Types of Skyrim Dragons (9 dragons to rule them all)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the most successful game of the Elder Scrolls series (no wonder it still has a huge player base after 11 years of release). The main reason for Skyrim’s success goes to none other than the introduction of dragons in the Elder Scrolls series (and perhaps the vast majority of crazy mods).

While dragons are present as lore in the series, it is the first time we witness, fight, and ride dragons in the Elder Scrolls series!

While you might look at these winged beasts as flying lizards that breathe fire, they are much more than that. Not all dragons in Skyrim are the same, and there are different types of these dragons that you will encounter in your adventure.

In this guide, I’ll explain in detail; the types of dragons in Skyrim, how they are different, and what rewards/benefits they yield after being slain by the Dragonborn!

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Types of Dragons in Skyrim:

There are 9 types of different dragons that you’ll find in the world of Skyrim; in the list below, you’ll find the details of each and every type of dragon in Skyrim, ranging from weakest to strongest.

9. Brown Dragon

The “average joe” of the dragon world is the ‘Brown Dragon’. This simple flying serpent merely lives a life of mediocrity. The common ‘Brown Dragon’ found in Skyrim poses no real danger to the Dragonborn. It’s the weakest type of dragon you’ll find in the game. You’ll come across these brown-colored generic dragons early on. They have low armor, are weak against frost damage, and breathe fire.

While these Brown dragons may seem intimidating with their impressive animation and sound effects, as you progress through the game you will come to look forward to encountering them. They yield valuable loot such as dragon scales and dragon bones, which can be exchanged for large amounts of gold coins at merchant shops. What’s more, slaying this common dragon will allow you to easily unlock shouts, as you will be rewarded with a dragon soul.

This soul is an extremely valuable item, and with it you’ll be able to unlock powerful shouts that will help you on your journey. Not only that, but you may even have the chance to gain special items and abilities that you wouldn’t be able to access in any other way. So, don’t be afraid to take on a dragon every now and then; the rewards you can gain from it might just be worth the trouble!

Brown Dragons are a common enemy in Skyrim, and while they may seem intimidating, they can be a great source of loot and rewards. They are weak against frost damage, and slaying them will reward the Dragonborn with a dragon soul, which can be used to unlock powerful shouts, as well as special items and abilities.

8. Blood Dragon

When compared to their brown brethren, blood dragons are larger, faster, and more powerful. They are considerably more lizard-like in appearance; they have a vivid green hue, but their scales are much thinner and smoother, and their yellow eyes are split horizontally rather than vertically, which makes for a very scary close-up encounter.

Instead of horns, they have a large frill, and instead of spines, they have a dorsal fin. The frill on their tail is shaped like a leaf rather than a diamond, like most other dragons.

Blood Dragons in Skyrim are far more formidable than the average dragon. Not only are they incredibly powerful, but they also possess a fire breath attack that is truly devastating. It is not uncommon for adventurers to encounter one of these creatures as early as level 5 to 10. However, it is not unheard of for a daring explorer to face one of these beasts even from the very beginning of their journey. Blood Dragons are a threat that should never be taken lightly, as their sheer power and ferocity can easily overwhelm the unprepared.

Blood Dragons in Skyrim are far more powerful than their brown brethren, with a vivid green hue, thin scales, yellow eyes, a large frill, and a dorsal fin. They possess a devastating fire breath attack, and can be encountered as early as level 5. Blood Dragons should never be taken lightly, as their power and ferocity can easily overwhelm the unprepared.

7. Frost Dragon

The majority of a frost dragon’s body is white, while its head, neck, wings, tail, and legs are black and purple. Their blue eyes are so bright they almost seem white in their dark, hollow eyes. Their frills are spiky and black, and they have rows of long, sharp spines down their backs. Their tail is capped with a bigger spade form, and their wings appear torn.

Skyrim’s Frost dragons use frost breath as their primary attack, a chilling breath that can reduce stamina, slow movement and regeneration, and decrease the target’s resistance to frost damage. As with other dragons, the Frost dragon is especially vulnerable to fire attacks, and those brave enough to face down the beast must be prepared to use fire-based attacks if they wish to have any hope of success. Fortunately, however, the Frost dragon is not completely impervious to frost damage, so those with a more icy approach may still have some chance of victory.

So, in summary, Frost Dragons are a type of dragon found in Skyrim. They have a white body with black and purple accents, and their blue eyes are so bright they almost seem white. Their primary attack is frost breath, which can reduce stamina and slow movement and regeneration. They are vulnerable to fire attacks, but not completely impervious to frost damage, so those with an icy approach may still have a chance of victory.

