollow Crypt, she’s unaware of the ongoing civil war in Skyrim, suggesting she’s been sealed away for a considerable amount of time.

Furthermore, her knowledge (or rather, lack thereof) about the current state of Tamriel indicates that she’s been out of the loop for several eras. She’s unfamiliar with the concept of an Empire in Cyrodiil, which has been around for several centuries by the time of Skyrim’s events. It’s like a gamer being unaware of the latest console – you know they’ve been out of the game for a while.

From what I can gather from peacing together different information in the game, Serena was born well before the Merethic Era, which was over 2500 years from the time Skyrim takes place. The Merethic Era Was the Era that immediately came after the Dawn Era. The Dawn Era was a time when the Elder Scrolls universe was being created. It wasn’t until the Merethic Era that different species that inhabited Temrael started to form and coalesce into the civilizations they are today. This was the Era when the¬†Ideal Masters, the rulers of the Soul Cairn, captured Durneviir, the undead dragon. It was Serana’s Mother who Locked the dragon into eternal servitude.

But how long are the ages or Eras in the Elder Scrolls? Below I’ve listed the eras in chronological order, plus I’ve added alongside them how long that Eea was.

  • Dawn Era – unknown amount of time
  • Merethic Era – ME 2500 – ME 1 – 2500 years long
  • First Era – FE 1 – FE 2920 – 2920 years long – Total 5420 years
  • Second Era – SE 1 – SE 896 – 896 years long – Total 6316 years
  • Third Era – TE 1 – TE 433 – 433 year long – Total 6749 years
  • Forth Era – TE 1 – TE 201 (when Skyrim takes place) – 201 years long – Total 6950

Now, assuming that Serana Was alive when Durneviir was captured by her mother. We know this happened in the Merethic Era. So that would place Serana’s possible oldest age at around 6950 years old, the Dawn of the Merethic Era. I would say her youngest possible age, there for, is the end of the Merethic Era, which would make her 4,450 years old.

So, Serana is between 4450 and 6950 years old. That’s a lot of birthday cakes to get through.

But age isn’t the only mystery surrounding Serana. Why was such a powerful vampire sealed away for so long?

Why was Serana sealed away in Dimhollow Crypt for so long?

Imagine finding a legendary weapon in a game, sealed away in a crypt, waiting for the right player to unlock its power. That’s Serana in a nutshell, but what led to her confinement in the first place?

Serana’s sealing in the Dimhollow Crypt is closely tied to the Elder Scroll she carries and the prophecy it contains. Her own family played a significant role in her confinement. Her father, Lord Harkon, sought to use the power of the Elder Scroll to fulfill the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy, which would grant vampires the ability to walk freely under the sun.

To prevent this from happening, Serana’s mother, Valerica, who believed that vampires should continue their shadowy existence, decided to hide her daughter and the Elder Scroll away. It was a protective measure, akin to hiding a powerful in-game item to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. The crypt became Serana’s prison, shielding her from her father’s ambitions and the outside world.

Serana’s confinement in the crypt wasn’t a punishment but a protective measure, a testament to a mother’s love and the lengths she’d go to protect her child.

Speaking of protection, let’s delve deeper into the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy that led to all this.

What is the Tyranny of the Sun prophecy and how does it relate to Serana?

Every game has its epic quests and legendary prophecies, and in the world of Skyrim, the Tyranny of the Sun stands out as one of the most intriguing.

The Tyranny of the Sun prophecy is a foretelling that speaks of the sun being blotted out, allowing vampires to roam frey without the fear of sunlight. It’s the ultimate power-up for any vampire, like unlocking a character’s ultimate ability in a game.

Serana plays a pivotal role in this prophecy because of the Elder Scroll she possesses. This scroll is one of the keys to fulfilling the prophecy. Her blood, being that of a pure-blood vampire, is another crucial component. Lord Harkon, her father, aims to use both to achieve his goal of vampire domination.

The Tyranny of the Sun prophecy is more than just a tale; it’s a looming threat that ties Serana’s fate with the fate of all of Tamriel.


Journeying through the vast world of Skyrim, we’ve uncovered some of the most intriguing mysteries surrounding the enigmatic vampire, Serana. Just like completing a challenging quest, we’ve pieced together the lore, connected the dots, and arrived at some fascinating revelations. To recap our epic adventure:

  • Age Unveiled: Serana’s age ranges between 4450 and 6950 years.
  • Cryptic Secrets: The Dimhollow Crypt served as both a prison and protection for Serana.
  • Family Feuds: Serana’s family dynamics played a pivotal role in her story.
  • Prophecy Unraveled: The Tyranny of the Sun prophecy could change the fate of all vampires.
  • Vampiric Lineage: Serana’s age sets her apart from most vampires in Skyrim.
  • Character Bonds: Serana’s interactions with others reveal deeper layers of her character.

Remember that feeling of curiosity when we first met Serana? We’ve come full circle, equipping ourselves with knowledge and understanding. But as every gamer knows, there’s always another quest on the horizon. Ready for the next chapter? Dive into the “What Next?” section!

What Next?

I always believe in leaving my fellow gamers with something actionable after a deep lore dive. Here’s what you can do next:

  • Revisit Skyrim: Play the Dawnguard DLC again with your newfound knowledge.
  • Character Study: Create a new character inspired by Serana’s lore.
  • Forum Dive: Engage in discussions about Serana on gaming forums.
  • Lore Exploration: Dive deeper into the Elder Scrolls universe and explore other character backstories.
  • Gameplay Challenge: Try playing Skyrim as a vampire and experience the world through their eyes.


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