The Undying Legacy of Skyrim: A Decade-Old Game and its Persistent Bugs

h, the land of Skyrim! I remember the first time I stepped into its vast, snowy expanse, eager to embark on a journey of dragons, magic, and epic battles.

But, just like that one time I tried to speedrun a dungeon without any potions, I was met with unexpected challenges. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh when my horse defied gravity and scaled a sheer cliff face, or when a giant’s club turned me into the world’s first Dovahkiin space program.

But, as amusing as these moments were, they also pulled me out of the immersive world Bethesda crafted. And I thought, “Man, if only there was a guide that highlighted all these quirks!” Well, fellow gamer, you’re in luck.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into:

  • Unresolved Launch Issues: Because first impressions matter.
  • NPC Behavioural Glitches: When your follower decides to play hide and seek.
  • Exploits and Cheats: The sneaky shortcuts that make us feel like gaming wizards.
  • Combat System Glitches: When your sword decides it needs a vacation.
  • Quest-related Bugs: Because nothing says “epic quest” like an objective that won’t update.
  • Inconsistent Game Physics: Ah, the joys of airborne horses.
  • Audio Overlaps: When the game’s soundtrack becomes a chaotic remix.
  • Problems with Porting: Because some bugs just love every platform.
  • Mod-related Issues: The double-edged sword of customization.
  • Developer’s Inaction: When the devs give you lemons, but no lemonade recipe.

So, ready to embark on this glitchy journey through Tamriel’s quirkiest province? Keep on reading, Dragonborn!

Skyrim, a game that continues to captivate audiences even a decade after its release, is often hailed as one of the most influential titles in the gaming industry. But with the admiration comes a fair share of criticism. Many players have been vocal about the game’s persistent bugs, glitches, and exploits. This article aims to delve into the ten primary reasons behind Skyrim’s notorious buggy reputation.

1. Unresolved Launch Issues

Skyrim’s launch on 11/11/11 was met with much fanfare and anticipation. The game was praised for its immersive world and expansive lore. However, alongside the accolades were also complaints about various bugs disrupting the gameplay. These ranged from minor visual glitches to major game-breaking issues. Disturbingly, many of these bugs are still present in the current versions of the game, including the Nintendo Switch port.

2. NPC Behavioural Glitches

Skyrim’s NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are a significant part of the game’s charm. However, they are also a source of many glitches. Followers blocking doorways, getting lost after the player jumps off cliffs, and more such issues have been reported. Even the shopkeepers in the game appear indifferent to theft, as long as the thief places a basket on their heads first. These peculiar behavioural glitches, while amusing, can hamper the overall gaming experience.

3. Exploits and Cheats

Skyrim is infamous for a variety of exploits that players can use to their advantage. From duplicating items to gaining infinite gold, the game is riddled with shortcuts that mar its integrity. One such exploit involves manipulating the follower’s inventory to duplicate items, while another lets players access a shopkeeper’s hidden money chest. The existence of such exploits, even after years of patches and updates, is a testament to the game’s buggy nature.

4. Combat System Glitches

Skyrim’s combat system, while engaging, is not immune to bugs. Players have reported instances where their character’s weapons inexplicably disappear or where they are unable to switch weapons during combat. The physics of combat, too, can be erratic – the infamous ‘giant launch’ glitch, where a giant’s attack can send the player’s character flying into the stratosphere, is a glaring example.

5. Quest-related Bugs

Quests form the backbone of Skyrim’s gameplay, and unfortunately, they are often plagued by bugs. Instances where quests fail to initiate, objectives not getting updated, or quests failing to conclude are common complaints. Such bugs can prevent players from progressing in the game, leading to considerable frustration.

6. Inconsistent Game Physics

Skyrim’s in-game physics is often a source of amusement and irritation for its players. From riding a horse vertically up a mountain to using a bucket to walk through walls, the game’s physics can be inconsistent and unpredictable. While these glitches can sometimes lead to humorous outcomes, they also break immersion and remind players of the game’s flawed programming.

7. Audio Overlaps

Audio plays a crucial role in creating an immersive gaming experience. In Skyrim, however, players have reported issues with overlapping music and dialogues. This not only disrupts the gaming experience but also robs important scenes of their emotional impact.

8. Problems with Porting

Skyrim has been ported to various platforms since its initial release. Each port, however, seems to carry over the existing bugs and glitches from the previous versions. The Switch version, for instance, features the same bugs present in the original game, causing many to label it as just another buggy port.

9. Mod-related Issues

Mods are a significant part of Skyrim’s longevity. However, they can also introduce new bugs into the game or exacerbate existing ones. Even the unofficial patches, created by the game’s community to fix the game’s issues, can sometimes lead to unexpected glitches.

10. Developer’s Inaction

Lastly, the persistence of Skyrim’s bugs can be attributed to the developer’s lack of proactive bug fixing. Despite the bugs being widely reported and documented, many remain unaddressed in the official updates. This has led to the game’s community stepping in with unofficial patches and mods to resolve these issues.


Ah, the adventures and misadventures of Skyrim! From the first dragon encounter to the last shout, it’s been a rollercoaster of epic battles and… well, unexpected glitches. As we journeyed through this guide, we uncovered the quirks that make Skyrim both endearing and exasperating:

  • Unresolved Launch Issues: A rocky start that still echoes.
  • NPC Behavioural Glitches: Our quirky companions and their antics.
  • Exploits and Cheats: The shortcuts that sometimes cut too deep.
  • Combat System Glitches: The unpredictable dance of battle.
  • Quest-related Bugs: The epic tales with not-so-epic hiccups.
  • Developer’s Inaction: The silent watchers of our glitchy escapades.

But, as every gamer knows, it’s not just about identifying the problems; it’s about finding the next quest. So, what’s next on our Skyrim journey? Let’s find out!

What Next?

I always believe that every article should leave you with something actionable, a quest if you will. So, Dragonborn, here’s your next set of objectives:

  • Community Forums: Dive into forums and share your experiences. Maybe you’ll find a fix or two!
  • Mod Exploration: Explore mods that address some of these glitches. Remember, the community often has your back.
  • Feedback to Bethesda: They might not always act, but they do listen. Make your voice heard.
  • Replay with Awareness: Play the game again, but this time, use this guide as a roadmap to navigate around the bugs.
  • Share the Knowledge: Pass this guide to fellow gamers. Knowledge is power, after all.

Now, gear up and get ready for your next adventure in the land of Skyrim!

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