6. Skeletal Dragon

By far, the coolest dragon in all of Skyrim is the Skeletal dragon. This one-of-a-kind dragon is an undead creature and can be found in Labyrinthian during your quest for The Staff of Magnus. When you finally defeat the Skeletal Dragon, you’ll receive dragon bones but no dragon scales in the loot, which is a testament to the amazing attention to detail that went into the creation of this incredible monster. It’s no wonder why this dragon is at the top of my list; the Skeletal dragon is truly a unique and awe-inspiring creature.

Speaking of attention to detail, since the dragon lacks scales, it cannot fly! This means that during a fight with it, the dragon is completely grounded and unable to take to the skies. The fight with the Skeletal dragon may not be particularly challenging, but it is undoubtedly one of the most unique fights in Skyrim and is incredibly fun to experience. What’s more, the dragon is a sight to behold, with its unique anatomy and lack of scales making it a truly unforgettable fight!

The Skeletal dragon is the coolest dragon in Skyrim, found in Labyrinthian during the quest for The Staff of Magnus. It is unique in that it lacks scales and cannot fly, making it a unique and fun fight. It is a sight to behold, with its unique anatomy and lack of scales making it an unforgettable experience.

5. Elder Dragon

What do you get when frost dragons and fire-breathing dragons make a baby? – An Elder Dragon!

Elder dragons are a formidable and dangerous species of dragon, capable of breathing both fire and frost. After the player reaches level 30, these creatures start to appear, and they are much more aggressive and powerful than their lower-level counterparts. They can be differentiated by their distinct copper-tinted scales, and they are known to be formidable opponents in battle. Elder dragons may use both Yol (Fire) or Fo (Frost) attacks, as well as powerful melee strikes that can cause a bleeding effect.

To adequately ready oneself for a confrontation with an Elder dragon, it is essential to arm oneself with frost and fire-resistant potions. This will provide an added layer of protection to help reduce the damage inflicted by their fierce and potentially lethal attacks. By preparing in such a way, one can increase their chances of surviving this daunting battle.

Elder dragons are a powerful species of dragon capable of breathing both fire and frost. They are distinguishable by their copper-tinted scales and can be encountered after reaching level 30. To prepare for a confrontation with an Elder dragon, it is essential to arm oneself with frost and fire-resistant potions to reduce the damage inflicted by their powerful attacks.

4. Revered Dragon

The Revered Dragon is a majestic creature with an impressive physique. Its body is long and flat, with a large tail covered in vibrant orange scales. But, it is not only the Revered Dragon’s physicality that is impressive; it also has access to a special shout that can quickly drain the Health, Magicka, and Stamina of its opponents. This magical ability is an incredibly powerful weapon in the dragon’s arsenal. With this formidable combination of strength and magic, the Revered Dragon is a force to be reckoned with.

The Forgotten Vale is a remote region of Skyrim that is home to two of the most powerful dragons in the land, Naaslaarum and Voslaarum. To reach this area, you must complete the quest “Touching the Sky”, during which you will be tasked with facing off against these revered dragons. Unlike their less powerful cousins, revered dragons lack the sharp teeth of their kin and instead possess beaked avian-like jaws. This distinguishing feature makes them significantly more dangerous and formidable opponents.

Although Naaslaarum and Voslaarum are both powerful dragons, it is important to remember that with the right skills, equipment and strategy, even the most daunting of foes can be defeated.

Revered Dragons are powerful creatures with an impressive physique and access to a special shout that can drain the Health, Magicka, and Stamina of their opponents. Naaslaarum and Voslaarum are two of the most powerful dragons found in the Forgotten Vale region of Skyrim, and can be defeated with the right skills, equipment, and strategy.

3. Serpentine Dragon

Only in Solstheim may you encounter the rare and beautiful Serpentine Dragon. These majestic creatures stand out from other dragons due to their striking shade of blue and their unique lower jaw structure. Their lower jaw is disproportionately large compared to other dragons, giving them an unmistakable underbite.

If you’ve ever faced an Elder or Ancient dragon, you’ll have a good idea of what it’s like to take on a Serpentine dragon; however, these creatures have their own special traits and strategies that set them apart from their kin. Furthermore, the scales of a Serpentine dragon are exceptionally tough and can be difficult to penetrate, even with the most powerful weapons. All in all, battling a Serpentine dragon is a unique experience that is sure to test your mettle.

