What are the Best Final Fantasy Games to Play?

Square Enix is popular for making some of the best games of all time. These games include Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. The best part about playing Final Fantasy is that it has a lot of installments and you can play them without any order since all of them have a new story in each part unrelated to each other. 

You can find most of the Final Fantasy games on the PlayStation Store, all you need is a great internet connection so that you could purchase the games and install them on your PlayStation as soon as possible. Be sure to check Xfinity internet services since it gives you a blazing-fast internet speed for your downloads and even for your games’ updates. Its Xfinity customer service number is available 24/7 for any internet queries so that you do not experience any disruptions in game. 

Coming back to the Final Fantasy franchise, here are some of the best Final Fantasy games that you can play so you could see for yourself how immersive the gameplay is:

Final Fantasy XV

For the longest time, Final Fantasy XV was considered the prettiest game in the series before the VII Remake came out. This was because the game had far superior graphics and it made the game stand out from the rest. 

The game started off as Versus XIII which was later canceled and the game was turned into Final Fantasy XV instead. The game is about a young man named Noctis and how he has an epic adventure with his best friends Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis. 

The game also has a very captivating storyline which keeps you hooked throughout the gameplay. Some people thought the game was a bit slow-paced, but that depends from person to person because of different perspectives. A smarter decision would be to go for the Royal Edition of the game which is the Deluxe version. You can find it easily on the PlayStation Store for the PS4. 

Final Fantasy XIII

The game with the female lead, Lightning. Normally, people would say that Final Fantasy XIII starts getting better after around 30 hours of gameplay but that isn’t entirely true at all if you play the game yourself. You can also play the game on PC, which gives you an edge as it gives you superior graphics that would leave you stunned. 

The game is aesthetically pleasing and it has a wonderful soundtrack, which makes the game exciting to play. The game makes sure that you are on the edge of your seat with its challenging gameplay and the need for you to have cat-like reflexes. 

The characters that are paired up during the gameplay make the game quite an experience to play since their strengths and their abilities complement each other. If you want to have a breathtaking experience of an immersive Final Fantasy game, then you need to play Final Fantasy XIII on either a PlayStation or a PC. 

Final Fantasy X

The 2001 game was so good that it was remastered later to be played on consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4. It can also be played on the PC, which would be a better option since you would be able to push the graphics so that they could be more pleasing. 

The game is about a young boy named Tidus who accompanies a girl named Yuna to destroy a monster named Sin who is a threat to mankind. In the process, Tidus and Yuna develop a beautiful relationship and Final Fantasy X and X-2 have some of the most iconic scenes of all time. 

Final Fantasy VIII

If you’ve played Kingdom Hearts, you would remember a character called Leon. He is the main character from Final Fantasy VIII, except his actual name, is Squall. 

In the game, Squall works as a mercenary and he leads a team that could fight against a sorceress named Edea Kramer. Squall has to go through an entire journey so that he could go face to face with Edea and in the process, he develops a rather romantic relationship with another mercenary on his team named Rinoa Heartilly. 

The game has the same appearance as its predecessor Final Fantasy VII when it comes to the graphics. The game also incorporated the idea of Magic Points (MP) and Ability Points (AP) through which the player can use magic and can use AP to improve the abilities of the character they play with. This was later added to other Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games. 

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a good game to play, then the Final Fantasy series should definitely be on your list to play. The games have an immersive storyline and amazing gameplay. All the Final Fantasy parts listed above are enough to keep you hooked to your console or your PC. So go ahead and play the series as soon as you can!

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