What is the PS5 Camera for?

After snagging yourself the hard-to-find PS5, you’re now probably planning to buy the next-gen console’s optional accessories.

Sony has released several PS5 accessories that will give you a more pleasurable PS5 experience, among them is the PS5 Camera.

If you’re asking yourself how you’ll use this accessory, read on and I’ll answer your question.

What is the PS5 Camera for? It records you as you game on the PS5. You can use the PS5 Camera, which has a dual-lens camera, to film and live-stream your gameplay on Twitch and YouTube to family, friends, and fans. It captures video in 1080p and when used with the PS5 DualSense Controller, which has a dedicated create button, the PS5 Camera allows you to instantly create, edit and broadcast gameplay. 

In the following section, I’ll answer more questions you might have about the PS5 Camera.

Hopefully, my answers will help you decide whether you should buy the PS5 HD Camera.

What features does the PS5 HD Camera have?

The PS5 camera is a tiny rectangular black and white device that measures 7.75 inches in width, 4.75 inches in height, and 2.75 inches in depth. Its weight is around 9.6 ounces 

The camera has 1080p wide dual lenses.

It would have been better if the lenses were 4K, but the wide lens comes in handy if you’re recording yourself from a very close position because it will get a wider shot of your surroundings.

The camera has a built-in stand which, once connected to your PS5, can be clipped at the top of your TV or below it to capture the best shots of you.

The built-in stand is easily adjustable so you can position it to capture your best side.

Using the PS5 background removal tool, you can crop the PS5 HD Camera video.

With this feature, for example, you can remove your video background and only have your image in the in-game action video while broadcasting.

How much is the PS5 Camera? 

The PS5 camera costs £49.99 in the UK and $59.99 in the US. 

Unlike the PS5, which is still very difficult to find in store, you can easily buy the PS5 HD Camera from major gaming stores and Amazon.

Should you buy the PS5 HD Camera?

If you’re an avid game streamer, I would say you should buy the PS5 HD Camera.

Because it is purposely built to work with the PS5, it will offer you a seamless way to create, edit and share gameplay videos on the PS5 interface.

If you rarely broadcast while gaming, you can pass on buying the PS5 Camera for now.

In the future, however, the PS5 HD Camera may be an accessory, you’ll need to enjoy some in-game features.

How do you connect the PS5 Camera to the PS5?

Setting up the PS5 camera to work with your next-gen console is pretty easy. 

To do that, follow these steps:

1: Connect the HD camera to the PS5 super-speed USB port found at the back of the console using its USB 3.0 cable.

2: Mount the camera on your TV or place it on your gaming stand. Wherever you place the camera, ensure the surface is level, and it gets an excellent view of the area you’ll be playing your PS5 games from. You can adjust the camera until you get the sitting position right.

3: From the PS5 Home Screen, go to Settings, then scroll down and select Accessories > Camera> Adjust HD Camera, then follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’re done with the process, the PS5 Camera will have been set in the best position for you to record and broadcast your games.

I like the PS5 Camera because it allows you to live stream on YouTube or Twitch without a capture card.

To begin live streaming on these platforms:

  • Press the Create button, which is on the top left side of the DualSense controller. 
  • On your gaming screen, click on Broadcast. You’ll be given the option to broadcast on Twitch or YouTube. You cannot broadcast on both platforms at once and you have to be logged in to the streaming platforms to be given the option to broadcast on them.
  • Select the streaming service you’d like to broadcast with and enter the broadcast information.
  • Next to the Go Live button are three dots. Click on this and you’ll be given the option to customize your broadcast settings.
  • Once done, click on Go Live and your game broadcast will begin. If you close the game, the broadcast will automatically stop.

Can you use the PS5 Camera with PS VR?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the PS5 Camera with PlayStation VR because the two are not compatible.

PlayStation VR is, however, forward-compatible, so it works with the PS5.

To play PS VR games on the PlayStation 5, you’ll have to use a PlayStation Camera for PS4 and a PlayStation Camera adaptor.

Early in 2021, Sony announced they’re working on a next-gen PS VR headset.

From the statement, we can assume the new PS VR will be compatible with the PS5 camera.

“We’re taking what we’ve learned since launching PS VR on PS4 to develop a next-gen VR system that enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input. It will connect to PS5 with a single cord to simplify setup and improve ease of use while enabling a high-fidelity visual experience. There’s still a lot of development underway for our new VR system, so it won’t be launching in 2021.”

Hideaki Nishino, PlayStation Senior Vice President, Platform Experience said on the PS blog.

Can you use the PS5 Camera as a mic?

The PS4 Camera had four microphones that you could use to chat with friends when gaming and even bark voice commands to your PS4.

The PS5 Camera doesn’t have a mic, so it cannot support these features.

If you want to chat as you live-stream your game, you’ll have to use a headset compatible with the PS5 or the built-in mic in the PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller.

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