In addition to frost and fire breath, the Serpentine dragon can also melee attack the Dragonborn with its tail and jaw. Though they may appear slow and lumbering, these dragons can move with surprising speed and agility, and can deplete your health bar quickly if you’re not paying close attention. Their attacks are difficult to dodge and can be difficult to parry, so the best strategy is to keep your distance and use powerful magic or ranged attacks to take them down.

Serpentine Dragons are a rare and beautiful species of dragon found only in Solstheim. They are distinguished by their large lower jaw and blue scales, and are known for their tough scales and powerful attacks. They can use frost and fire breath, as well as melee attack with their tail and jaw. To defeat them, it is best to keep your distance and use powerful magic or ranged attacks.

2. Ancient Dragon

Skyrim is home to some of the oldest and most tenacious dragons the Dragonborn will ever face. With each dragon the Dragonborn faces they will gain more and more experience, the Ancient dragons being some of the most difficult to take down.

You’ll start seeing the Ancient dragons after level 35 and then a lot more around level 50, each one presenting a unique challenge and requiring special preparation and tactics to defeat.

The Ancient dragons are not to be taken lightly and will test the Dragonborn’s skill and determination as they fight their way through Skyrim.

Their destructive potential is immense, and they may quickly kill the Dragonborn with a few shouts of Fire Breath or by snapping at them with their powerful jaws. Ancient Dragons are often thought to be similar to Elder Dragons in terms of their physical appearance and combat capabilities, however, they are far more powerful and dangerous.

Their large size, combined with their powerful shouts and their ability to breathe fire, make them a formidable foe. Moreover, their thick, scaly hide offers them a great degree of protection against physical attacks. As such, any Dragonborn that encounters an Ancient Dragon should be prepared for a long and arduous battle, one that will require skill and strategy to emerge victorious.

Ancient Dragons are some of the most powerful and dangerous creatures in Skyrim, requiring skill and strategy to defeat. They have immense destructive potential, with their large size, powerful shouts, and ability to breathe fire, as well as a thick, scaly hide that offers protection against physical attacks. Any Dragonborn that encounters an Ancient Dragon should be prepared for a long and arduous battle.

1. Legendary Dragon

The legendary dragon is a foe to be reckoned with; they are the most dangerous and vicious breed of dragon in Skyrim and are twice as powerful as the Ancient and Elder Dragons. Their ferocity is unmatched and they are a force to be reckoned with.

You can find the legendary dragon in Dawnguard (once you get the downloadable content) and they start appearing after the Dragonborn reaches level 70. After that, they can be encountered all over Skyrim, lurking in the shadows and waiting to strike unsuspecting adventurers.

Those who are brave enough to face the legendary dragon will be in for a fight of a lifetime; they are extremely powerful and require a great deal of skill and preparation to defeat.

The Legendary Dragon is an impressive beast, far larger than most of its kin in the game. To even attempt to take on this powerful adversary is an endeavor that requires great courage and skill. The rewards for such a feat are equally as impressive: upon slaying your first Legendary dragon, you will be granted a ‘Legend’ achievement, a testament to your prowess as a warrior. This is a badge of honor that will be a source of pride to you for many years to come.

The Legendary Dragon is the most powerful breed of dragon in Skyrim, and can be encountered after reaching level 70. Taking on this formidable foe requires great skill and courage, but those who succeed will be rewarded with a ‘Legend’ achievement, a testament to their prowess as a warrior.

What Do You Get After Killing A Dragon In Skyrim?

As the Dovahkiin in Skyrim, you are born with the special ability of speaking the language of dragons. This allows you to utilize the powers of dragon shouts to take on enemies 1000x bigger than you.

To learn dragon shouts, however, you’ll need dragon souls by slaying dragons across Skyrim. Dragons are one of the fiercest enemies you’ll face in Skyrim. While slaying dragons is not an easy task at first, it does yield amazing rewards!

You usually get the same loot from killing any kind of dragon in the game, which includes:

  1. Dragon scales
  2. Dragon bones
  3. Dragon soul

While you might find useful gems, gold, armor and arrows after killing a dragon, the above-mentioned goodies cannot be found on any other creature except dragons in Skyrim.


Skyrim is a popular video game set in a fantasy world in which dragons play a significant role. There are several types of dragons in the game, including Elder, Ancient, Blood, and Frost Dragons. Elder Dragons are the most powerful and rare, while Frost Dragons are the most common. Every dragon type has unique strengths and weaknesses, and each one can be encountered in different locations.

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